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Who is Timothy Olyphant’s wife Alexis Knief?

Alexis Knief was born on the 5th of March 1968, in Southern California USA, and draws most of her current fame from the fact that she is the wife of Timothy Olyphant – a well-known aspiring Hollywood actor and producer, generally popular for his important role in the crime series “Justified”, as well as the lead role in 2007’s “Hitman”. Alexis Knief has been married to Timothy Olyphant for 27 years now.

Early Life and Education

When it comes to her early years, Alexis Knief has managed to keep the media in the dark about most such intricacies, however it is known that she attended the University of Southern California, where she at some point married her soulmate and now husband. According to the reports of authoritative sources, Alexis and Timothy go way back, as they were even high school sweethearts. As of yet, there are no public information as to what actual degree Alexis obtained.

The Multi-Decade Love Story

Various sources suggest that the married couple first started dating as early as 1990, while it’s also public knowledge that they tied the knot not long after, in 1991. Ever since then, it seems like their relationship has been blooming, as they are also parents. With three children to look after, as well as each other, it’s easy to understand why the couple hasn’t had much time for inquisitive encounters with the media, which again leaves us all wondering.

A Private Celebration

The couple married privately in July 1991. Also, it’s apparent that the couple retain this aura of relative mysteriousness, since not much is known about most of their activities even today.

Mother of Three

The couple now have three children – in 1999, Grace Catherine sprang into the world, Henry, arrived in 2001, and finally Vivian in 2003.

Rumors of Divorce

A peculiar detail caught the eye of the media, in that Timothy Olyphant simply prefers wearing his wedding ring on the right hand, while the custom suggests it is to be worn on the left one. This minor discrepancy with a rule of society caused a bit of a ruckus in the media, until Timothy clarified what was really going on.

The Divorce Joke

While generally it isn’t considered gentlemanly to joke about leaving one’s wife, it seems that Timothy and Alexis have such a good marriage that virtually nothing can stir them up. Hence, during an interview Timothy jokingly suggested that he’d have left his wife had he received the Emmy Award for his role in “Justified” as Raylan Givens. According to his statement, the sentence ‘Well, honey, this is it. I’m finally leaving you.’ was supposed to be his short award speech, and the best part – it was suggested by Alexis herself. However, the Emmy went to Kyle Chandler instead. In an interview with Conan O’Brien, Timothy expressed joy about the award, so it doesn’t seem like any hard feelings remained.

The Hitman

One of the greatest contributions to the fame of Timothy Olyphant and thus his wife as well, is undoubtedly the action movie entitled “Himan” in 2007. At this moment, just the official trailer for this film has 1.2 million views on YouTube, and a solid 149,468 reviews on the Internet Movie Database website.

Alexis Knief Net Worth

According to authoritative sources the net worth of Alexis Knief herself is estimated at over $1 million, however, Timothy has a net worth of over $10 million, mostly thanks to his aforementioned roles, especially the 78 episode-long TV series, and it’s safe to assume Alexis has a share in this too.

Body Measurements, and Social Media Presence

Concerning the physical specifications of Alexis Knief, various sources repute that her height stands at a regular 5 feet 8 inches (1.72m), while the details regarding her weight remain unbeknownst to the general public for the moment. However, looking at her photographs online, it’s not hard to conclude that she is of a slim build.

As for the presence of Alexis Knief on social networks, there are unfortunately no results to offer, as any Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages are unavailable to the public. Considering how secretive the couple are, this lack of online presence is to be expected from Alexis.

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