• Tom "Witwix" Burke was born in 1989 in Texas and discovered his passion for video games at the age of •
• He quit his job in 2014 to focus on his online career, streaming and uploading edited videos of Super Mario series, Until Dawn and Pokemon Go.
• His biggest increase in audience attention came after his speedrun of the indie game I Wanna Be Boshy in 2015.
• He is sponsored by the gaming company Counter Logic Gaming and HP, and shares his promo code for a discount with his viewers.
• He has an estimated net worth of $1 million, mainly from his Twitch channel and $25,000 from YouTube.


Tom Burke is a famous Twitch streamer, who once banned his viewers for revealing his real name to his audience – Tom wants everyone to call him Witwix, which is a short version of his in-game nickname “Witherford Wixorian”. However, his strict attitude to his audience never stopped him from gaining a lot of followers and subscribers on various social media platforms. Let’s find out how Witwix got to the fame he has today, know more about his age, current girlfriend and more.


Early life, family

Tom “Witwix” Burke was born on 16 March 1989 in Texas USA – nothing is known about his parents or siblings, as Witwix prefers to keep his private life low-key. However, it is known that his uncle bought him a Super Nintendo as a present for his fifth birthday, and he immediately discovered his passion for video games.


Witwix attended a local high school, though there’s no precise information neither about the city nor the particular school he matriculated from. He is said to have graduated from a college, and got a “normal” job before he became a streamer and a YouTuber, but nothing is known about his degree.



Before creating his Twitch channel, Witwix worked to earn enough money to eventually indulge in his passion for video games, and in 2014 quit his job and started his own Twitch channel, and a YouTube channel, living for over a year on his saving to focus on his online career. He played Super Mario series, Until Dawn and Pokemon Go, streaming the process of gaming and then uploading the edited videos onto his YouTube channel. Some fans are sad about Witwix’s inconsistency with his streaming schedule, since he doesn’t have one. No one knows when and for how long Witwix is going to stream, and since his fans really enjoy his streams, they often ask him to be more consistent with his online activity.

The biggest increase in audience attention came to Witwix after his speedrun of the indie game called “I Wanna Be Boshy” in 2015 – he showed his viewers the fastest way to finish the game, and the audience was amazed by his skill, and which generated a lot of donation tips; some of them were ordinary $10-$20, but some of his fans supported him with even bigger sums, donating $1000. Witwix often collaborates with other popular streamers, such as SodaPoppin and Trihex. He is often blamed for his speedruns since a lot of members of the gaming community consider that speedruns ruin the magic of the plots of the games, making the time of the run the first value for players. Witwix considers that it’s just his way to entertain his audience, and practices speedruns in every game which gives him such a chance.

Gamers movie “Summer Games Done Quick”

For his passion for speedruns, in 2011 Witwix got into a movie which showcased gamers who loved to complete the games as fast as they can. The gamers in the movie played some old games such as “Super Mario”, and modern ones such as “I Wanna Be Boshy”. The movie was made to explain the pleasure and the sense of making speedruns, exploring another side of gaming challenges.

Counter Logic Gaming sponsorship

One can see Witwix is sponsored by the gaming company called Counter Logic Gaming, and the world famous company HP. They provide him with high quality tools for gaming and streaming such as desktop sets, laptops, mics and earphones made specifically for professional gamers. He shares his promo code for a discount with his viewers, so they can buy gaming gear for lower prices.

Personal life, girlfriend Diana Fielding, ex-girlfriend Jen Denise

Witwix lives with his girlfriend Diana Fielding; they met several years ago, dated for some time and then decided to live together, welcoming a child in 2017. It’s not known whether they are officially married or just live together, as no marriage announcement was made. Diana is a streamer too, and has a channel on Twitch which is followed by more than 20,000 people, and on which she plays various games, just as Witwix. She also has a Twitter account which is read by almost 6,000 people, and an Instagram account followed by 1,350 fans. Diana shared that she’s had several jobs, among them a preschool teacher, Spanish instructor, administrative assistant, broadcaster and graduate program coordinator. She also shared that she really enjoyed being a teacher, though that it was incredibly rewarding also very exhausting, and compensation for that job was nowhere near adequate for how much effort one puts into it. She has recently started a “dog daycare” business.

Diana’s favorite singer is Adele.

Before dating Diana, Witwix was in a relationship with another YouTuber, Jen Denise for a couple of years. Their breaking up was discussed in the chats of his and her channel for several weeks before the fans let go the situation. No one knows the exact reasons of the end of their relationship, though Jen shared in one of her Instagram posts (which she later deleted) that Witwix was a ‘horrible boyfriend’.

Hobbies and interests

Witwix has a ragdoll cat and shares a lot of pictures of his pet. He also has two dogs and often takes his friends’ dogs to his house to let them play together. Witwix and Diana have a collection of real swords at home, of which Diana once shared a picture.

Social media presence

Witwix has a Twitch channel which is followed by more than 365,000 people, and an Instagram account, but it looks like it’s his cat’s account since there are mostly his cat’s photos there. He also has a YouTube channel which has more than 115,000 subscribers, and since it’s creation in 2007, Witwix has attracted more than 20 million view of his 724 videos. Witwix has a Twitter account too, which is read by more than 84,000 followers. He mostly uses his Twitter account to announce his upcoming live streams on Twitch and to post the photos and the videos of his cat.


Witwix has black hair and hazel eyes; he sometimes wears a beard and mustaches. His height, weight and vital statistics are not available at the moment, though it is known that Witwix participated in the weight loss challenge in September 2017, during which he lost 39lbs (17kgs). As for his clothing style, he prefers casual clothes and often wears T-shirts and shorts when he streams.

Net worth

Authoritative sources estimate that Witwix has a net worth of $1 million, mostly flowing from his Twitch channel, but he also posts some videos on his YouTube channel, editing them specifically for this platform, and his overall net worth from YouTube is said to be around $25,000, or about $1,300 per month.

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