• Abby Dowse is an Australian model, fitness enthusiast and personal trainer
• She started modelling while in high school and has since become a sought-after model
• She is also a certified fitness trainer and has many clients
• She frequently travels and loves animals
• Her net worth is estimated to be around $300,000 and she has undergone breast augmentation


Abby Dowse Wiki Bio

Abby Dowse was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, on 17 September 1989, so under the zodiac sign of Virgo. Is Australian – she is popular for being a model, a fitness freak, and a personal trainer.

Early life and education

She is said to have always been beautiful, and was one of the most popular girls at high school – while she wasn’t really enjoying all the attention she was getting during her first year there, she started loving it after a while. She started modelling while she was still in third year at high school, and after she matriculated, decided to completely focus on her career and not to enroll at college.

Abby is also very secretive when it comes to her parents, as she appreciates their privacy. Some of her fans have claimed that Abby is not in very good relations with them as they’ve never really supported her career of a model, however, Abby hasn’t addressed the topic. She is also said to be an only child, as she hasn’t mentioned having any siblings.

Abby Dowse

Career of a model

Abby’s career was launched while she was still attending high school – going home from school one day she caught the attention of a modelling scout who talked Abby and her parents – who weren’t that thrilled about the idea but eventually let her do it. Abby’s first photoshoot went well and she was invited to do several more – after her first appearance on a cover page of a magazine, she became a sought-after model with many brands wanting her to work with them.

As she was going to the gym on a daily basis, Abby decided that she might become a fitness trainer as well, as she knows which workouts are good for which muscles, and also how to eat healthily. Even though she wasn’t expecting to get a lot of work that quickly, as soon as she got her fitness trainer certification, numerous people who had been following Abby online wanted her to train them. Unlike some of the other trainers who are also big stars on Instagram, Abby doesn’t openly talk about her workout plans and her diet, so if you want some advice, you might have to pay for her services first.

Love life and relationships

Abby is quite secretive when it comes to her love life, as she hasn’t shared any details about it with her fans, such as the names of any of past boyfriends, and whether or not she is currently seeing anyone. As she doesn’t talk about men, a vast majority of her fans believe that she’s a lesbian, while others simply that Abby does not want anyone to interfere with her personal life.

Besides being rumored to be a lesbian, she is also said to be dating her photographer who she travels with around the world – the two are said to have started their relationship back in 2017 and that they are still together today, however, this has not been confirmed by either of them.

Hobbies and interests

Abby loves to travel and her favorite holiday travel destination is Thailand. She is also a big fan of spa, and her favorite is Avista Hideaway Resort and Spa located in Thailand. She loves the beaches and could spend hours if not days just lying on a beach under the sun. Abby is also a vegan but has no problem with eating fish.

Abby is a big animal lover and has stated that she sometimes loves animals more than she loves humans – however, due to her busy schedule, she cannot own a pet even though that is one of her biggest wishes. Her love towards all animals actually led her to becoming a vegan.

Appearance and net worth

  • Abby is 29 years old
  • Has long blonde hair
  • Light brown eyes
  • Height is 5ft 10in (1.78m)
  • Weight is ~131lbs (59kgs)
  • Body 35-23-35
  • Net worth is ~$300,000

Abby boobs – real or fake?

There’s been a lot of discussion on the internet about whether or not has Abby undergone any plastic surgeries and if she has enhanced her breasts. Judging by the post on reddit.com on which you can see her before and after pictures, Abby had her boobs enhanced in 2018. Even though the proof is there and is undeniable, some still believe that Abby is 100 percent real (just as some believe the Earth is flat).

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