• Moe Sargi is a social media sensation and gamer with a net worth of ~$1 million
• He was born in Lebanon, but later moved to Canada with his family
• He launched his 'Moe Sargi' YouTube channel in 2013 and his 'Moe Plays' gaming channel in 2017
• In 2017, he became engaged to his girlfriend Shadia and the couple married in 2018
• In his spare time, Moe enjoys scuba diving and spending time in nature


Who is Moe Sargi?

Moe Sargi was born under the sign of Scorpio, on 3 November 1987 in Lebanon, so is currently aged 31. He is probably best recognized for being a social media sensation, who posting various 24-hour-overnight-challenge videos at various haunted locations on his official self-titled YouTube channel. He is a gamer too.

Moe Sargi Net Worth

His net worth is ~$1 million, accumulated through various sponsorships and advertisements.

Early Life and Education

Moe Sargi spent his childhood in his hometown in Lebanon, where he was raised by his parents. Later family  moved to Canada.

Moe Sargi

Career as a YouTuber

In February of 2013 he launched his official self-titled YouTube channel. His first video, entitled “COP GETS PRANKED BY FAKE NSA AGENT! | MOE SARGI”, was released in June of the same year and went viral. Later, he decided to post challenge videos, Q&A sessions, prank videos, and videos of scary activities too.

Over the next few years, his videos increasing attention, and numbers of subscribers grew steadily thanks to his talent, so that he now has almost two million, while his videos have more than 257 million views in total, which has added a considerable amount to Moe’s net worth. Over the time, he has also collaborated with OmarGoshTV, which increased his popularity further.

His Gaming Channel

‘Moe Plays’, which he launched in October of 2017 after figuring out that the gaming industry was enormously expanding. He uses it to post videos in which he does commentary and facecam while playing such games as “Call Of Duty”, “Friday the 13th”, “Rocket League”, etc.

Some of his most popular gaming videos are “MY HOUSE IS HAUNTED *I HAVE PROOF* GHOST ACTIVITY CAUGHT ON CAMERA WHILE GAMING!”, “FRIDAY THE 13TH THE GAME! SCARIEST GAME EVER + NEW HOUSE TOUR”, and “DOING YOUR DARES 1 VS 1 ROCKET LEAGUE (MOE SARGI)”, among many others. The channel currently has more than 140,000 subscribers, while his videos have over two million views in total, increasing further his net worth.

Personal Life and Hobbies

Moe Sargi became engaged to his girlfriend named Shadia in 2017, and according to her official Instagram account, the couple exchanged their wedding vows in August of 2018. The couple has no children yet. Their current residence is in Ontario, Canada. Speaking about his hobbies, Moe spends his spare time in naturem and is known for being a licensed scuba diver.

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia

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