• Elvis Millord, aka Zoey Dollaz, is a Haitian-American rapper
• Becoming popular after the release of his single “Blow a Check” in 2015
• Signed with Epic Records and Future’s FreeBandz Imprint
• Net worth estimated to be at $85,000
• Active on social media and touring regularly in 2018


Zoey Dollaz Net Worth, Career, Music

Elvis Millord – aka Zoey Dollaz – is a Haitian-American rapper, best known from launching his music career in 2012, after the release of his debut mixtape. His single entitled “Blow a Check” launched him into popularity three years later, attracted international attention and becoming a regular feature on various online music platforms. This led him to sign a record deal with Epic Records and Future’s FreeBandz Imprint. He eventually released his first official mixtape entitled “Port-Au-Prince”, and followed it up with “Nobody’s Safe”, before then working on his debut EP entitled “M’ap Boule”, with his popularity continuing to make waves online. He’s since worked with other artists including Chris Brown, French Montana, Tory Lanez, Future and T-Pain, and has toured frequently to promote his music, plus participating in several events. Zoey Dollaz has been known for his mix of rap and R&B, so his net worth has risen continuously with consistent projects.

How rich is Zoey Dollaz?

As of early-2018, sources estimate a net worth that is at $85,000, mostly earned through a successful career in the music industry. He continues to release music regularly, and is also highly popular on the online music service SoundCloud. As he continues his career, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early life

Zoey was born on 12 October 1990 in Miami, Florida, USA. Growing up, he was highly interested in rap music, listening to songs from Eazy-E, Eminem, Jay Z and Rick Ross. He also listened to a lot of R&B music, including that of Michael Jackson, Barry White, Trey Songz and Chris Brown. In 2010 he decided to focus on a music career, and began to rap and record after his return to Miami, which led to him making singles and mixtapes, releasing them regularly on online platforms.

Rapping career

One of Dollaz most popular releases is the single “Post & Delete” featuring Chris Brown, a part of “M’ap Boule” which has attracted eight million views on YouTube, and has become highly popular with nearly all of the songs on the EP achieving significant popularity and airplay; his net worth also increased thanks to the project. Another song from the EP that has become popular is “Mula”, featuring Ricky Remedy, and he also did a remix of the song which this time featured Lil Wayne. According to an interview, he is very close with Future, and has gone from performing in clubs to recording in studios. His success with the single “Blow a Check” motivated him to continue making music; the single is about motivating people to become financially straight and blowing a check – a reference to spending your hard earned money. He learned how to rap through taking bits and pieces from other artists’ music, and then making them his own. Dollaz often raps about his past experiences, especially with women, situations he himself has gone through, such as problems with girlfriends and arguing with others. He’s never rapped about drugs since he hasn’t any experience himself. His family is also very involved in his career progress, and he mentions that it was his family that helped him realize his love for rap and R&B.

Zoey also pursued other projects and enrolled in aviation school. He’s been compared to Meek Mill, Jadakiss, and Drake, but he isn’t one to shy away from going out of the box and establishing his own identity in music. He even mentioned that he would try to do a country record, and even perform with Tim McGraw. He hopes to establish himself in the music industry similar to that of Jay-Z, promoting his own identity, and making his mark in hip hop, rap and R&B history.

Zoey Twitter and Instagram activity

Dollaz remains highly active on social media, having an Instagram page with almost 200,000 followers, and over 40,000 on Twitter. His Instagram account doesn’t have any posts, but instead links to his own personal website on which he sells merchandise. He’s very active on his Twitter account, and he posts a lot on it He also has a Facebook page with over 11,000 likes, plus he also posts regularly on the website SoundCloud which releases some his singles as well. He continues to do tours in 2018, and is set to perform in several locations early in the year. He also mentioned that being signed to a record label is a childhood dream fulfilled, also that Future is responsible for connecting him to LA Reid who would then sign him to Epic Records. He credits Future as helping him with nearly everything he has done to make his way in the industry. He mentions that his upcoming work will also feature tracks on how his life has changed after finding popularity in the music industry.

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