Who is Divine Munchies?

Popular YouTube star Divine Munchies was born in the USA on May 14th 1987. This young lady is one of the 10 most popular stars on YouTube when it comes to the eating videos. She also goes by the name Star Brady – which is the new name of her YouTube channel on which she has over 350,000 subscribers. Star Brady encourages her fans to sit and eat with her for the full experience, or just enjoy and relax while she does indulges herself.

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Divine Munchies Bio: Early Life and Education

Star Burlin Brady – Divine Munchie’s true name – was unknown to the YouTube community before 2016. Therefore, little is known of her private life prior to her YouTube fame. She studied at and eventually graduated in psychology in 2013 from the University of California,  Berkeley, however, as a major food lover and someone who enjoys making ASMR videos, she decided to continue pursuing her two passions and starting a channel on YouTube. ASMR videos are gaining more and more popularity on YouTube, and they represent videos meant to relax people, and can include brushing sounds, gentle whispering, soft music etc.

Career and Net Worth

Ever since starting her YouTube channel Star Brady has tried to indulge all of her viewers by doing food challenges from time to time. Her most popular video is ‘Nuclear Fire Noodles Challenge’, which has attracted over 20 million views. In this challenge Star was eating five instant ramen noodles that are considered to be the spiciest in the world, but managed to complete the challenge without drinking water, or a pause. Her other popular videos include eating In N Out Burger, Fettuccine Alfredo, Mozzarella Sticks, Onion Rings and many other foods. Her other YouTube content includes Food Tours and Restaurant videos, Vegan Food, Haul, Beauty and Cooking videos. As a huge fan of fitness and someone who enjoys dancing and yoga, she has posted workout videos on multiple occasions.

Divine Munchies

Authoritative sources estimate that Divine Munchies net worth is over $300,000 as of mid-2019, accumulated largely from her efforts on YouTube over the last decade.

Private life

Star was living with her husband Patrick in New Zealand and they were a couple who enjoyed travelling together to various exotic destinations all over the world. As of May 2019, Star and Patrick are separated, although apparently still married. He continued living in New Zealand while she returned to the US. In her YouTube video entitled ‘we broke up | this video will shed light on some things’, Star said they were experiencing issues a year prior to their separation, which made her feel anxious and unable to work or post videos for more than four months. During that time, she explained that she tried to suppress the sorrow by binge eating and drinking.

Me and my babe. Being in a committed partnership has been the biggest teacher and catalyst for my own personal growth. …

Posted by Divine Munchies on Friday, June 29, 2018

She has also stated that she was not prepared to admit to herself that they were having issues, however, Star was not willing to further disclose what those issues were, stating that Patrick is a very private person and that out of respect for him she will not speak about the details of her separation. Star is currently feeling much better mentally and she is willing to find a new place in which she would live. Although she is still missing Patrick and his family, Star said that a huge problem in their relationship was the fact that she was vegan when they started dating, and later became vegetarian and even started eating meat which Patrick did not like.

Her fans wanted to see vlogs while she was in New Zealand, but Star was unable to do so as she was suffering in her relationship with Patrick and was unable mentally to show herself to the world. Star also decided that she does not want to film videos in which she eats junk food as she wants to be healthier and to start taking care of herself more. In conclusion, Star said she will always love her husband, that he is a good and loving soul, and that she is aware that Patrick is not perfect, but she chooses to focus on her role and her mistakes that eventually led to their end.


Where is Divine Munchies now?

Since their separation, Star has become much more active on her channel. She recently shot a video of herself driving a Porsche, and going to a hippie party with her mom. Even though it seems she is much better by the end of the video, she started crying again and felt she was alone and unhappy so she left the party. Considering Patrick was the closest person in her life she realized she needed more time to cope with the pain of break up. Star currently lives in Oakland California, US.

Divine Munchies’s Body Measurements, Height and Weight

Popular YouTube star has red hair and dark brown eyes. She is physically fit, however, her height, weight and vital statistics are currently unknown.

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