• AngelsKimi is a Twitch streamer and YouTuber known for livestreaming her "League of Legends" gameplays
• She grew up in the US with Korean parents and an older brother
• She is a philanthropist, donating to cancer research and various charity organizations
• She is a huge animal lover and enjoys travelling, watching animated movies and doing cosplay
• She is 26 years old with long brown hair and blue eyes, with a net worth of approximately $200,000


AngelsKimi Wiki Biography

AngelsKimi was born in the USA on 23 September 1992, so under the zodiac sign of Libra and holding American nationality – Angels is popular for her Twitch channel on which she mostly livestreams her “League of Legends” gameplays.

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Early life and education

Angels hasn’t shared anything about her early life with the public as she prefers to keep her personal matters to herself. She grew up in the US, and is a daughter of Korean parents who moved to the US some time before she was born – Angels also has an older brother but hasn’t shared his identity with the public. She has been playing video games since a very early age, as she preferred it over hanging out with her peers.

After she matriculated from a local high school, Angels focused on her gaming career rather than on pursuing a college degree.

Career on the internet

Angels’ career was launched the moment she began livestreaming on her Twitch channel – she mostly livestreams while playing the “League of Legends” video game while she can also be seen livestreaming just to chat with her fans. Her channel is currently followed by nearly 200,000 people while she has gathered over 6.2 million views on all her livestreams combined.

Angels is also quite active on her YouTube channel which she launched on 29 April 2016, and has so far gathered nearly 75,000 subscribers and more than 5.4 million views on all her videos combined. She mostly uploads videos of her everyday life, while she also often does games such as “Ori and the Blind Forest”.


Besides her “League of Legends” videos, Angels is also very popular for her ASMR videos –autonomous sensory meridian response is a relaxing and sedative sensation which you can feel on your scalp and which then moves down your body. It is often referred to as “brain massage” and can be triggered by sounds such as whispers, accents, and crackles – this is exactly what Angels does in her videos and one of the reasons why her fans like her. One of her most recent ASMR videos is entitled “Soothing Spa Sensations 3DIO ASMR”, and has already been seen by more than 100,000 people.

AngelsKimi’s real name

AngelsKimi is one of the most secretive people on the Internet as she still manages to not share her real name with the public. Although a lot of her fans enjoy the mystery surrounding AngelsKimi, others have gotten bored of her being mysterious and would like to finally find out her real name. However, the popular Twitch star doesn’t appear to be interested in responding to her fans’ requests when it comes to her name and is still not sharing her real name with them.

Personal life and relationships

Angels is quite secretive when it comes to her love life, and hasn’t shared anything about her past or present affairs. She is rumored to be going out with another popular YouTuber who is a “League of Legends” streamer as well, but this hasn’t been confirmed by Angels. It is quite normal for a social media celebrity to be dating another social media celebrity, as it is quite a unique way of life and it is actually a surprise to see a person with an online career to be dating someone who is not from the same ‘industry’.

Judging by her social media accounts, she appears to currently be single, she hasn’t married, and doesn’t have any kids.

Angels is a philanthropist

Angels is a noted philanthropist, and has just recently gathered over $1,000 for cancer research – while some people claim she is simply a kind person, others believe that a person from her family had cancer, which is what made her want to help other people fighting the disease. Angels is known to have donated money to numerous other charity organizations too.

Other likes and interests

Angels is a huge animal lover, and has a couple of pet dogs while her favorite is her Corgi dog named Hobbes. She loves travelling and is often on the road, but she both likes and dislikes it –she enjoys meeting new people and discovering new places, but she doesn’t like to leave her pets home, and misses them while away. She loves watching animated movies, especially Japanese, and enjoys doing cosplay (dressing as her favorite anime and video game characters).


Appearance and net worth

  • Angels is  26 years old
  • Long brown hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Net worth is ~$200,000

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