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Who is RonaldOMG?

Ronald Kurzawa was born on 3 September 2008, in Canada, and is already a YouTube personality, best known for earning fame through his personal channel in which he plays popular video games for kids such as “Roblox” and “Minecraft”. He began his channel in 2016 and collaborates frequently with his sister who is also a YouTuber.

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The Net Worth of RonaldOMG

How rich is RonaldOMG? As of early-2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $200,000, earned through a short but successful career on YouTube. He has attracted over two million subscribers to his channel, and recently ventured into making videos about “Fortnite”. As he continues his endeavors, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and YouTube Beginnings

RonaldOMG is of Polish descent as both of his parents hail from Poland. At a young age, he discovered the website YouTube – a website owned by Google and a video sharing platform ranked by Alexa as the second most popular website in the internet – and wanted to make his own videos. The family has been very supportive of his endeavors and even his sister as well as his father wanted to try their hand at producing YouTube content.

The website allows users to upload their own videos while also giving them the capability of viewing, sharing, commenting on, and subscribing to other users. Since its inception, numerous user generated videos have been made on the website and even corporations as well as media companies have also established themselves on YouTube. Numerous types of videos can be seen on the website including music videos, video clips, live streams, documentary films, short films, trailers, and video blogs. YouTubers can earn a significant amount of income through the website given enough popularity as they can gain revenue from the Google AdSense program.


YouTube Content

RonaldOMG started his channel in 2016 by posting videos of himself playing the game “Minecraft”. It is a sandbox video game which allows the users to build using blocks in a procedurally generated world, allowing creativity to build their own landscapes and structures. Other aspects of the game include exploration, resource gathering, combat, and crafting. There are numerous gameplay modes available and he started out with survival mode in which he needs to gain resources to build the world while maintaining health. Users can also play custom maps created by other players, which has been critically acclaimed, gaining numerous accolades since its inception in 2011. It is the second best-selling video game of all time behind “Tetris”.

Aside from “Minecraft”, RonaldOMG also began creating videos for the game “Roblox” which is a massively multiplayer online game that has a creation system similar to that of “Minecraft”. The video game allows players to create and design their own games which they can play with others. They can also play games created by other users. The game features Lego-like virtual box, and in 2018 it was reported that “Roblox” has over 70 million active users monthly.

Most Famous Videos and Recent Videos

A few of his most popular videos include him playing “Roblox”, and others in which he played the game “Hello Neighbor”, which is a survival stealth game, the aim being for the player to successfully invade their neighboring house’s basement, to uncover its secret. The unique thing about the game is that the neighbor’s artificial intelligence is created in such a way that it reacts to players’ past decisions and acts accordingly. It can set traps along the player’s previous path or patrol the same area.

He also began playing the video game “Fortnite” developed by Epic Games. It has become one of the most popular games in recent years, gaining over 125 million players and earning hundreds of millions per month, its fame leading it to become a cultural phenomenon. The game started out as a tower defense type of game, in which players have to survive against hordes of zombies, but it also started to create a battle royale mode after the increasing popularity of the genre. The subsequent creation “Fortnite: Battle Royale” is one of the most recent games Ronald has been playing, which has significantly increased his followership.

Personal Life and Family

For his personal life, at the age of 10 Ronald is yet to experience romantic relationships. He also enjoys playing the Rubik’s cube and claimed that he can complete the standard three by three cubes in just two minutes. He also frequently travels around the world, and according to him, has travelled to over 30 countries with his family. One of his latest vacations was to the Philippines which his family visited in late-2018.

Similar to numerous YouTube personalities, he is active online through accounts on other social media websites. He has a Twitter account on which he mainly posts news of recent video uploads though he has not updated his account for the last few months. He also has an Instagram account on which he posts a lot of photos taken on photo shoots, plus of him travelling to various locations with his family; his family members often appear in his photos as well.

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