• Eve Steller Matkins (born July 8, 1984) is best known for appearing in the reality series “The Last Frontier: Alaska”
• She spent her childhood between her father and mother, and attended Homer High School and the University of Oregon where she obtained a degree in Psychology in 2006
• Eve and Eivin Kilcher married in August 2011 and have two children, Findlay and Sparrow
• Eve has earned a good income from appearing in the show, and from selling vegetables she grows on the Kilcher farm
• Eve has a significant social media presence with over 80,000 followers on Instagram and 650,000 followers on Facebook

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SpouseEivin Kilcher
Fact(September 24, 2013) Gave birth to her 2nd child, a daughter named Sparrow Rose Kilche, with her husband Eivin Kilcher.

Who is Eve Kilcher from “Alaska: The Last Frontier”?

Born as Eve Steller Matkins on the 8th July 1984 in Gustavus, Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska USA, and is best known to the world as the wife of Eivin Kilcher, and for appearing in the reality series “The Last Frontier: Alaska”, together with the entire Kilcher family.

Early Life and Education

Eve is the daughter of Craig and Dena Matkins; however, her parents divorced when Eve was a young girl, which put a strain on her childhood, as she would spend winters with her mother in Gustavus, while during the summer, she would live with her father on a farm near the Kilcher homestead. She went to Homer High School, from which she matriculated in the early 2000s, and afterwards enrolled at the University of Oregon, from which she obtained a degree in Psychology in 2006. Also, she studied permaculture, the agricultural philosophy at Aloha Aina Permaculture Design Course.

Eve and Eivin Kilcher Relationship

Eve and Eivin were friends from their early years which endured into adulthood, and eventually became more, and in August 2011 they decided to tie a knot. Living at the farm was nothing new for Eve, and after becoming Evin’s wife, she became focused on growing enough food to sustain them through the harsh Alaskan winters that can last for eight months.

“The Last Frontier: Alaska”

The whole Kilcher family became widely known in 2011 when the producers of the A&E network decided to cast them in the new reality series “The Last Frontier”. Because of their unique way of life, without plumbing and electricity and living in the harsh Alaskan winters, the Kilcher family became widely regarded throughout the US and other countries as well, making the series one of the most popular of the network.

Since 2011, Eve has featured in over 70 episodes, which significantly increased her net worth. Though Eve and Eivin live in a cabin, they have since modernized it and incorporated the benefits of a modern lifestyle. Eve has earned a pretty decent income since the series started, apparently earning between $7,000 and $10,000 per episode. Other than appearing in the series, Eve has also benefited from selling vegetables that she grows on the Kilcher farm.

Kitchen Master and Cookbook Publication

Additionally, Eve has become well known for her cooking skills, and has shared some of her own recipes with her most loyal fans by publishing the cookbook “Homestead Kitchen: Stores and Recipes from Our Hearth to Yours” in 2016, the sales of which have also added to her net worth.

Have You Wondered How Rich Eve Kilcher Is?

Well, since establishing herself in the TV industry, Eve has earned a decent amount of wealth, so let’s just see exactly how rich Eve is. According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Kilcher’s wealth is as high as $2 million. She never boasted about it, and has continued to lead a relatively simple life in the Alaskan fields. Hard work pays off, doesn’t it?

Eve’s and Eivin’s Children

Since marrying, the couple has welcomed two children, Findlay Farenorth Kilcher and Sparrow Rose Kilcher born in 2013 and 2015 respectively. Children haven’t stopped them from leading their daily life, and they’ve started teaching their children about the dangers of Alaska, including poisonous berries, and not to get too close to a horse!

Social Media Presence

Eve has become widely known to the world through television, but has since expanded her popularity to social media platforms also. She has more than 80,000 followers on her Instagram page on which she has posted mostly pictures of her children, while her Facebook page has more than 650,000 followers.

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SpouseEivin Kilcher
ChildrenSparrow Rose Kilcher, Findlay Farenorth Kilcher

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1(September 24, 2013) Gave birth to her 2nd child, a daughter named Sparrow Rose Kilche, with her husband Eivin Kilcher.
2(November 24, 2013) Gave birth to her 1st child, a son named Findlay Farenorth Kilcher at 5:50 a.m. at South Peninsula Hospital, with her husband Eivin Kilcher. He weighed 7 pounds, 5.9 ounces.

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia

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