• KC Mathieu is a businessman and custom automobile body painter from Texas, USA.
• His estimated net worth is over $300,000.
• He gained fame from the show “Fast N’ Loud”, and left the show in 2015 to pursue other endeavors.
• He founded his own business, KC’s Paint Shop, which specializes in auto body painting and restoration.
• He is married to Kasey Mathieu and they have two children.


Who is KC Mathieu?

KC Mathieu was born on 29 May 1983, in Texas, USA, and is a businessman and custom automobile body painter, best known from initially earning fame through the show “Fast N’ Loud” which aired on the Discovery Channel. He was previously a staff member of the Dallas, Texas based Gas Monkey Garage before starting his own company.

The Net Worth of KC Mathieu

How rich is KC Mathieu? As of early-2019, sources estimate a net worth that is over $300,000, earned largely through a successful career in business; his television appearances has also helped him gain a significant amount of income, and as he continues his endeavors, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

KC grew up exposed to automotive customization and repair work from a young age, as his father owned an auto body shop based in Crowley, Texas. He spent a lot of time there, where he learned about painting cars. At the age of 12, he painted his first car and this would begin his lifelong passion for the work.

As he grew older, he further explored and improved his craft, making him one of the most sought after professionals when it came to auto paint. He eventually gained a job at the Gas Monkey Garage, where he worked his way up from painter to Master Painter. It was during his time there that he got his exposure to television, leading to his popularity and net worth increasing significantly.

KC Mathieu

Fast N’ Loud

Gas Monkey Garage would become the main feature of the reality television show “Fast N’ Loud”, which aired on the Discovery Channel as a part of their original programming. The show focuses on the crew as they search for run down or tired cars, restoring them to sell for a profit, often incorporating a skit or theme into the episode. The show became highly popular after its first season, and was named the most favored by men during a “New York Times” survey in 2016. The success of the show led to several spin-offs, including “Misfit Garage” and “Fast N’ Loud – Demolition Theater”. The show has collaborated with other Discovery programs too, including participating in a motorcycle build-off against other popular crews, including Orange County Choppers and Paul Jr. Designs. The show has run for 14 seasons and a total of 133 episodes. It is produced by Pilgrim Studios for Discovery with Craig Piligian as an executive producer alongside Eddie Rohweder.

Mathieu on the other hand was a prominent feature of the show for its first three years, but in 2015, he decided that he would leave the show to pursue other endeavors. He had earned a significant amount of income with the show, and posted a farewell message for his fans through Facebook; he mentioned that the experience with the show was very thrilling.

Recent Endeavors

After leaving the show, he began his own business called KC’s Paint Shop, based in Fort Worth, Texas. The business had a good start – his fame from the television show led to a lot of customers; he serves as the owner and one of the custom auto body painters of his business. The business allowed him to earn more income apart from his television appearances as he had foreseen that the business would be a better long-term solution for his family. Aside from his work in the business, he can be seen travelling through various parts of the US.

He often appears in trade and car shows as one of the celebrities, expanding his business reach through these public events. He’s also become a staple in radio and television broadcasts, often appearing as a guest – he appeared alongside his wife in an episode of “The Fast Lane” which was aired on JoCo Community Radio! Aside from his paint specialization, his business has grown to rival Gas Monkey Garage, as they do a lot of restoration work and also specialize in Hot Rods. They’ve received a lot of recommendations and reviews for their work and their team.

Personal Life and Social Media

For his personal life, it is known that KC has been married to Kasey Mathieu since 2004, and they have two children together. While very few details have been shared about their relationship and marriage, they once posted an old photo showcasing them alongside close family as well as friends on their wedding day. She supports a lot of his business endeavors, and he has mentioned that she is his business partner. The two attend public events and also make media appearances together. During their free time, they often spend it with their children travelling to locations around the country.

Similar to numerous businessmen and television personalities, he is active online through accounts on social media. He has a personal Facebook account which posts a few updates about his life, often to a comedic end. He posts a lot of photos and videos of himself working on cars or going to events. According to him, the decision to leave reality television was a personal one, as he worked for two years straight without days off, and it took a toll on his time with his family. He got a lot of ‘hate mail’ for leaving the show, but also attracted a lot of business – a lot of publications have noted how successful his business has been in the last few years.


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