• Andy Avalos is an award-winning meteorologist, reporter and anchor based in Chicago.
• He started his career in 1977 and has been one of the top-rated weather reporters in the US for four decades.
• He has received a Chicago Emmy in 1998 and is a member of several meteorological organizations.
• He is married with a daughter and his net worth is estimated to be over $9 million.
• He is active on Facebook and Twitter, with 15,000 and 9,000 followers respectively.

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Who is Andy Avalos?

Andy Avalos, born on an unspecified date in the 1950s, in the United States, is an award-winning meteorologist, reporter and anchor who is currently based in Chicago. Avalos, an expert in meteorology, has frequently reported on and traced severe weather conditions, placing his own life in danger, to inform and educate people. Ever since he started his career in 1977, Andy has been one of the top-rated weather reporters in the entire country. His most notable position is the one on Chicago’s NBC 5. With a career spanning in four different decades, Avalos is one of the longest-tenured meteorologists currently on air.

Early Life and Education: Growing Up in The United States

All that we know about Andy’s early life is that he was born in the United States. None of the authoritative sources currently available are able to elaborate at which point he developed an infatuation with meteorology, or how he gained the knowledge needed for the position. Avalos has always been a private person and a consummate professional who keeps his private life away from the public eye. A talented expert like him must have attended a prestigious college, but there is no available information about his academic achievements. His bio on NBC states that he’s a former pilot, who is ‘in a holding pattern with hopes of returning to the skies in the future’.

Career Beginnings: Colorado. KDZA-AM/FM

Avalos officially started his career more than 40 years ago, in Colorado in 1977. As a young man, he got a job as a weather reporter on a radio station based in Colorado Springs. Due to Colorado having some of the most extreme weather conditions in the country, Andy soon gained the necessary experience to kickstart his career in meteorology, After two years, in 1979 he moved to KDZA-AM/FM, a station in Pueblo, Colorado, where Andy wasn’t just a reporter, he also fulfilled the role of Sales Account Executive, which indicates that he may have had either economics or accounting as a major in college. At times, he was also an announcer, which was the best way to showcase his charisma and knack for presenting.

Continued Success: CBS and WLS

Usually, when a meteorologist is good at their job, they tend to get invited to work for stations in bigger cities. This was the case when Andy Avalos left his job at KDZA-AM/FM in 1982. The reason? He received an invitation to work for a CBS affiliate in Denver – the biggest city in Colorado gave Andy more opportunities to advance professionally, but he ultimately felt moving to Chicago was the best decision for his career. When he joined WLS-TV in 1984 as a weekend forecaster, he became inseparably connected to the capital of Illinois. Andy’s then-position suited him well, and he retained it for more than ten years.

Venture Into Cinematography

Did you know that Andy Avalos is also an actor? He was cast as “Weatherman #1” in the 1989 movie “Music Box”, which is his only credit to date. Centered around a Hungarian immigrant who is accused of war crimes, the title was a moderate success at the box office, grossing $6 million on a national level.

Andy Avalos

Biggest Break Yet: NBC5

After a decade with WLS-TV, Avalos was hired as a member of the weather forecast team at NBC5, so assembled one of the best meteorology teams in the entire Midwest area. He enjoyed much success and high ratings until he resigned from his position in 1999, a decision fueled by Andy’s wish to start his own consultancy business. Given the fact that he’d been a staple of NBC’s cast, he was offered his same position in 2003 which he accepted. As of mid-2019, Andy is still an important cog in the weather forecast team, and appears on air every day from 4:30 am to 7:00 am. If you miss him by any chance, you can catch one of his updates on the Today Show.

Biggest Career Achievements

Both viewers and colleagues have always held Andy in high regard, which is evident when you take a look at his award cabinet. He received a Chicago Emmy in 1998, the biggest honor that a Midwest meteorologist can receive, as a result of excellent reports on “The Storm Trackers”, a special segment on severe weather that aired in 1997. He also received the Media Person Award for outstanding reports about a wide array of weather-related occurrences. Avalos is also a member of the American Meteorological Society, and the National Weather Association, as well as a holder of the AMS Seal.

Personal Life: Is He Married? Does He Have a Family?

Andy Avalos prefers to keep his private life under wraps, in order to protect his family from unwanted attention. Although we know that he is married, he has never revealed the identity of his wife, however, this didn’t stop him from touchingly wishing her a happy 24th anniversary on air. When asked about the secret to his long marriage, he responded by saying: ‘Working this shift’ and adding that him being tired when he gets home saves the couple from unnecessary arguments – he followed up by saying he was joking. The couple also has a daughter. and an unspecified number of pets. In his free time, Andy is happy to make guest appearances and talk about the importance of meteorological awareness.

What Is Andy Avalos’ Annual Salary? How Rich Is He?

No credible source can offer the answer to questions about his annual income, as Andy himself asked NBC5 to keep this a secret. This is a clear indication of professionalism and a dedication to his performance on-screen. However, multiple sources indicate that he has a net worth of over $9 million as of mid-2019, accumulated during Andy’s 32-year career including entrepreneurship, mainly when Andy quit meteorology to start his own business in 1999. If he chooses to work a few more years, his total net worth could easily reach an eight-figure number.

Body Measurements: How Tall Is Andy Avalos?

No authoritative source can find definite information on Andy’s height or any other measurements. Even though he is always the tallest person in the studio, there is no way to guess his exact height. He has pitch black hair which may be dyed, in addition to his brown eyes.

Social Media Presence

As a media person, Andy understands the influence and outreach that social media can give to a celebrity. He is mostly active on Facebook where his account is followed by 15,000 people, and on which he posts both pictures from his work and tidbits from his personal life. On Twitter, 9,000 fans follow Andy, and are enjoying his many daily updates about the weather.

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