• Angie Gentry married country-rock star Troy Gentry in 1999 and had a daughter with him in 200•
• She underwent a double mastectomy in 2014 after being diagnosed with breast cancer.
• Following Troy's death in 2017, Angie started the Troy Gentry Foundation and has dedicated her life to helping others, primarily focusing on improving the lives of children.
• Troy Gentry's net worth was estimated to be at least $1.2 million at the time of his death.
• Before marrying Angie, Troy was divorced and had a daughter with his ex-wife, Kia.


Who is Angie Gentry, Troy Gentry’s Wife?

Troy Gentry was a country-rock star who enjoyed his greatest career years in the 2000s; he sadly died in a helicopter crash in 2017, and left his second wife, Angie McClure and their child, Kaylee, born in November 2002 behind him. She has enjoyed fame mostly on her late husband’s account, but is focused on philanthropic work too, including her close collaboration with Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Angie Gentry Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Born Angie Kay McLure on the 18th February in the USA, she has been rather secretive when it comes to her early life, and hasn’t even revealed when and where she was born, but apparently in the mid-1970s.

Furthermore, Angie hasn’t revealed anything about her childhood years, such as the names of her parents and their professions, nor whether she is a single child or if she has siblings. To speak further of her secrecy, Angie hasn’t disclosed which schools she attended, and whether she finished any university or not.

Angie and Troy Gentry Relationship

Angie and Troy met sometime in the ‘90s, after Troy’s first marriage failed, details unknown. Soon afterwards they started a romantic relationship and tied the knot on the 14th December 1999, in a wedding ceremony held in Maui, Hawaii.

Three years following their wedding, the couple welcomed a daughter named Kaylee, and they also raised Troy’s daughter from his previous marriage. Troy became more popular as a musician, and Angie too as his constant support, however, she has done a great job in hiding all the major information from her own life. Although Troy traveled a lot across the USA, this didn’t put a strain on their romance and they were rather happy together.

Angie Gentry

In 2014 they experienced first problems when Angie was diagnosed with breast cancer, and underwent a double mastectomy, with the surgery rather successful, and the relieving circumstance was that the cancer was discovered quite early. She recovered completely, and as a consequence of that scare, since then has been a part of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Troy Gentry’s Death

On the 8th September 2017, Angie was struck with tragedy, when she received the news of Troy’s demise; he was flying over Medford in a helicopter when it spiraled into the ground and Troy died at the scene.

Six days later, a public memorial service was held at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, in Troy’s honor. Following the death of her husband, Angie started the Troy Gentry foundation, and has dedicated her life to helping others, primarily focusing on improving the lives of children.

Angie Gentry Net Worth

Angie became popular on the account of her husband’s success, and following his death she has inherited all the rights to his music and royalties, which has increased her wealth to a large degree. So, do you know how rich Angie Gentry is, as of mid- 2019?

According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Angie’s net worth is at a minimum of $1.7 million – quite impressive, don’t you agree?

Angie Gentry’s Husband, Troy Gentry

Now that we have shared all there is to know about Angie, let’s share some information about her famous husband, Troy Gentry. Troy Gentry was born on the 5th April 1967, in Lexington, Kentucky USA, the son of Lloyd Gentry and his wife Patricia; he had a brother Keith, and a sister Jana. He went to Lexington Community College, and later attended the University of Kentucky.

His musical career started in the ‘90s, when he and his friend and fellow musician Gerald Edward Montgomery, started the band Early Tymz. However, this band broke-up, and after several installments with other musicians, Montgomery and Gentry settled as a country-rock duo entitled Montgomery Gentry.

Rise to Prominence and Net Worth

The first studio album of the duo came out in 1999, entitled “Tattoos & Scars”, which reached No. 10 on the US Country chart, and achieved platinum status in the USA, which encouraged the two to continue making music.

Throughout the 2000s, they enjoyed success with the albums “My Town” (2002), which reached No. 3 on the US Country chart and also achieved platinum status, then “You Do Your Thing” (2004), which became their best charted album, as it reached No. 2 on the US Country Chart. Other albums include “Back When I Knew It All” (2008) and “Folks Like Us” (2015), among others. Their latest album is “Here’s To You” (2018), released following Troy Gentry’s death. Troy became a country-rock star in the 2000s and continued to enjoy success until his death, which actually increased his wealth.

So, have you ever wondered how rich Troy Gentry’s was, at the time of his death? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Gentry’s net worth was at a minimum of $1.2 million, accumulated from his music career spanning almost two decades.

Personal Life

Before marrying Angie, Troy had already been divorced; his ex-wife’s name is Kia, and the two have a daughter together, named Taylor. Unfortunately, Troy never shared when he and Kia married or divorced. The only known fact is that soon after the divorce, he met Angie, with whom he lived until his premature death.

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