Who is Colby Brock?

Colby Brock is a social media personality and content creator who gained popularity through the video-sharing platform Vine, before transitioning to YouTube when the former was closed. He often collaborates with his close friend and fellow social media influencer Sam Golbach, and together they form the duo Sam and Colby. Their content primarily revolves around exploring haunted and abandoned places, conducting paranormal investigations, and engaging in various challenges. Apart from creating social media content, he’s ventured into entrepreneurship, launching his own merchandise line.

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Early Life and Career Beginnings

Born on 2 January 1997, Colby wasn’t always the daring adventurer that fans across the globe have come to adore. During his high school years, he forged a friendship with Sam Golbach, a bond that would inadvertently shape both their futures.

Colby and Sam soon began experimenting with Vine, a platform that allowed them a mere six seconds to captivate an audience. Their initial content was light, humorous, and relatable, striking a chord with viewers who saw reflections of their own friendships and antics in the duo. In 2014, they launched their YouTube channel, onto which they initially uploaded comedy videos.

The Advent of Sam and Colby

In the realm of the digital world, Colby alongside his friend Sam, found a unique pathway that led to the creation of the “Sam and Colby” brand. Their journey from Vine to YouTube marked a significant transition, allowing them to expand their content from mere moments of entertainment to elaborate explorations of the unknown and the paranormal.

Colby and Sam, both hailing from Kansas, initially garnered attention through their humorous and relatable content on Vine. However, as they migrated to YouTube, a platform that allowed for more extensive storytelling, they began to explore a niche that was relatively untouched in the realm of mainstream social media at the time – paranormal investigations and explorations of abandoned and supposedly haunted locations

Despite exploring environments that were ostensibly dark, their friendship and occasional playful banter provided a counterbalance that kept their content accessible and enjoyable to a wide demographic. This blend of thrill, mystery, and friendship became a unique selling point for their brand, distinguishing them within the saturated world of YouTube content creators.

Moreover, the “Sam and Colby” brand extended beyond mere explorations; they began to create video series that spanned multiple episodes, each exploring different facets or locations of their adventures.

Their content also sparked discussions and debates among viewers, with some attempting to debunk the paranormal activities encountered, while others shared their own experiences and theories.

As of October 2023, Sam and Colby’s YouTube channel numbers more than 10 million subscribers, and close to 1.5 billion views. Some of their most popular videos include “The Night We Talked to Demons” and “THE STANLEY: USA’s Most Haunted Hotel”, both of which have surpassed 30 million views, which is a rare achievement for long form YouTube content.

Colby Brock YouTube Channel

Following the success of Sam and Colby, Colby launched his own YouTube channel in 2016.  His solo channel is a space where he explores content that is somewhat different from the collaborative efforts seen on the “Sam and Colby” channel. On his personal channel, Colby tends to delve into a variety of content types, including personal vlogs, challenges, pranks, and more intimate sit-down videos where he discusses various topics and shares aspects of his personal life with his audience.

Colby is particularly known for his horror-themed videos in which he reads scary Internet stories and reacts to creepy and unsettling TikToks.

In 2022, Colby shared a different side of him with his audience, uploading his first music video, for his song “Skin”.

Entrepreneurship and Merchandise

Colby’s ventures were not confined to the spectral realms alone. Recognizing the potential of his growing popularity, he stepped into the world of entrepreneurship. His merchandise line, which includes a range of apparel and accessories, is not merely a business venture but a medium through which he connects with his audience. Each piece, often adorned with symbols and phrases synonymous with his brand, allows fans to carry a piece of his adventurous spirit with them.

Cancer Diagnosis

One significant personal challenge that Colby has encountered is his battle with cancer. Experiencing a “bruise-like pain” in November 2022, it wasn’t until January 2023 that he sought medical advice, leading to the removal of the affected testicle in February. Despite the surgery, doctors warned of a 35% chance of the cancer returning. Colby underwent a mentally taxing chemotherapy session on April 24, initially intended to last 21 days, but extended due to a resurgence in his tumor markers.

Triumphantly, months later, he announced his cancer-free status via social media, sharing his ordeal through diagnosis, surgery, and chemotherapy. A notable aspect of his chemotherapy journey was the use of ‘cold capping’ to retain his hair, a process involving the application of a freezing cap, changed every 25 minutes. Sam played a pivotal role, diligently changing Colby’s cold caps daily, having been trained by professionals who instructed him in the experimental procedure.

Colby expressed profound gratitude towards Sam, acknowledging his unwavering support throughout the ordeal. He also extended thanks to his viewers, and directed them towards a GoFundMe, initiated by him and Sam, aiming to raise awareness and funds for FCancer. Colby’s journey mirrors challenges faced by other YouTubers, such as Hank Green, who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and is currently under treatment, highlighting the personal battles content creators sometimes navigate, but away from the public eye.

Age, Height and Net Worth

Colby is 26 years old as of 2023. He stands at a height of 5ft 11ins (1.80m) and weighs approximately 150lbs (68 kgs). Colby has successfully built a career as a content creator, initially gaining popularity on Vine as part of the duo Sam and Colby, and later transitioning to YouTube where he continues to explore paranormal and adventurous themes. His endeavors have also seen him amass a notable net worth, which is estimated to be around $3 million.

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