• Boris Sanchez is a broadcast journalist for Cable News Network (CNN)
• He has a net worth of over $2 million
• He attended Syracuse University and studied Broadcast Journalism and International Relations
• He has won the Heartland Regional Emmy Award thanks to his journalistic skills
• He is currently the White House Correspondent for CNN

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Who is Boris Sanchez?

Boris Sanchez was born on 15 November 1985, in Havana, Cuba, and is a broadcast journalist, best known for his work with Cable News Network (CNN), which he serves as a reporter. He’s often been seen reporting in the field, and is known for his coverage of various natural disasters.

The Riches of Boris Sanchez

How rich is Boris Sanchez? As of mid-2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $2 million, earned through a successful career in broadcasting. His work with CNN has helped him gain high valued contracts, and has also given him numerous other opportunities. As he continues his career, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Education

While Boris was born in Havana, his family later decided to move and settle in the US, but there is almost no other information available about his family and his childhood. He continued his education in the US, attending high school there while learning to adjust to the language as well as the culture. After matriculating from high school, he enrolled into Syracuse University to study for a degree in Broadcast Journalism and International Relations.

Boris Sanchez

Syracuse University is based in Syracuse, New York State, and was founded in 1870. It was originally the Genessee Wesleyan Seminary in Lima, New York before it relocated and changed into a college. In 1920, the university became nonsectarian though maintains a relationship with The United Methodist Church. The school is organized into 13 colleges with programs that are recognized internationally, offering programs in library science, architecture, business administration, engineering, arts, and many more. The school is also known for its athletic teams known as the Orange, which have most of its sports conducted under NCAA Division I athletics.

Career Beginnings

While completing his degree, Sanchez gained his first professional opportunity as an intern for the NBC-affiliated WTJC. The radio station is located in the US Virgin Islands, and is known for its religious format which airs a mix of teaching programs as well as Christian music. Due to the small size of the US Virgin islands, the radio can reach most locations in the region.

After graduation, he gained his first professional job as the weekend anchor in the California-based station KRCR. The television station is owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group, and is known for its news programming, and for employing various nationally popular broadcasters during the early parts of their career. He stayed there for a while, but eventually moved to Denver’s Fox 31 – also known as KDVR – which airs various Fox-related programs and syndicated shows, including Fox Sports, “Wheel of Fortune”, and “Jeopardy!” They are also known for their coverage of various local sports teams such as the National Football League’s (NFL) Denver Broncos, and for news programming, which is more predominant during their weekday schedule.

Move to CNN

Boris covered several high profile stories during this point of his career, one of his most notable being the manhunt that occurred after the Dannemora, New York prison break. He also reported on the terrorist attack which occurred at Chattanooga’s naval base. As his fame increased, more notable companies started taking notice, and this led to CNN offering him a position with the company. CNN is the first channel to produce 24-hour news coverage, and also the first channel in the US solely dedicated to news.

While it originally began in the US, they later expanded their reach to over 212 countries, mostly under CNN International. CNN immediately used his talents in field reporting and covering stories – in 2015, he was rewarded with the Heartland Regional Emmy Award thanks to his journalistic skills. He was also offered a role in the film called “Salvador Soy” which was released around the same time. He’s become known for his field reports and stories surrounding natural calamities that have occurred around the country.

Personal Life and Social Media

For his personal life it is known that Sanchez married Jennifer Piekut in 2016, though very limited information has been revealed about her and their relationship. There are no signs of any problems within their marriage and time will tell if they will have any children. He’s been known to keep his private affairs low profile, and this lack of information led to some speculation that he was gay, but this was denied after it was revealed that he was already married.

According to him, he enjoys watching documentaries about serial killers, stating that this bizarre interest of his has also helped in developing his journalistic skills. He also enjoys watching games of the National Basketball Association (NBA), stating that he often goes to games, and other sporting events regularly. He also follows the political scene in Latin America, and spends his free time learning more about his Cuban heritage – he loves Cuban food more than any other food he’s tried. Similar to numerous journalists, he is active online through an account on social media, specifically on Twitter which he uses to give updates on the latest in current events. He’s recently been assigned as the White House Correspondent for CNN, which has added further to his prestige.


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  1. Luis A Colon Berrios Reply

    Boris Sanchez is so professional good looking and stands so proud. Got my attention when i first heard him report the news. As a gay man myself the 2nd thing I notices was his looks and then there the last name. Latino. When mr. Sanchez reports his voice demands attention you have to look up at the television his looks keeps you listen. I realize we don’t listen with our eyes but Mr. Sanchez is the exception. It’s a total pleasure to be able to see another smart well educated Latino that our children can be exposed to more roll models like mr Sanchez need to be exposed. Mr. Sanchez I thank you for your service at CNN and I make sure that my grandsons follow you and they take note. Keep up the excellent work.
    Mr. Luis Colon Berrios

    • His wife might not let you bone him, but he can bone her when ever he wants.

  2. I discovered him just last week on CNN which I occasionally watch. He is hot and much more. I like the way he talks, his eyes, his nice smile, how he spontaneously react to what others say during the interviews and how he uses his non-verbal communication, he is an actor too!
    I wish he was gay (or bi at least) because that kind of jewel is hard to forget. Perfect boyfriend for sure!
    He is latin, of course, although there is not much info regarding his backgound. As here in Europe CNN has different broadcasting, I never know when he is on air.
    The only thing I noticed is that beeing himself latino, he pronounces latin names with english accent…strange!
    Wish him a very success in the future!

  3. Nancy Ramirez Reply

    Mr. Sanchez:
    Last Saturday morning at 7AM you signed on with the greeting “Buenos Dias.”
    This is AMERICA. We just celebrated Veteran’s Day.
    You insult soldiers from all branches of the military who fought to keep the U.S. safe by not speaking in
    Please do not make this egregious mistake again.

  4. Bravo, sir, bravo!!
    I just seen you eat this clown J Ashcroft, Missouri Secretary of State’s lunch.. Bravo, bravo, bravo!! Please run this story multiple times so that people can see just how stupid and idiotic these Republicans are. Especially when it comes to taking people off the ballot because of rules set by states constitution. That clown Ashcroft, had no idea what he was talking about when he threatens to take off Biden of a primary ballot because there is no evidence of why or how or anything. I understand that idiot Ashcroft is mad because his orangutan, orange, private bone spur, Is not able because of rules to be on a ballot might be saddened, but accountability has rules and sadly and so eloquently you actually made this guy think public TV and news and I can only hope they rerun this episode time after time after time after time after time so that people can understand exactly how asking questions and doing such an excellent job on the facts actually work. Thank you so much. Great job.👍🏻

    • And by the way, it’s not about if they like the candidate or not, it’s about the rule. so stop skewing the truth, Mr. Ashcroft, and insulting the American public. In fact, the lightbulb moment just happened when you figured out, there is no reasoning behind, threatening to take Biden off of any primary because he hasn’t done any sort of rule breaking of the constitution. It’s very sad that it’s people like you, Mr. Ashcroft that are nothing but sore losers, and claim to be victims instead of just trying to help the American public.. To come on A or any news outlet and do this to people that can’t get over the simple fact of losing an election have no business being in the limelight to try and gin up even more problems. Shame on you. Bravo Boris, for pointing out nothing but truth and facts to this clown..

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