• Sofia Jamora was born in 1997 and is a model from California
• She initially found popularity on Instagram which led to modelling opportunities with numerous companies
• She has collaborated with Frankie's Bikinis, LolliValfre, Forever 21, and LA Freedom fashion agency
• She is dating Spencer Mow and lives in Los Angeles, California
• She has appeared in the ZAYN music video "Let Me" and is often compared to model Gigi Hadid


Who is model Sofia Jamora?

Sofia Jamora was born on 6 May 1997, in Calabasas, California USA, of Pacific Islander origins, and is a model, best known from initially finding popularity on the social media website Instagram, which led her to numerous modelling opportunities with several companies.

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The Wealth of Sofia Jamora

How rich is Sofia Jamora? As of mid-2018, sources inform us of a net worth that is at $300,000, mostly earned through a so far relatively short career in modelling. She’s appeared in several publications, and also on the catwalks. As she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Career and Modelling Career

While very little is known about Sofia’s childhood and family. She loved bikinis and going to the beach while growing up, and got her first modelling opportunity while at a trunk show in Westlake. During this time, the co-founder of the company Frankie’s Bikinis approached her, and asked if she had modeled before, then offered her an opportunity to start modelling for his company.


She made her first appearance in promotional videos and photos with Frankie’s, which started to increase her popularity online. Soon she was getting modelling offers from other companies, especially in 2014 when she established her own Instagram account and began posting photos as well as videos of herself. Her popularity quickly surged, and she was soon signed by the modelling company, Next Models. She was subsequently a part of a campaigns with LolliValfre, namely for her ValfreXLolli campaign, followed by “Welcome to Miami”. She’s also collaborated with bikini.com and Bikini Luxe, as well as working with Forever 21, and then being signed by the LA Freedom fashion agency.

Personal Life and Relationships

It is known that Jamora is dating another Instagram personality, Spencer Mow who initially found popularity due to his closeness to the Kardashian family, namely to Kendall Jenner in which they’ve appeared in several Instagram posts together. He is also a shoe designer and has appeared in several high-profile events during his life. According to various sources, Jamora resides in Los Angeles, California. Some reports also say that Sofia now lives with Mow.

Due to the demands of modelling work, Sofia has to maintain an extremely healthy diet to help her keep her figure. Despite that, Jamora maintains that she is very passionate about food, and loves to break the diet and indulge at times. She’s said that she loves a variety of food such as chicken, potatoes, burgers, burritos, pizza, and sushi, including with various ways potatoes can be cooked including baked, mashed, and French fries. However, due to her modelling work, she often sticks with juice made from vegetables, avocado, almonds, baked salmon, and the like. She’s also mentioned in interviews that her favorite beach is at Tulum, Mexico, and she prefers to wear bikinis most days of the year. Her popularity also stems from the fact that a lot of people compare her to another model – Gigi Hadid. Jamora mentions that if there were three words to describe her, it would be laid back, flirty, and spontaneous.

Sofia Jamora on Social Media

Similar to numerous models and online personalities, Sofia has continued to remain active on various websites, such as Instagram and Twitter. Her Instagram account is mainly filled her pictures and videos. Her pictures are often sponsored posts in which she wears attire or promotes products akin to the photo or video she is posting. She also posts photos from her photo shoots, in various locations around the country; products she’s promoted include Oh Polly, Windsor, and Tobi. On Twitter, she mainly does similar posts to her Instagram account, with many photographs, and she re-posts tweets from companies she’s worked for that have posted photos of her online, plus others that aren’t typically seen on her Instagram account. She also makes statements from time to time, including confirming that she is natural and has not undergone any plastic surgery – at the age of 21!

Numerous videos of Sofia can also be seen through the website YouTube, depicting her commercial work as well as her appearances in numerous catwalk shows. In 2018, she appeared in the ZAYN music video entitled “Let Me”, in which she was a romantic interest in the story of the video. Her popularity increased even further thanks to this appearance, though a lot of people also remarked that she looked like Zayn’s ex-girlfriend, model Gigi Hadid.

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