Who REALLY is FaZe Adapt? Wiki and Bio

Alexander Hamilton, also known as FaZe Adapt, was born on 5 June 1997 in Arizona, USA which means that he is 22 years old and his zodiac sign is Gemini. FaZe, whose nationality is American, is best known as a gamer and YouTuber as well as a member of the FaZe team.

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Net Worth

Over $1 million. Being a YouTube content creator, FaZe makes money every time an ad is displayed with his videos, as well as for promoting brands on his social pages.

Ethnicity and Background

Speaking about Alex’s ethnicity, he is Caucasian and has brown hair and brown eyes, which suits his complexion. However, he hasn’t spoken about his early life, nor has he shared any information regarding his education. He has four sisters named Milan, Paris, Sydney, and Vienna, whom he’s very protective of. Most recently, he had a reaction to his teammate’s little brother having a crush on his sister.

FaZe Adapt

Social Media

Some of his latest posts on Twitter include a tweet in which he spoke about a meet and greet he’ll participate in. Infuriated, Alex has recently shared his opinion regarding the situation with Brooke Houts and her dog, whom she mistreats according to a video that surfaced online. “THIS GIRL DOESNT DESVERE TO HAVE A DOG”, he added.


Hamilton shares photos from his private life on Instagram, allowing his fans to take a closer look at what’s going on behind the scenes. He has recently posted a photo of himself, with the caption reading “Thank you for this legendary weekend, until next time NYC”. His fans seem to have loved it, as they went on to leave numerous sweet messages. He is friends with a fellow YouTube content creator known as Ricegum and has recently collaborated with him, making their own merchandise.

Relationship Status

Despite being a public figure, Alex isn’t too keen on sharing too much information with the media and prefers staying secretive regarding some aspects of his life, which his fans understand and respect. However, we do know that he previously dated an Instagram model Adrianna Scaley. They have been spotted together on multiple occasions, and their relationship seemed fine, so no one saw their breakup coming. FaZe went on to upload a video in which he explained why they broke up, but decided to delete it shortly afterwards.

As he stated, Scaley was the one who broke up with him, as she wanted to “do her own thing”. Later on, it was revealed that she cheated on him. Other than that, his dating history is unknown.

5,000,000 Subscribers! ???Thank you guys so much, you have no idea how much you all means to me. #21st of August ❤️❤️❤️

Posted by FaZe Adapt on Friday, August 24, 2018


Prior to rising to fame with the FaZe clan, Alexander was a member of another gaming group, SOARGaming. Alex made his debut in 2011, with the video entitled “SoaR Adapt: Joined SoaR + Killcam” and followed by making more videos, such as “SoaR Adapt: First Killcam in SoaR!”, “SoaR Adapt: “Ahdaptify” – Ep.1” and “SoaR Adapt: First Killcam on Xbox!”. As of 2013, the YouTuber uploaded more gaming videos, such as “Top 10 Favorite Black Ops 2 Clips! – FaZe Adapt”, “SoaR Adapt : Updated Bo2 Class Setup w/ Shots!” and “SoaR Adapt : My Favorite Clips For You!”.

Most Successful Videos

Alexander, followed by 5.5 million people on his growing YouTube channel, made numerous successful videos that have received millions of views, including “I Bet FaZe TFue $1,000 on this trickshot…and this happened”, with 8.9 million views, “REACTING TO RICH KIDS SNAPCHATS! #3 (SO CRINGY)”, in which he called out spoiled rich kids on social media, and “HIDE AND SEEK IN $10,000,000 MANSION *PART 2*”.

On the other hand, his most recent videos include “I Tried Selling My Gold Play Button **they really offered this**”, “My REACTION To Meeting Ninja…” and “The BEST Day in FaZe Clan History…”. His videos have a humorous tone to them, which is what many people enjoy. Overall, his videos have been watched 1.1 billion times, which plays a significant role with his finances. To conclude, we are sure that there’s a lot to come for Hamilton career-wise, as he’s a dedicated and talented young man beloved by many.

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