• Alice Kim is an American actress, and the third wife of superstar actor Nicolas Cage.
• She was born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Seattle, Washington by Korean parents.
• She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Stanford University and a Master’s Degree from Washington University in St. Louis.
• She and Nicolas Cage tied the knot in 2004, but they separated in 2016 after twelve years together.
• After their separation, Alice retreated from the public eye.

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FactSister-in-law of Marc Coppola and Christopher Coppola.

Who is Alice Kim?

Born on 27 December 1983, in Los Angeles, California, under the earth sign of Capricorn, Alice Yung Kim is a 35-year-old American actress, but is perhaps better known for being the third wife of superstar actor Nicolas Cage. Even though Cage has quite a track record when it comes to failed marriages and relationships, he and Alice spent twelve years together. They met in a Korean restaurant, and proceeded to tie the knot just six months later. Everyone criticized this move, which would prove to be a fitting overture to their marriage, as it was constantly filled with controversies, rumors and allegations. In 2016 they finally divorced, with Alice subsequently retreating from the public eye.

Early Life and Education: Growing Up with Big Dreams

Alice was raised by parents of still unknown names and professions in Seattle, Washington State.

Even though she is a Californian native, her father had to relocate for work purposes, so the whole family came with him. Her parents are Korean, but moved to the United States when they were teenagers. Thus, Alice was raised according to East Asian values, with undeniable American influences. We also don’t know if Kim has any siblings. This lack of information is most likely due to the fact that she’s a very private person and was never the one to “air out her dirty laundry” during interviews at red carpet events. As for her education, Alice matriculated from an unspecified high school in Seattle in 2001, then enrolled at Stanford University, where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in English. Even though she graduated in 2006, Kim decided to put her education on hold and focus on her marriage to Nicolas Cage. However, she did received a Master’s Degree from Washington University in St. Louis.

Career: From Modeling to Waitressing

Even though she was interested in writing, Alice’s family wanted her to become a nurse. However, they soon realized that she had no intention of abandoning her passion and they supported her. After high school, she wanted to become a model, but was unable to find a stable source of income. Discouraged by the way her life story was unfolding, Kim decided to move back to Los Angeles while still maintaining her studies from afar. Due to her attractiveness, she was able to find a job at Le Prive, known as the biggest Asian-themed dance club/restaurant in the entire country.

How Did She Meet Nicolas Cage?

When she was 20 years old, Alice was earning a significant amount of money from waitressing and was fairly happy. However, in February 2004, her life would change forever.

Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim

She went to pick up an order at a table, when, lo and behold – Nicolas Cage was sitting there. Logically, she was starstruck by the presence of such a famous actor and stayed to chat with him for a few minutes. The 40-year-old superstar was infatuated by Alice and immediately asked for her number. Although she had her doubts, Cage ultimately received an affirmative answer. They soon started dating and fell in love in a matter of days. After just two months of knowing each other, they were engaged and living together.

The Nascent Phase of Her Marriage with Nicolas

Head over heels for each other, Nicolas and Alice wanted to marry as soon as possible; to arrange that, Cage had to ask her mother for permission. Their encounter resulted in a particularly funny anecdote.

Apparently, when Alice’s mother met the famous actor, the first thing she said was “She’s too young!”, referring to the fact that her daughter was 19 years younger than him. This was before she even said hello or introduced herself! However, upon seeing their love for each other, she had no choice but to give them her blessing, and they tied the knot on a private ranch in Northern California, in August 2004. Even in the beginning, things were not looking good for their relationship. Apparently, they got into a fight the day after the ceremony, as Alice couldn’t understand why he had to go to South Africa to film “Lord of War” so early – eventually they compromised, and she accompanied him on the journey.

In the summer of 2005, Alice and Nic announced that they were expecting their first baby, and on 3 October 2005, they welcomed son Kal-El Coppola Cage into the world. Without too much work for Nic, they had the time to relocate to Summerlin, Nevada, where they bought a house in a gated community.

Brief Acting Career

With the help of her husband, Alice tried her hand at acting. Her debut was in “Grindhouse”, a double feature masterpiece by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, appearing in a segment called “Werewolf Women of the SS” as the girl who mans the gong. Funnily, Nicolas Cage also appears in this part, as it is one of the many fake trailers that can be seen throughout the movie.

She also appeared in “Necklace” alongside her husband in a starring role. Not too fond of publicity and memorizing lines, Alice then abandoned her acting career.

Controversies: Domestic Violence

As we’ve already mentioned, Alice and Nic’s marriage was filled with controversy. There were many reports of arguments between them, but everything culminated in 2011 when Cage was booked for domestic violence, public intoxication and disorderly conduct. Due to conflicting reports (and the Cages not wanting to co-operate), we don’t know the full story. Apparently, the two were in New Orleans, Louisiana and were returning to their hotel after a night of drinking. An argument suddenly started, resulting in Cage allegedly pushing Alice to the floor and smashing any objects that he could grab; eventually, the police arrived and arrested him.

He was released on bail, with Kim denying anything happened, and refusing to press charges against her husband.

Naming Their Son

People were baffled by their decision to name their son Kal-El Coppola Cage – let’s break down the weirdness in this decision. Apparently, Nic is a big fan of Superman, so Alice agreed to name their boy after Superman’s real name (back when he was living on the planet Krypton). But what’s with the Coppola part? Unbeknownst to most, this is Nic’s real surname! He chose not to use it in his career because of his uncle, superstar director Francis Ford Coppola. When he was still an aspiring actor, Cage feared that he would never become famous if people connected him to his famous relative.

The son, however, is on his way to become an actor as well. In 2018, he gave his voice to young Bruce Wayne (Batman) in “Teen Titans Go! To the Movie”.


Alice and Nic Cage were having a hard time in both 2014 and 2015, but nobody really expected them to end their marriage. Apparently, Kim was cheating on Cage with another man, which Nic found out about during a Cannes Festival party in 2014. According to reports, Nic confronted her about this, with Kim admitting to an affair that lasted almost two years! Despite not seeing eye to eye during their time together, Nic and Alice are still good friends, and frequently spend time together with Kal-El. Also worth mentioning is the fact that Kim is the one who basically “swindled” Cage when the marriage was over.

Not only was she the one who instigated the dissolution of their union, but she also got a nice $20 million from the divorce proceedings.

Where is She Now?

There has been no sign of Alice since she and Nic separated. She was never fond of public appearances, and now when she’s not the wife of a famous actor, she can relax and spend time with her family without fearing that the paparazzi are following her. As of Nicolas – well he’s up to his usual Nicolas Cage antics. In 2018, he was married to Erika Koika. Not only is she 20 years younger than him (he definitely has a type!), but the marriage lasted for an entire four days. His explanation? ‘I was really drunk!’ Other than losing a lot of money to Alice during the divorce proceedings, he seems to be doing fine.


1Mother, with Nicolas Cage, of a son, Kal-el Coppola Cage, born October 3, 2005 in New York City.
2Stepmother of Weston Cage.
3Met Nicolas Cage at a sushi bar where she was working as a waitress.
4Sister-in-law of Marc Coppola and Christopher Coppola.
5Cousin-in-law of Sofia Coppola and Roman Coppola.
6Niece-in-law of Francis Ford Coppola and Talia Shire.




Next2007Girl with Necklace
Grindhouse2007Lead Gong Girl (segment "Werewolf Women of the SS") (uncredited)

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