• Elise Jordan is a journalist and columnist best known for her work with MSNBC and Time
• She has a net worth of over $300,000
• She is married twice; first to Michael Hastings, who tragically passed away in 2013, and then to Mike Hogan in 2017
• Elise is a political analyst and writer and has worked for MSNBC, Daily Beast, NBC News and other outlets
• She has also worked as a policy advisor and speechwriter for the National Security Council and Rand Paul's presidential campaign and has appeared on TV shows such as "Deadline: White House", "Weekend Today" and "Morning Joe"


Elise Jordan (MSNBC) Wiki Bio and Age

Elise Jordan was born on 22 June 1990 in the USA, which means that she is 29 years old and her zodiac sign is Cancer. Elise, whose nationality is American, is best known as a journalist and columnist, and in that field she has worked for MSNBC and Time. Being successful in those fields allowed her to gain recognition and rise to fame, but it also poses some questions regarding her early life, assets, as well as her relationship status, and we’ll talk about those in this article.

Net Worth

So just how rich is Elise Jordan as of mid-2019? According to authoritative sources, this journalist and TV personality has a net worth of over $300,000, accumulated from her career in the previously mentioned field. However, Jordan hasn’t spoken about her assets, such as vehicles and houses, but she is seemingly able to take care of herself financially.

Ethnicity and Background

Speaking about her ethnicity, Jordan is Caucasian and has blonde hair and blue eyes, which suits her complexion. Judging from the photos available on the internet, she has a fit figure and takes good care of her appearance, indicating that she puts time and effort into her looks. As for her education, Elise was a student of the prestigious Yale University.

Elise Jordan

Social Media

Jordan is in the entertainment field, which naturally means that she is active on social media, which she uses to promote her work as well as to communicate with her fans. She has Twitter and Instagram accounts, and is followed by over 70,000 people on the former and 4,000 on the latter. Some of her latest posts on Twitter include a Tweet in which she asked her followers if someone would like to adopt a kitty, adding “If you are looking for an adorable, sweet kitty in north Mississippi…I’ve got your lady! I had to leave after a quick weekend and am calling the local Humane Society tomorrow, but please let me know if you want this awesome cat!!!!”


Jordan shares photos from her private life on Instagram, allowing her fans to take a closer look at what’s going on behind the scenes. However, at some point she decided to lock her account, and it is only available to the approved people.

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Relationship Status

Despite being a public figure, Jordan prefers keeping the majority of private details behind closed doors. Nonetheless, we do know that she has married twice; in 2011, she married Michael Hastings, a fellow journalist, who sadly lost his life in 2013 in a car accident. Subsequently, Jordan found love again, and married Mike Hogan in September 2017, but it seems as if she still deeply respects her late husband as she always talks lovingly about him.

She doesn’t have any children as of today, but she seems to be living a happy and prosperous life, which is all that really matters. Elise is a big animal lover, and often shares photos of her dog, which her fans seem to love. In May 2019, she travelled to Barcelona and took to social media sharing photos from her trip. She posted a photo of a seemingly delicious dish, adding “This was a pretty epic lunch – thank you, Barcelona! Also – baffling that it took me so long to try vermouth, a truly amazing drink!”.


Elise is best known as a political analyst and writer for numerous portals and newspapers, including MSNBC, Daily Beast and NBC News. Some of the latest articles she’s written include “I’ve Supported the Second Amendment My Whole Life. It’s Time for Reasonable Gun Control” in which she spoke about one of the most important and serious issues in the US – gun control.

Her article has been influenced not only by her own life, but also by the tragic Parkland School Shooting. Elise went on to add that she grew up around rifles, handguns and shotguns as her family lived on the outskirts of a small town in Mississippi, near a hospital, and said that every once in a while “an inmate receiving medical treatment there would escape, causing some excitement among those listening to the police scanner until the inmate was caught.”. However, she pointed out the big difference between unfortunate events that school shootings are, and safety precautions her family had to take. She then wrote yet another article for Time, “I’ve Worked in Republican Politics. The Party’s Voter Suppression in the Mid-terms Has Been a Disgrace” and also worked on “Former Condoleezza Rice speechwriter: Hyde-Smith’s actions are ‘buffoonish, bad for business”.

Other Work

In addition to being a journalist and columnist, Jordan has also worked as a policy advisor and speechwriter to Rand Raul’s presidential campaign, and during the Bush administration, she was involved in speechwriting. She has also worked for the National Security Council, where she played an important role in press and communications strategy on Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan policies. She has appeared on TV in shows such as “Deadline: White House”, “Weekend Today” and “Morning Joe”. Overall, being a hardworking young lady, Jordan was able to get her own place under the spotlight, and we are sure there is more to come for her career-wise.



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