• Desiree Wiley was born in 1991 in Lockport, New York
• She won multiple beauty pageants including Miss Buffalo 2010 and Miss America 2015
• She has a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism, Political Science, and Economics
• She is a reporter for NBC Boston and the NECN Network
• She has an estimated net worth of $500,000


Desiree Wiley is a famous reporter who works for NBC Boston. She is also a former beauty pageants contestant with numerous titles. Despite the difficulties and hard situations in her family, she has managed to build an impressive career and earn a great amount of money. Let’s find out how she did it, and learn more about her husband, age, salary and job.

Early life, family

Desiree Wiley was born on 14 May 1991, in Lockport, New York State USA. Her mother is Dianne Wiley, and a medical attendant Princeton hospital. Her father is Jon Wiley, a member of a substance misuse program and works as a substance abuse counselor and social worker at the same time. Some sources say that Jon is a reformed drug addict, and had to undergo a rehabilitation course when Desiree was a young girl. Desiree has a sister, DeAnna, and a brother, Dakota, both younger than Desiree; DeAnna has recently ‘come-out’, announcing she is a lesbian and has a female lover whose name is Sarah. They do not feel shy to post explicit photos of them kissing and hugging in the swimming pool. Desiree’s brother Dakota is a basketball player, and matriculated from his high school in 2017. Desiree has four little cousins, and all of them are girls.


Desiree attended Lockport High School, and matriculated in June 2009. She was always good at swimming and often participated in multiple inter-school swimming events and competitions. In 2012 she graduated from Bison State College with a BA in Journalism with Political Science and Economics.

Desiree Wiley

Beauty pageants, a short movie

Since Desiree was nine years old, she showed strong interest to dancing and performing on stage, especially dancing to jazz music. Her mother Dianne decided to sign up Desiree for a junior beauty pageant, and Desiree enjoyed it so much that she asked her mother to sign her up for more pageants. Later she won the title of Little Miss Buffalo in 1999, then she became the Child Model of the Year in 2000. Desiree then quit contests for some time, but made a comeback, becoming Niagara Country Junior Miss 2009 and Miss Buffalo 2010, Miss Niagara 2012, Miss Empire Rose in 2013, and Miss Finger Lakes 2014. In 2015 Desiree participated in the most important beauty pageant in the USA – Miss America. Though a noted presence, Desiree to Kira Kazantsev – it is worth saying that Desiree was really upset with the way things went, and posted her picture in the gown she prepared for the final of the competition’ it looked just the same as Kira’s gown, and Desire wrote that her gown made it to the stage without her. However, Desiree congratulated Kira Kazantsev on her victory.

Meantime, Desiree appeared inthea short movie called “Scope of Practice” (2014) directed by Brandyn T. Williams, in the role of a reporter.


Leaving beauty pageants behind, Desiree focused on her journalism career, and started working as a reporter at WKBW-TV in Buffalo. She was also a fill-in anchor and worked there over the next three years. Desiree had a chance to show her talents live when she covered such breaking news as the Clinton Correctional Facility escape (the case when two inmates, David Sweat and Richard Matt escaped from the prison) in 2015 and the storm in Buffalo which happened in November 2014. She then went to work for NBC Boston and the NECN Network in 2016, as they offered her the position of a weekend anchor, and as for the moment is still working there.

Desiree has also worked as a tutor of economics, and held the position of the editor of “The World of Economics” magazine.

Desiree has been fully into charity and social activities for more than six years. She raised awareness of the Upstate New York Transplant Service which is the Organ Procurement Organization with offices located in eight countries, including Canada, Cuba, etc. Besides these activities, Desiree had a chance to gain some experience in the field of higher education, when she held the position of admission advisor.

Personal life, husband David Fluellen Jr.

As for 2019, Desiree is a married woman. She first met her husband-to-be David Fluellen Jr. when she was working as the host at his American Football match when he was playing for the Tennessee Titans in the National Football League (NFL). They met backstage after the match, and exchanged their phone numbers, and for more than a year they were dating, then they got engaged, after which Desiree couldn’t stop posting photos of her hand with her engagement ring, so her family members and followers started joking on her in the comments because of the number she posted.

Desiree married David on 8 July 2017. David Fluellen Jr. is a popular NFL player; he played for the Philadelphia Eagles (2014) and Indianapolis Colts (2014), and since 2015 has played for the Tennessee Titans. He and Desiree attended the same high school though David is one year younger than his wife. He graduated from Toledo College in 2014. He has a brother and five sisters.

According to the photos Desiree and David share on their Instagram accounts, they both try to keep their relationship as romantic as they can. David recently organized a surprise birthday party for Desiree, and brought her whole family to Miami where they celebrated. She was pleased with this gentle and thoughtful act and thanked David for everything he planned and did for that day.

David is also very active in his charity deeds. He participates in various events supporting kids sports education, such as Buffalo United Charter School sports classes, and special meet-ups at John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital in Buffalo.

Hobbies and interests

Desiree is a real dog-lover; she has a dog named Arya. As for her favorite cuisine, she likes Italian food, but fast food too, however, to keep fit she doesn’t eat fast food often, but her husband tries to treat her with her favorite food. She prefers fries and chicken from “Hattie B’s Hot Chicken” cafe. Desiree’s favorite actor is Al Pacino, and her favorite music band is said to be The Beatles. Her favorite drink is coffee – she even calls herself a “Starbucks addict” – and her favorite dessert is chocolate ice-cream. She loves fitness and spends a lot of time in the gym. Another passion of Desiree’s is traveling, and she once shared in one of her Instagram posts that her husband David is a passionate traveler too, so their interest is for tripping around the world, and they use any opportunity to visit interesting and beautiful place they haven’t been to before.

Social media presence

Desiree is quite active on various social media platforms. She has an Instagram account which is followed by more than 4000 subscribers, a Twitter account which is read by almost 4,500 people, and a profile on Facebook with more than 6,000 subscribers. Desiree’s husband David is also very active on Instagram (his account there has more than 5,000 followers) and on Twitter (which is read by more than 2,000 people).


Desiree has middle-length dark-brown hair and brown eyes. She is 5ft 6ins (1.6m) tall, weighs around 121lbs (55kgs), and her vital statistics are 32-28-34. She has a small tattoo depicting a crown on her left wrist. As for her clothing style, she loves dresses and wears them on most occasions. However, she also likes casual looks and often wears jeans, bombers and sweatshirts.


Net worth

According to some authoritative sources Desiree’s net worth is close to $500,000. Her annual salary is a minimum of $75,000, and as Desiree keeps on working hard in her position of a reporter and an anchor, her net worth is only going to grow. As for her husband, David Fluellen Jr., he has accumulated a net worth of more than $700,000, so Desiree benefits from his earnings too. Desiree is also an Ambassador for Nike’s products.


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