• Born in Sudan, moved to the US when he was an infant
• Worked for the NBA, Phoenix Suns as a part of the game-day operations crew
• Works at ESPN as a sports commentator and is featured in various programs
• Has a net worth of over $200,000
• Highly active on social media, often making controversial comments


Who is Amin Elhassan?

Amin Elhassan was born on 12 April 1979, in Sudan, and is a sports commentator, best known for his work with the sports television network Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) on which he appears in various programs. Prior to his work in sports broadcasting, he worked in the National Basketball Association (NBA) as a part of the Phoenix Suns organization.

The Wealth of Amin Elhassan

How rich is Amin Elhassan? As of mid-2019, sources estimate a net worth that is over $200,000, earned through a successful career in sports broadcasting. He’s also earned wealth from his work in professional basketball, and as he continues his endeavors, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Education

While originally from Sudan, Amin’s family moved to New York City when he was still an infant. He grew up in the US, and now also has American nationality, but when he was eight years old the family returned to Sudan, but later moved back to New York so Amin could enter high school education there. He had been very passionate about sports at a young age, but never really thought about it as a career.

Amin Elhassan

During his time in school, he excelled in his studies, particularly in the field of math and science. After matriculating from high school, his strengths in the academe led him to enroll for an engineering course at Georgia Tech, also known as the Georgia Institute of Technology. The university was founded in 1885 and originally offered degrees in mechanical engineering, but later expanded to include other types. Today, it has over six colleges with over 31 departments. Aside from engineering, they also offer courses in science, technology, computing, business, and design.

Career in the NBA

While at Georgia Tech, Elhassan realized that he was only studying engineering because it would lead him to a high salary, and he didn’t really have a passion for the field. This led him to look for other opportunities, and towards the NBA team, the Atlanta Hawks as an intern, serving as a field marketer. He enjoyed this type of work which allowed him to gain connections in the sports industry. He was then promoted and served as a part of the game-day operations crew for the Hawks for the next three years.

In 2004, he took an internship with the New York Knicks, learning more about basketball operations, before taking up a full-time job with the Phoenix Suns. The team is known for its history with the league, dating back to 1968 with one of its most notable times during the peak of Charles Barkley’s career as well as the era of Steve Nash during the early 2000s. Elhassan initially served as a video co-ordinator, before he got into scouting. Finally, he became the franchise assistant director of basketball operations, working under general manager Steve Kerr. He eventually left the front office of Phoenix in 2012, and looked for other career paths.

ESPN and Broadcasting Career

Shortly afterwards, Amin was asked to write a sample article for ESPN by one of its editors. This led him to do freelance work for a while, and he impressed the staff of ESPN thanks partly to his connections within the sports industry. In 2013, he started working with the company full-time and his experience working inside organizations makes him knowledgeable in various dynamics viewers may not be aware of.

Amin Elhassan

ESPN is one of the most successful sports networks in the world, and was founded in 1979. The majority of the network is owned by The Walt Disney Company with around 80 percent of the share belonging to them. The network broadcasts in over 200 countries with an average of 90 million subscribers to the network. Approximately 78 percent of households in the United States with at least a television set has ESPN available.

Amin’s appeared in numerous shows such as “SportsCenter”, “SportsNation”, “The Jump”, and “Mike & Mike”. He also works on ESPN radio in a show alongside Izzy Gutierrez. While he mainly works as an on-screen personality, his work often has him doing a lot of things behind the scenes as well.

Personal Life and Social Media

For his personal life, not much is known in terms of Elhassan’s romantic relationships. He has not talked about this aspect of his life and prefers to keep it away from the spotlight. However, he married his still nameless wife in 2009, and they now have two daughters

He’s known for his sometimes no-holds-bared commentary, which extends its reach towards social media. His online comments have got him into some controversy.

One example occurred in 2016, when he walked away from a radio show after having a heated argument over Peyton Manning. He continued his arguments on Twitter before later returning to the show to apologize to his listeners. He also received a negative reaction after posting a comment on professional wrestler Kevin Owens’ online video, showcasing his son celebrating Owens’ WWE Universal Title win. He put down the son and Owens by stating that it is all scripted, and got a lot of backlash for it.

Like most sports personalities, he is highly active on websites such as Instagram, and also posts a lot of content on Facebook, as well as ESPN’s official YouTube channel.

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