• RiP Trippers is an American YouTuber, born in 1983 and holding American nationality
• He uploads videos related to vaping products, while he also sells his own vaping devices on his website
• He is married with three children and enjoys spending time with his family and friends
• His net worth is estimated to be more than $500,000
• He is active on various social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Who is RiP Trippers? Wiki Bio

RiP Trippers was born in the US on 12 July 1983, so under the zodiac sign of Cancer and holding American nationality – he is popular for his YouTube channel, onto which he mostly uploads videos related to vaping, while he often reviews vaping products.

Childhood and education

RiP Trippers spent his entire childhood in the US, and he still hasn’t visited another country. He grew up playing video games which was something his parents were not happy about, and they tried to limit his gaming to one hour per day, but RiP always found a way to play more. He is a very friendly and sociable person, who had lots of friends during his high school years – he was very sportive, and was a member of his high school’s soccer team.

He hasn’t talked about his parents as he appreciates their privacy as much as he appreciates his own, and he’s rumored to be an only child as he hasn’t mentioned having any siblings. After he matriculated from high school, he decided to focus on his online career, rather than to enroll at college and pursue a degree.

His career on YouTube

RiP’s career began the moment he launched his YouTube channel on 18 April 2012 – there are currently more than 1.3 million people subscribed to it, while it now counts nearly 242 million views of all his videos combined – part of his caption reads ‘Smoking is dead, vaping is the future, the future is now!!”.

The first video to be uploaded onto his channel was “Backwoods Brew Ejoker Discountinued?”, which was loved by his fans – this video marked the beginning of his career of a YouTuber. RiP is uploading videos related mostly to vaping devices and reviews of vaping products – companies producing these items sometimes contact him to review their device,s and RiP gets paid to do it.

It is said that RiP is running his own business, and is not only focused on YouTube – he is selling his own vaping devices on his website, including parts for them, and different kind of tastes.


An electronic cigarette – or simply an e-cigarette – is a small battery-powered vaporizer which resembles smoking as it offers the same aspects of it such as hand-to-mouth action which you do when you smoke, while the device doesn’t burn tobacco. The use of the e-cigarette is known as ‘vaping’ and the person who uses it is referred to as a ‘vaper’.

The user is inhaling aerosol which is called ‘vapor’, and they are usually automatically activated while some of them are turned on by pressing a button each time you want to take a vapor. There have so far been four generations of these devices.

It is not known whether or not these cigarettes are a lot better than regular cigarettes, or if they benefit you more than they might be harming you. While it is certain that this device has helped people get away from cigarette smoking, some people believe that it has made children more vulnerable to trying the regular cigarette for the first time, and leading to their addiction to nicotine.

Some of the less serious effects of smoking e-cigarettes include abdominal pain, headaches, blurry vision, throat and mouth irritation, vomiting, nausea, and coughing, while serious effects are very rare. The e-cigarettes came to the market in 2003, and have since become quite popular in the world.

RiP Trippers

The survey taken in 2014 showed that around 13 percent of American high school students were using them, while around 10 percent of adults say that they’ve used them at least once. In three years from 2012 to 2015 in the UK, the number of people using e-cigarettes jumped from 700,000 to 2.6 million.

When asked about why they use e-cigarettes, people usually state that it’s to stop using regular cigarettes, but they’ve now become addicted to e-cigarettes. Most e-cigarettes are now produced in China, and judging by the 2014 survey, there were more than 460 brands, with global sales of nearly $7 billion.

Personal life and relationships

RiP hasn’t shared much regarding his love life with the public, as he prefers to keep his personal matters to himself.

One thing that is known is that he has been married for years now – he met his other half while they were both still in high school, and they started dating during third grade in 2000. The two had their ups and downs and have spent some time apart throughout the years, but have managed to stay together – they are parents to two daughters and one son whose names are not known.

RiP hasn’t commented on any other women he might have dated throughout the years, as he spent most of his time with his wife while only having time for someone else while they were not together. Even though his fans have asked him about the details of his love life, he hasn’t commented on it.

He is currently married, it’s his first marriage, and he has three kids with his wife.

Hobbies and other interests

RiP’s number one passion is vaping and tasting vaping products, while his second passion is making and editing videos, and gathering as big of a fanbase on his YouTube channel as he can – however, RiP has other interests as well.

He is very fond of fast cars and is a proud owner of a BMW M4 – he can often be seen driving his car in some of his videos. He doesn’t have much free time but when he does find it, he usually spends it with his family, and takes his wife and kids out on a day trip, or he goes out with his friends (if he gets his wife’s permission!).

Once with his friends, the group usually goes for a beer in a nearby pub where they feel at home and where everybody knows them, or they organize a game of soccer and play against other teams. RiP is not much of a fan of movies and TV series, but if his wife wants them to watch a program together, he cannot say no – one of the movies he enjoyed watching the most is “The Lord of the Rings”.

Real name, appearance, and net worth

RiP Trippers’ real name is not known, which makes him one of the very secretive people on the internet, however, he does not belong to the group of the most secretive people as there are still those who haven’t even shown their face online after years of uploading videos. RiP has a large brown beard and brown hair, brown eyes, while his height and weight are not known.

According to authoritative sources, his current net worth is estimated to be more than $500,000, and is steadily rising thanks largely to his YouTube channel.

Social media presence

RiP is very active on several popular social media platforms, as this is important for his online career. He launched his Twitter account in September 2014, and has gathered nearly 15,000 followers and tweeted over 1,100 times. He is a lot more popular on Instagram, as his account counts more than 530,000 followers, while he’s uploaded over 2,400 pictures onto it – he has a Facebook profile as well but seems to be using it just to keep in touch with his friends and family.

RiP also has his own website, which he seems to be using only to sell his own merchandise.

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