Who is Charissa Littlejohn?

Charissa Littlejohn was born on 15th March 1988, in California, USA – she is a 31 year-old model, photographer and an online celebrity. Charissa is also a former All-State basketball player, and US Air Force veteran who has reached fame in the recent years via social media. She is famous for often incorporating her love of the military and guns into her modeling work. Her career has been active since 2007.

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Charissa Littlejohn Wiki Bio: Early Life, Family, Education

Charissa grew up in South Florida with her older brother Caleb. Being an energetic and lively child, Charissa showed great interest in sports and various other physical activities, more so than her brother, being especially interested in basketball, and later guns. It was her father who first taught her how to safely handle a rifle, and instilled in her a respect and admiration towards the military. She was a student at a private high school called Morningside Academy, where she showcased great talent for basketball, earning a Florida All-State basketball rank. However, towards the end of her high school education, Charissa developed a new interest – modelling, and decided to pursue a modeling career instead of acquiring a basketball scholarship or continuing her higher education.

Modeling Career Beginnings

Littlejohn landed her first modeling gig when she was 19 years old – she signed for BMG Models and relocated to Los Angeles to fully pursue her modeling career. Soon enough, moving to Los Angeles proved to be just the right choice for her, as Charissa quickly made a name for herself, doing hundreds of photo shoots, posing for a variety of different brands, and also featured in numerous advertisements and video assignments. Moreover, she turned her love for sports into becoming a fitness enthusiast and a personal coach, by which she was able to maintain a toned, attractive physique in addition to her natural beauty. Therefore, she started posing more and more for various swimwear, fitness and lingerie brands.

Charissa Littlejohn

Joining the Air Force

After spending several years as a model in Los Angeles, Charissa took a bold and surprising turn in her career by deciding to join the military. During her time in LA, she developed a group of friends who were all Air Force members, and thus learned firsthand about life in the US Air Force. Having been an army admirer since her youth, Charissa was inspired to join them, and after completing her training, she was assigned to Yokota Air Base in Tokyo, Japan.

During her time there she was trained as an EMT Medic; at first, her duties were mainly connected to the Emergency Room, however she was later chosen to be a Protocol Specialist. In her new position, she was involved in various duties helping the base Commander, such as organizing important events, inaugural visits, conferences, and other logistics. As a matter of fact, Charissa even organized several events which featured prominent government officials, such as US Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, Secretary of Air Force and the President of the United States himself. She spent five years in Japan before moving back to the US.

Return to the US

Following her return, Littlejohn made the decision to continue her modeling work and pursue a career in Healthcare as well, and for the next several years she successfully juggled her studies and her modeling career. In 2015 she graduated with a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration, adding a new title to her already impressive resume. However, her portfolio does not end here. On top of this, Charissa is also a co-owner of a small business called “LittleGat”, starting this business with her husband. They make various gun-related gear, such as kydex holsters, mag carriers, attachments and other items. Speaking of her recent endeavours, Charissa continues to be a successful model, business owner, fitness enthusiast, mother, wife, and an Instagram star on top of that.

Net Worth

Even though she is primarily known as a model and online star, Charissa is also a USAF veteran, trained medic, Master’s Degree holder and a business owner as well. Her impressively packed resume has enabled Charissa to acquire a net worth of around $1 million over the course of her career, as authoritative sources have estimated.

Personal Life

Speaking of her personal life, Charissa is married to Carlos Gat, and they have a son together named Caiden. Charissa and Carlos share a love for guns and ammunition. Therefore, besides spending time at gun ranges as a hobby, they also launched their own gun equipment business. The family currently resides in Los Angeles and they have two dogs named Toby and Ollie as well.

Social Media

In recent years, Charissa has become a social media star. Her official Instagram account has nearly 400,000 followers, and she is also active on Twitter with more than 5600 followers. In addition, she has a YouTube account with 1200 subscribers and a Facebook profile as well.

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Appearance and Physical Characteristics

When it comes to her appearance, Charissa has a slim, voluptuous physique which she maintains by being an avid fitness enthusiast and gym member. She is 5ft 11ins (1.8m) tall, weighs around 140lbs (63kgs), and her vital statistics are 36DD-27-36. Her dress size is 7 and her shoe size is 9.5. She has a long brown hair and hazel eyes.

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