• Plague of Gripes (real name Eli, surname unknown) was born in the US on July 27, 198•
• He is known for his YouTube channel which features his animations and video game play.
• He grew up on a remote farm and is an only child.
• Plague is a lover of anime and Asian cinematography.
• He has an estimated net worth of $400,000 and is active on social media.


Who is Plague of Gripes? Wiki Biography

PlagueOfGripes – whose real name is Eli, surname unknown – was born in the US on 27 July 1982, so under the zodiac sign of Leo and holding American nationality. He is popular for his YouTube channel onto which he uploads his own animations, most of which are based on the “Two Best Friends Play” videos. He also draws comics, and plays video games.

Early life and education

Not a lot is known about Plague of Gripes as he prefers to keep his personal matters to himself, however, he still sometimes shares random details of his early life with the public.

He doesn’t normally talk about his parents as he respects their privacy and has therefore not shared a single detail regarding them – he hasn’t mentioned having any siblings either which is why his fans believe he might be an only child.

Plague grew up on a remote farm ‘in the middle of nowhere’ as he describes it – he spent most of his free time surrounded by sheep, chickens, cows, goats, and other farm animals, and he describes how these animals have actually raised him.

He did not enjoy this kind of life, and couldn’t wait to start going to high school to spend time with his peers – he subsequently had many friends, and was liked in his circle of friends because of his sense of humor. After he matriculated from high school, Plague did not enroll at college, but rather began learning animation on his own, and working on his online career.

Career of a YouTuber

Plague of Gripes’ career began the moment he launched his YouTube channel, on 12 August 2012 with a short caption reading ‘Your favorite farmer novelist turned suspicious internet animator’, and there are currently more than 270,000 people subscribed to it, and counts more than 43 million views combined of all his videos – the first video he uploaded was a short clip of Pikachu which he animated.

On the channel, Plague mostly uploads his own animations, while some of his most popular videos are related to the “Dragon Ball Z” and “Naruto” animes. He often uploads “Let’s Play” videos, too, while one of his most favorite games is “Dark Souls”.

Plague is also quite active on the Twitch platform, and his channel is currently followed by more than 16,000 people, while he has saved six of his livestreams onto it, so that his fans could watch them whenever they want – he mostly livestreams while playing “BaBa is You” and “Art” video games.

Plague Of Gripes

He has an average of 220 viewers per livestream but doesn’t usually livestream more than around 10 hours per month. His fans spent an accumulated number of 5,205 hours watching his livestreams in January 2019, which is his record so far, while 662 is the maximum viewers he has had during a livestream.

Besides working on his own, Plague often collaborates with other YouTubers and Twitchers, and has also worked as an animator for the popular Game Grumps group which makes online animated series, and “Let’s Play” videos.

The most popular people on YouTube

The YouTube platform has become a way to make money, and some people have made uploading videos onto the platform their full time job. PewDiePie, who currently holds second place when it comes to the number of subscribers gathered on his YouTube channel, has an estimated net worth of $20 million, most of which he has gathered thanks to his channel.

The five most subscribed channels on YouTube are as following:

  • first place is held by “T-Series” who have 100 million subscribers,
  • “PewDiePie” is second with his gaming videos and his 96.2 million subscribers,
  • “5-Minute Crafts” are third with 56 million subscribers,
  • “Canal KondZilla” is fourth with 49.6 million subscribers, and
  • “Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes” is fifth with 49.1 million subscribers.

Plague’s relationships and personal life

As secretive as he is, Plague has decided not to share any details of his past and present affairs with his fans, regardless of the fact that people keep asking him about his love life on a daily basis.

However, Plague is rumored to currently be going out with a female YouTuber after the two started chatting online – Plague was the one to make the first move, as he liked the talent of the girl. They are allegedly in a relationship only over the internet, as they haven’t had the chance to meet in person yet, but will eventually get there – even though many of his fans are talking about their relationship, it hasn’t been confirmed by Plague, and therefore nothing is known for sure.

Judging by his social media accounts, Plague is currently focused on his online career and is single, he hasn’t married, and doesn’t have any kids.

Interests and hobbies

Plague hasn’t shared much about how he usually spends his free time, as he doesn’t have that much of a personal connection with his fans, however, some things about his interests are still known. Plague is a lover of anime, which he started watching when he was still a kid – he grew up watching “Pokemon” and “Dragon Ball Z”, which is why a large number of his videos are about these animes.

He enjoys watching movies as well, but mostly Asian cinematography including played movies as well as animated – two of his favorites are “Akira” and “Ghost in the Shell”. Plague likes spending part of his free time outdoors, as he is aware that being in front of a PC screen for too long isn’t good for him – he often goes for a walk in a park close to his apartment. He is a big lover of animals, and has a dog he’s mentioned a couple of times during his videos.

Appearance and net worth

Plague is currently 37 years old. Nothing is known about his appearance, as he still hasn’t shown himself online. According to authoritative sources, as of early 2020 his net worth is estimated to be more than $400,000, and is steadily rising thanks to his career of an animator. Plague is also making money thanks to his Patreon account, as he’s managed to gather 771 patrons who pay him $2,604 per month.

Real name and face

Plague fits into the category of the most secretive people online, as he hasn’t shared either his real name or shown his face during his videos.

While most YouTubers are nowadays trying to hide their identity online, only a handful of them have remained as secretive as Plague – this is happening due to security reasons, as these things (your real name) can be used against you in several ways.

Social media presence

Plague is quite active on his social media accounts – he launched his Twitter account in September 2012, and has so far gathered nearly 56,000 followers, and tweeted more than 7,600 times. He has a Facebook page as well, which is currently followed by more than 8,000 fans.

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