• Mike Tornabene (Dom Mazzetti) is an American YouTuber, fitness icon, and certified fitness instructor.
• He created the Dom Mazzetti character in 2010 and is known by the nicknames Bro Science Guy and Brofessor.
• He wrote a book called "The Swoly Bible: The Broscience Way of Life" about getting swole.
• He is in a long relationship with his girlfriend Lee Marie Deming.
• He runs multiple YouTube channels, the most popular being "BroScienceLife" with 2.2 million subscribers.


Who is Dom Mazzetti?

Mike Tornabenewas born in New York City USA on 3 May 1989, so under the zodiac sign of Taurus, holding American nationality, and he follows the Christian religion – he is better known as Dom Mazzetti, a character he created in 2011, while he also goes by the names Bro Science Guy and Brofessor. He is best known for his career of a YouTuber, while he is also a fitness icon and a certified fitness instructor.

Early life and education

There is not much known about Mike’s parents or siblings as he doesn’t talk about them. He attended North Hunterdon School, and after he matriculated enrolled at the New York University Tisch School of Arts, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Film and Television in 2010.

His interest in comedy was born when he was in 2nd grade of elementary school – that was when he first met Gian Hunjan and the two simply clicked. It might be funny, but the thing that actually connected the two was the love they shared towards Nike trainers, as Mike was wearing a pair which was really good. As soon as they got to know each other, they shared each other’s ideas and began working almost immediately on their YouTube channel, writing comedy scripts and acting-out some of their sketches. While they were attending final year at their universities, they both worked in the same restaurant and were entertaining the staff there with their own comedy pieces – Mike claims how that restaurant might be the real start of their partnership.

They continued to cooperate and write during their years in college, and mostly used online video chat to write scripts and comedy screenplays together.


Mike had begun acting for fun when he was only eight years old. He and his friend Gian Hunjan launched their Facebook page called “Mike & Gian Comedy” on 5 September 2009 and soon afterwards their own YouTube channel called “MikeandGian” in October 2009 while they were attending the final year at college – their first video was a comedy called “Christmas PSA”, soon uploading more and receiving positive feedbacks, but still not a lot of people were watching their videos. They were a bit discouraged. but they didn’t give up – in the summer of 2010 they posted flyers all around the city which said how they were willing to do any job, all of which they did just to get money to fund their dreams of becoming actors. Mike says how they had been doing some very weird jobs including when they had to pick up an autistic kid from a camp and take him home, after which they took him on trips with them.

Mike loved being active and doing things as he is the kind of person who doesn’t enjoy just sitting around – even though he was so busy back then, he still found time to exercise and eventually got his Personal Trainer Certification. Once again, he did this only because personal trainers make a nice amount of money, which he could invest into his acting career.

That’s when, in the second half of 2010, Mike created his character Dom Mazzetti. It began as a simple sketch related to cooking, and Dom Mazzetti represented a stupid, middle aged guy from Italy – Mike and Gian wanted to shoot the scene of the cooking sketch with Mike playing Dom Mazzetti, but that never happened. One year later, the two created a sketch based on a bomb scare, which is when someone calls the police to report that a bomb has been planted somewhere. The video included interviewing Mike (as his Dom Mazzetti character) about the process of handling a case of a bomb scare, and the audience loved it and thought it was very funny. Because they received very positive feedbacks, Mike and Gian decided to use the Dom Mazzetti character in another sketch, then another, and slowly Mazzetti became very popular on the internet.

Mike got the idea of uploading videos connected to fitness and college life while acting as Dom Mazzetti again. Throughout these videos, he made fun of the ‘bro-science in fitness’ which eventually got him the nicknames Bro Science Guy and Brofessor.

During the years, the two wrote numerous TV sketches and comedy screenplays, and after a while began filming and uploading their own comedy series on their YouTube account. Mike also has his own YouTube channel called “Dom Mazzetti Channel” which he launched on 10 January 2011, about one year after he and Gian launched the “MikeandGian”.

It is said that, before he began his life as a YouTuber, Mike was part of a bomb squad, but these are just rumors by people who did not understand Mike and Gian’s video about bomb scare. Today, Mike is mostly known for creating the YouTube channel called “BroScienceLife”.

Meaning of “Broscience”

Many may wonder what does the word “Broscience” actually means. Those who regularly go to the gym might already know the answer – it is when your bodybuilding buddy gives you advice and information about exercising, which actually makes no sense according to science.

Dom is a writer

Mike is a very versatile person – he is a personal trainer, YouTuber, influencer, and since 1 November 2016, also a writer. His book “The Swoly Bible: The Broscience Way of Life” teaches people everything they need to know about how to get swole in a very funny way.

Dom Mazzetti

Personal life and likes

There are no controversies whatsoever regarding Mike – he is in a long relationship with his girlfriend Lee Marie Deming, who works as a graphic designer and is also a digital marketing manager for Trainor Associates. One can find pictures of them together on social media accounts of both of them – they love to travel together, and Mike claims how she supports him in everything he does. It is rumored that the two are going to exchange their vows pretty soon.

Like most of students, Mike loved to party while he was at college, and loves doing it today, too, but not as much as before. He and his friends used to drink almost every day and play “Halo” and similar games on Xbox, and that’s when he got most of the ideas for his sketches.

Strange thing about being a YouTuber

As Mike claimed during an interview, it is very strange how you can be someone else on the Internet and how people love you for that. You start developing some kind of an alternate personality which is a lot different from the real you. ‘I’m always Mike. but sometimes I just feel like I am going to snap into Dom’, Mike said during his interview.

Appearance and net worth

Mike is currently 30 years old, has short brown hair, brown eyes, is 6ft 1ins (1.85m) tall and weighs around 185lbs (84kg). He has a very muscular body since he is a bodybuilder – he began working out when he was 14 and started using his own techniques and ideas in order to shape his body. Today, he exercises almost every day and can be seen with other popular bodybuilders such as Bradley Martyn.

According to authoritative sources, Mike’s current net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, while more than $400,000 of that is made thanks to his “BroScienceLife” YouTube channel –nearly $100,000 per year.

Instagram and Twitter

Mike is running several YouTube channels, but it doesn’t stop him from being active on Instagram and Twitter – he launched his Twitter account in October 2011 and has gathered more than 10,000 followers but only tweeted nearly 150 times. His Instagram account is followed by more than 135,000, while he’s posted around 450 pictures, but that’s Mike – Dom Mazzetti has his own Instagram account which is followed by nearly 700,000 fans and has over 1,000 posts.

Mike and Gian have a Facebook account together called “Mike N’ Gian”, which is followed by nearly 6,000 people.

YouTube channels

There are four YouTube channel which Mike is currently working on – the most popular is “BroScienceLife” which he launched on 10 December 2012, and has gathered more than 2.2 million subscribers and attractedover 350 million views of all his videos combined. His personal “DomMazzetti” channel was launched on 10 January 2011, just a year before BroScience, and has nearly 380,000 subscribers and over 60 million views on all the videos.

The first channel which Dom and Gian made was “MikeandGian” launched on 13 October 2009, but is the least famous of all their channels – it has around 11,000 subscribers and one million views. There is only one more account operated by Mike, which was launched on 1 December 2009 – it is called “GNARPM” and on it, you can see videos from automotive series about non-professionals who test their limits so far that they end up breaking bones and others parts of their body, while they try not to die!

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