• Amy Bruni is a well-known paranormal investigator, seen in "Kindred Spirits", "Ghost Hunters" and "Expedition Unknown"
• She developed her interest in paranormal activity when she was 6
• She is the oldest daughter of her parents, and has three siblings
• She created her own paranormal show, "Kindred Spirits" which is featured on TLC and the Travel Channel
• She has an estimated net worth of $800,000

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FactShe was a Producer for Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson.

Amy Bruni is a well-known paranormal investigator, who could be seen in such TV shows as “Kindred Spirits”, “Ghost Hunters” and “Expedition Unknown”. She is well-recognized by her fiery red hair and optimistic smile, as she always believes in herself and the best outcome of any complicated ghost story. Let’s find out more about Amy’s family, current relationship status, net worth, etc.

Early life and family

Amy Bruni was born on 10 July 1976, in Sacramento, California USA, so under the sign of Cancer and holding American nationality. Being raised in Alameda, California, she lived in a house she herself considered to be haunted. She soon developed her interest for everything paranormal, as her father was also an avocational extrasensory investigator.

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Amy shared that she first felt something different at the age of six, and she considers that feeling to be a meeting with a ghost. She described the spirit she saw as a male person who was dressed in green clothes who supposedly was the son of their householder, and who died in the time of the World War II. Accompanying her father, Amy often visited ‘haunted’ places which impressed her so much that she decided to become a paranormal researcher herself. Being a teenager, Amy spent hours reading various books, magazines or anything she could find about ghosts, spirits and ‘another world’ to learn more, and to prepare herself for her future cases.

Amy is the oldest daughter of her parents, having three siblings: two sisters and one brother. Her mother battled with leiomyosarcoma undergoing chemo for several months and eventually died in October 2018.

Educational background

Amy matriculated from her high school in 1994. It is known that Amy liked poetry and enjoyed writing it too, when she was in her middle school. She once posted a photo of her poem “Where Are The Trees?” which she wrote when in fifth grade. However, nothing else is known about Amy’s educational background, as she never mentioned which college or university she attended (if she did at all).

Amy Bruni


Amy is said to have begun her ‘normal’ career in a company which worked in the sphere of the health insurance, but in a couple of years Amy quit to pursue her ‘paranormal’ career. Her dream to become an investigator of haunted places grew not by the day, but by the hour, and she volunteered for several years, getting spontaneous payments from time to time, performing her paranormal investigations around the US.

Later she returned to her hometown Sacramento, to join the team of two paranormal investigators Jason Haws and Grant Wilson, who founded the Atlantic Paranormal Society.

The team of three started appearing on TV with their paranormal reality show entitled “Ghost Hunters” in 2008 (the show itself is on air since 2004). The series has been run for 12 seasons and over 250 episodes, and Amy became an executive producer for the latest seasons of the show. At the same time May worked in the position of the producer of Beyond Reality Radio, on which Jason Haws and J.V. Johnson work as live hosts for the late night talk show about paranormal cases people faced. One can call them when they are on air, and share the paranormal experience.

Kindred Spirits

Amy became even more popular when in 2016 she launched her own paranormal show “Kindred Spirits”. Along with her colleague Adam Berry who she worked with on “Ghost Hunters”, Amy produced and hosted their new reality show featured on TLC from 2016 to 2017. The third season of the series was bought and shown by the Travel Channel at the beginning of 2019. Along with another paranormal investigator, Chip Coffey, Amy and Adam try to find evidence of spirits presence, being hired by the people who believe their houses are haunted.

Since there is a whole bunch of similar TV shows on various channels, Amy appeared in some of them as a guest investigator; thus she appeared in the “Paranormal Lockdown” series in 2016 and in a few episodes of the “Expedition Unknown” series in 2018.

Acting experience

Amy has also played minor roles in several series and movies. Thus she appeared in two episodes of the crime drama series “Point Society” in 2016, playing the girl named Jill. She also played Caroline in the comedy entitled “Better Than Crazy” (2015), which tells the story of five cousins who gathered at a family reunion and drank too much to keep the family secrets untold.

Haunted houses tours

Amy decided to squeeze the maximum from the paranormal industry, and founded a travel company called “Strange Escapes”, which provides tours of and trips to various houses which are considered to be haunted with ghosts and spirits. She is also hosting multiple lectures and seminars about supernatural phenomena.

Personal life, husband Jimmy

Little is known about Amy’s long-term boyfriend, who is said to be her husband, except that his name is Jim. It is also known that he likes riding motorcycles and has two, one of which is is a Harley-Davidson. Together with Jimmy, Amy gave birth to their daughter named Charlotte who was born on 11 October 2012.

Not much is known about her, except that she is a big fan of Minecraft, likes motorbikes, does some wet painting, and adores “Star Wars” as she even has bed sheets with “Star Wars” patterns on them. Amy sometimes takes Charlotte with her to film some episodes, so her daughter can witness the filming process and find out some backstage secrets. Amy often posts Charlotte’s pictures on her Instagram account, but when she shares the photos of her husband, she never reveals any information about him.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Amy is always searching for the creepiest things she can explore: recently she bought an old half-burnt baby-doll in one of the antique stores in her neighborhood.

Her daughter was very surprised with Amy’s choice and asked her why she bought it? Amy answered: ‘If not me, then who?’. Amy admits she always tends to creepy things and sometimes feels like such things somehow find her themselves, appearing in front of her in various stores or backyard sales, as according to her own words, she has a huge collection of old dolls, antiques and Ouija boards at home. Her fans ask her if she feels bad spirits coming from such things, and Amy always answers that at her house everything only has good vibes and helps her to tune for her work. Amy’s favorite drink is wine. She is a big cat lover, and even visited Ernest Hemingway’s house to see the polydactyl cats which live there; she likes dogs too and has one named Zoe.

Amy Bruni

When a child, Amy had a collection of various stones and crystals, but lost it in one of her multiple moves; her daughter, Charlotte, has had a similar collection, gathering stones since she was two, and Amy swears she’ll do everything to keep this collection so it won’t be lost.

Social media presence

Amy is quite active on her Instagram account, which is followed by over 105,000 subscribers. Her Twitter is also very popular and is read by over 210,000 users. Amy also has a Facebook page which is ‘liked’ and followed by over 230,000 people.

Appearance, clothing style

Amy has red hair which she previously dyed blonde; from an early age she has always worn bangs, and she still wears it now.

Amy is 5ft 6ins (1.68m) tall and weighs around 132lbs (60kgs); her vital statistics are not available at the moment. As to her clothing style, Amy likes wearing casual items, such as jeans, T-shirts and plaid shirts.

Net worth and salary

According to authoritative sources, Amy’s current net worth is estimated to be around $800,000. She accumulated such a nice fortune working hard as a paranormal investigator, and an executive producer and hostess of TV reality shows. Even though she admitted people sometimes cancel their cases at the last minute, and she has to hustle a bit more, she enjoys her work, and her net worth is only going to grow, as the new season of her paranormal series is set to air soon.


1Amy gave birth to her first child, Charlotte, on October 11, 2012. Father is her boyfriend, Jimmy.
2She was a Producer for Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson.
3Amy was a part of the West Coast TAPS team, which she helped get started.




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Kindred Spirits2016TV SeriesHerself - Host / Herself
Paranormal Lockdown2016TV SeriesHerself - Guest Investigator
Ghost Hunters2008-2014TV Series documentaryHerself / Herself - Investigator / Investigator
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