• Jay Bauman is an American YouTube director, writer, and actor.
• He and Mike Stoklasa run the Red Letter Media film and video production company.
• They are famous for their movie reviews, as well as their series “Half in the Bag”, “Best of the Worst”, and “re:View”.
• Jay has over 15,000 subscribers on his personal YouTube channel and nearly 1.4 million views on all of his videos.
• Jay's net worth is estimated to be over $400,000.


Jay Bauman Wiki Biography

Jay Bauman was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA, on 13 September 1980 under the zodiac sign of Virgo, and so holds American nationality – he is popular for his YouTube channel on which he uploads his own short films, so he’s a director, writer, and an actor.

Jay Bauman

Early life and education

Jay has not shared much about his childhood days, his parents and any siblings, as he prefers to keep his personal matters to himself. He is said to have had quite a normal childhood until he created his first short film while attending fifth grade of elementary school. Since then, Jay has been making movies, and has never thought of doing anything else. He used the internet when it first became widely available, just to talk to other filmmakers, and as there were no ways of exchanging videos, they would send VHS tapes to each other via mail.

Career of writer and movie director

Jay launched his career of an independent filmmaker some time before he met Stoklasa at a forum for filmmakers in 2001 – Jay rose to prominence only after he started making movies with Stoklasa. Some of their most popular movies are “Gorilla Interrupted” released in 2003, “Feeding Frenzy” in 2010, and “Space Cop” which was launched in 2016, while all of these under the Red Letter Media film and video production company.

Jay and Stoklasa have also created several YouTube shows together, such as “Half in the Bag” which first aired on YouTube in 2011, featuring the two of them doing movie reviews. “Best of the Worst” is their second YouTube series, during which they talk about movies which they consider to be very bad, or simply done in an amateurish way – their third series is entitled “re:View” during which they discuss old movies which are almost forgotten by the people.

Jay’s sense of humor is loved by his fans, which is mostly while he has managed to amass over 15,000 subscribers on his personal YouTube channel, which he launched on 25 November 2006 – he has also gathered nearly 1.4 million views on all his videos combined.

Red Letter Media

Red Letter Media is an American video production company, which was initially launched by Mike Stoklasa in Scottsdale, Arizona USA on 23 April 2004, but is now run by both Mike and Jay. Since 2011, the company has been operating from Milwaukee, Wisconsin which is Jay’s home town.

The company gained its first notable attention in 2009, when Mike produced a 70 minute long review of the “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace” film. Mike split the video in seven parts, and uploaded it onto YouTube where it was presented by his fictional character named Harry S. Plinkett. Even though Mike had uploaded other videos before that one, and had also covered other “Star Wars” movies from the franchise, “The Phantom Menace” was the most praised and received the best critiques.

Numerous series have been produced by the Red Letter Media company including the “Half in the Bag”, “Best of the Worst”, “The Grabowskis”, and “re:View” web series, and short comedies such as “The Nerd Crew”. Besides Mike and Jay, the third part of the Red Letter Media is Rich Evans, who works as their actor and stagehand for most of their projects.

Red Letter Media’s fictional character Plinkett

The company is also popular for the character named Harry S. Plinkett, which Mike created in 2008 when he did a review of the “Star Trek Generations” movie. He considered his voice to be boring, and decided to create a fictional character which is mostly played by Rich Evans and first appeared in the “You’re Invited! The Olsen Twins Movie” short film. Plinkett is the person who is cranky, schizophrenic and psychotic and has a voice considered to be a mix of Dan Aykroyd from “The Blues Brothers” movie, and Buffalo Bill from “The Silence of the Lambs” movie.

Plinkett does not read books and often deliberately mispronounces words; he isn’t familiar with history as he was confused on the mention of the Cuban missile crisis, the French Revolution, and World War I. Plinkett is also stated to have killed a few of his ex-wives, and because you can see human remains in his basement, you can conclude he is a serial killer. Plinkett was on the Titanic when it sank, and has stated to be more than 119 years old – he had a son who was a disgrace for the family, and had therefore hanged himself in the bathroom of a gas station. He has an adopted son who he took away from his parents on the parking lot of a grocery store. Plinkett is a gambler, and is currently living in Teaneck, New Jersey.

Personal life and relationships

Jay is quite secretive when it comes to his personal matters and his love life, or he is simply too busy that he doesn’t have time to focus on love. He is dating his partner Mike Stoklasa in many videos and short films on which they’ve worked together, which is why some people see the two as a couple in real life – the fact which gets in the way of their theories is that Jay was also dating girls in these videos and movies. Although there are many rumors saying how Jay is gay and is dating Mike, this hasn’t been confirmed by the two, and therefore Jay currently appears to be single, has never married, and doesn’t have any kids (and is not gay until proven otherwise).

Likes and other interests

Being a director himself, Jay has people he looks up to – two of his all-time favorite directors are David Lynch and John Carpenter. Being very passionate about movies, he also has favorites which are “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure” shot in 1985, “Escape from New York” (1981), and “Ed Wood”, 1994. He is very fond of travelling which is something his job allows him to do, as he visits numerous locations to find the perfect one for the scene he is making. Jay is also said to be a big animal lover, but doesn’t have any pets.

Appearance and net worth

Jay is currently 38 years old. He has brown hair and brown eyes, is 5ft 6ins (1.68m) tall, and weighs around 145lb (66kg).

According to authoritative sources, Jay’s current net worth is estimated to be over $400,000, and is steadily rising thanks to him being a now somewhat popular movie director.

Jay Bauman

Social media presence

Jay is more or less active on other social media platforms – he doesn’t use Instagram nor Facebook, but is very active on his Twitter account; he launched it in October 2012, and has so far gathered nearly 80,000 followers and tweeted more than 2,900 times.

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