-Crystal Breeze is a 21-year-old YouTuber, motivational speaker and fitness entrepreneur from California.
-She became famous for her story of losing 100 lbs. in 10 months.
-She has two books, "Healthy Eats Cookbook" and "Fit For Life Meal Plan".
-She is in a relationship with a Latin American man.
-Her net worth is estimated to be around $300,000.

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FactGraduated from Hollywood High School in 1983.

Who is Crystal Breeze?

Born under the always-mystical sign of Libra on 24 September 1997, in California, USA,  Crystal Breeze is a 21-year-old YouTuber, motivational speaker, influencer, social media personality and fitness entrepreneur. She became famous due to her story of losing 100 lbs. in just 10 months, which both motivated and fascinated people around the world. After her first video, unsurprisingly entitled “How I lost 100 pounds in one year”, she started posting tips and motivational advice on how to become fit in a natural, healthy way.

Early Life and Education: Growing Up in California

Crystal was born into an American family in an unspecified city in California, where she currently resides. There is not much information about her early life and family, mostly because she is a very private person. Even though fans have inquired about personal details on a number of occasions, Crystal avoids answering such questions, a clear sign that she is completely devoted to her career, and that she doesn’t want her private life being an interference. What we do know is that she loves her parents dearly, which she’s stated several times in multiple videos. ‘When times were the hardest and I had no motivation to lose weight, they pushed me to go even harder and I love them for that’, she said in one video. She has a younger sister, about whom there is also no information. No credible sources can verify whether she’s attending college or which high school went to.

Career Beginnings: Sharing Her Story and Motivating Others

On 1 March 2015, Crystal created her YouTube channel,  and shortly afterwards posted her first video – “How I lost 100 pounds in one year”, which quickly became viral, amassing over three million views in just six months, although for unknown reasons, Crystal decided to delete it in 2017. In the video, she talks about how she had unhealthy eating habits when she was a child, and at one point weighed as much as 240 lbs. Due to health and self-confidence issues, Crystal decided enough was enough, and picked up a low-carb and low-fat meal plan. In just 10 months, with the help of a rigorous workout regime, she managed to lose 100 lbs. and finally reach a healthy weight, for perhaps the first time in her life. After her initial surge in popularity, Crystal wanted to waste no time and expanded on a number of topics on her channel.

Continued Success: Makeup, Beauty and Lifestyle

Crystal motivated a large number of people around the world with her honest but straightforward approach. She didn’t want to hide anything, in an effort to show people struggling with their weight that there is a better tomorrow. Other popular videos ensued, amongst which the most controversial is “240 lb girl vs. 140 lb girl // Tinder Social Experiment”. For this video, she received a lot of criticism because she judged potential Tinder matches by their looks even though she was previously frustrated because men used to do the same to her – it still amassed over three million total views. Her other two popular videos are “WHAT I WISH I KNEW BEFORE LOSING WEIGHT”, in which she gives valuable tips to people who are only starting their weight loss journey; as of May 2019, the video has 950,000 views. Also controversial is her “HOW GUYS TREAT ME AFTER WEIGHT LOSS // STORY TIME”, for which fans criticized her for being vindictive and even making up a story about a stalker. Even though it’s over two-years-old, the video still sparks discussions and debates online.

Starting a Business: Fit For Life Meal Plan and Healthy Eats Cookbook

In an effort to help others traverse the numerous temptations on the journey to a healthy body, Crystal decided to write a book. Promptly named “Healthy Eats Cookbook”, this collection of recipes takes a unique twist on many dishes that are high in carbs and fat. Instead of getting rid of these delicacies, Crystal advises her readers to make a few key changes, and retain the taste they love. Her second book, “Fit For Life Meal Plan”, describes her miraculous weight loss in detail, and gives readers an insight into her eating habits during the decisive period of ten months. At the end of the book, you can find tips on how to maintain a healthy weight, and prevent the notorious “yo-yo effect” from occurring.

Crystal Breeze

Personal Life: Does Crystal Breeze Have a Boyfriend?

According to her Instagram account, Crystal is in a happy relationship with a young man of Latin American ethnicity. As of 22 May 2019, they are seven and a half months together, which is evident when Crystal posted about their sixth-month anniversary on Instagram, on 6 April 2019. On 11 May, she posted a photo of him in military fatigues with the description ‘Saying goodbye to you was so hard. I’m hoping the next 7 months go by quickly. I love you to pieces ♥️’. Crystal hasn’t revealed her beau’s identity, nor any other details about their relationship.

Did Crystal Breeze Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Yes, and Crystal has been open about the procedures on her body, which drew criticism from her fans and alienated a large number of them. They deemed it hypocritical to promote a healthy lifestyle, while still opting to go under the knife. She had several procedures done on her face, with at least one breast augmentation surgery. One of her more recent videos details Crystal getting a wig installed.

What is Crystal Breeze’s Net Worth?

Several authoritative sources estimate Crystal’s net worth to be around $300,000, as of mid-2019, accumulated through product sponsorships, book sales and the monetization of her YouTube videos. If she continues posting mainly about plastic surgeries, we’re not sure if she will be able to increase her net worth.

Social Media Presence

Crystal Breeze is very active on social media, with Instagram being her favorite. Her main account has 200,000 followers, while her Fit For Life Meal Plan profile has 25,000 at the moment. On Twitter, 6,000 people follow her and like her Tweets. Her YouTube channel currently has 320,000 active followers, and has attracted more than 20 million unique views.


1Mother of current adult film star Alexis Breeze.
2Uses the aliases Suzie Shaffer/Shafer and Robin Wade in various bondage magazine pictorials.
3Graduated from Hollywood High School in 1983.



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