• Ben Kissel is a 37-year-old comedian, podcast host, political scientist and expert.
• He is best known for his work on the horror comedy show “The Last Podcast on the Left”.
• He grew up in Wisconsin, and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin.
• He has been involved in multiple entertainment projects, including acting roles, hosting live shows, and political campaigns.
• He has a net worth close to $300,000, and is active on social media, with over 70,000 followers on Twitter and 100,000 on Instagram.


Who is Ben Kissel?

Born on 21 July 1981 in Steven’s Point, Wisconsin USA, Ben Kissel is a 37-year-old comedian, podcast host, political scientist and expert, as well as on one occasion a political candidate. He is best known for his work on the now critically acclaimed horror comedy show “The Last Podcast on the Left”, which netted him several awards, as well as recognition from both his peers and the wider American public.

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Early Life and Education: Growing Up In Wisconsin

On multiple occasions, Ben was asked questions about his private life, but he always politely avoids answering them. This is an obvious sign that he’s a dedicated professional who doesn’t want what he does for a living affecting others. There is next to no information on Ben’s early life or family history, but he reveals a tidbit or two, from time to time. His father, a German citizen, migrated to the US, and drove trucks for a living for almost three decades. Ben’s childhood home was an important place in the community of Steven’s Point, as his parents took in many abused and underprivileged kids. Such a well-defined culture at home influenced young Ben as he was struggling to find a direction in life.

University of Wisconsin: An Interest in Politics

According to several of his school teachers and childhood friends, Ben was always the class clown. As dear as comedy was to Ben, the terrible events during the Iraq War in 2001 and 2002 caused him to realize where his intellect would be most useful … in politics. Thus, staying in his home state and pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science was a logical decision for the aspiring entertainer and political thinker.

Ben Kissel

Career Beginnings: A Passion For Comedy Never Goes Away

Once he received his Bachelor’s Degree, Ben was at a crossroads. Even though four years at University of Wisconsin refined his critical thinking skills and “armed” him with knowledge he needed to make a change in the world, comedy still had a place in his heart. In 2005, Ben started practicing comedy professionally, hosting stand-up nights at local bars and venues. Apparently, he was very good, and still practices some of his routines today, but ultimately decided that something else was his calling.

An Emerging Star: Entering the Podcast World

After a few years of being in between jobs and searching for a direction, Ben might have made the best decision of his entire career. In 2011, Henry Zebrowski, Marcus Parks and Ben Kissel started “The Last Podcast on the Left”, which balances on the thin line between horror and comedy. The three co-hosts have had excellent chemistry from the very first episode, which served as an ideal foundation to get people to listen to them. Every Friday, fans could expect a fresh batch of stories about UFOs, serial killers or some pop culture-related conspiracy theories. According to one critic, “The Last Podcast on the Left” is full of strange and fantastic topics, but is ‘a lot more substantial’, given the unusual interests of the co-hosting trio. The show is still going strong, even 365 episodes, attracting millions of regular listeners who made TLPOTL one of the ten most downloaded podcasts on the entire iTunes website. Weekly excitement and anticipation of every new episode were just the launchpad Ben needed. In 2017, the podcast reached its absolute apex, when the three co-hosts all received a Webby Award.

The Best Co-Host on The Left: Further Success

Upon reaching national fame with just one episode per week, Ben, Marcus and Henry realized they could capitalize on their new-found success. Instead of limiting themselves to one hour of airtime, they entered negotiations with Adult Swim, and thus, struck a deal – no longer will they sit in the studio and discuss the horrors of the world. With the birth of “The Last Stream on the Left”, the three musketeers of the grotesque managed to get their own show. They would still sit around and add internal jokes to their regular discussions, but now they would be doing it while traveling around the country, performing live shows and receiving a lucrative paycheck in the process. Ben saw this as another opportunity to expand his influence.

A Venture Into Acting: Ben’s Roles Along The Years

Who wouldn’t want the funny, sarcastic and charismatic podcast host on their show? This was a legitimate question at the start of this decade, as Kissel broke the ice with his first major role in “Girls are Roommates” in 2013. Afterwards, he was cast in “A Very Troma Christmas” in 2015, as well as “Watters’ World” in 2017. Even though he didn’t become a movie superstar, Ben himself said that he enjoyed the experience and that he learned a lot from it.

Abe Lincoln’s Top Hat: More Ben to Go Around

Other than his biggest venture, “The Last Podcast on the Left”, Kissel is also a host of “Abe Lincoln’s Top Hat”, a weekly podcast with a strictly political and sociological thematic. The show’s name was inspired by the fact that the late Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, always wore a stovepipe top hat. In fact, he was so attached to it that he wore it that fateful night in the theatre. According to some fans’ theories, the hat may symbolize an impressive, but at the same time hollow political argument – 442 episodes in as of 19 May 2019 and Ben still refuses to give an answer.

Ben Kissel’s Political Career: Trying to Make a Change

Ever since he graduated back in 2005, Ben has maintained a steady interest in both global and national politics. However, it is at the local level where Ben would make his first (and hopefully not the last) mark on politics. In 2017 he decided to give politics a shot, and run on the Reform ticket for the President of Kings County in the State of New York. Due to his popularity and reputation, Ben received a myriad of supportive messages and donations, and even though he failed to win the final vote, he helped eradicate a law which discriminated against the LGBTQ community. With the help of the US Libertarian and Reform parties, Ben has a real chance of winning the ballot the next time. He intends to run again, with the following goals in mind – legalization of recreational marijuana, vocational education for high school students, reformed policing, and major changes to the criminal justice system. In the meantime, you can hear him on CNN, MSNBC and RT from time to time.

Personal Life: Is Ben Kissel Married? Does He Have a Family?

Ben is a secretive person when it comes to his private life. Currently, there are no indications whether Ben is seeing someone or not. For the time being, he seems focused on his podcasting career, as well as his political future. However, we do know that Ben grew up with two brothers, both of whom are gay. Never hesitant to support the ones he loves, Ben has mentioned them several times on “Abe Lincoln’s Top Hat”. He is also fond of dogs, and loves to share pictures of his German Spitz named Puffin on Instagram. A Wisconsin native, Ben is a vocal supporter of the Milwaukee Bucks, a basketball team playing in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Body Measurements: How Tall is Ben Kissel?

Ben Kissel stands at 6’7’’ (200.6 cm), while his weight is approximately 167 lbs (76 kg). His other measurements are currently unknown.

Ben Kissel

What is Ben Kissel’s Net Worth?

According to several reputable sources, Ben has a net worth close to $300.000, which he’s accumulated mostly due to his two long-standing podcasts, guest appearances, campaign funding and merchandise sales. If “The Last Podcast on the Left” continues for at least a few years, we might see this number increase considerably in the foreseeable future.

Online Presence

Ben is one of the celebrities who are seemingly online 24-7. You can follow Ben’s official website for updates about public appearances and everything else related to his career. He has Soundcloud profiles for both “Abe Lincoln’s Top Hat” and “The Last Podcast on the Left”, with 5,000 and 55,000 followers respectively. TLPOTL also has a Patreon account, with 11,000 patrons donating $60,000 on a monthly basis. Ben’s Twitter account is a hotbed of the latest memes, internet jokes and important news, with 70,000 people following him. His Instagram account is regularly updated, with over 100,000 fans.



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