• Swagkage is a YouTube personality with a net worth of over $1 million
• He began his channel around 2014, focusing on popular anime shows
• His content includes explanations of anime abilities, lore, and concepts, as well as discussions and top 10 lists
• He created a Patreon account to gain earnings but discontinued it after a few months
• He is in a relationship with a woman online and is active on Twitter


Who is Swagkage?

Swagkage – who doesn’t reveal his birth name – was born on 29 April 1998, in the United States of America, and is a YouTube personality, best known for earning popularity through his titular YouTube channel, on which he posts videos about anime. He provides information, opinions and explanations to numerous popular anime shows, which has significantly elevated his popularity.

The Net Worth of Swagkage

How rich is uncover a secret? As of early-2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $1 million, earned through a successful career on YouTube. His online exposure has led him to numerous opportunities, and his foray into anime made him one of the most popular anime centric channels on YouTube. As he continues his endeavors, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

YouTube Beginnings

Very little is known about Swagkage’s childhood and his family. Even details about his education are not known, but what is known is that at a young age he became highly interested in anime, which is animation that originated in or is associated with Japan. The anime industry in Japan is considered one of the largest, with companies such as Studio Ghibli and Toei Animation at the forefront. Earliest Japanese animation dates to the early 1900s, and over the years the art style of anime has steadily improved to where it is today.

Eventually, the fame of these types of animation would reach other countries as well and anime has since become a global phenomenon. He began his channel around 2014, during the time when various types of anime was starting to become mainstream, including the highly popular “Naruto”; the manga turned anime series illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto tells the story of young ninja Naruto Uzumaki, who dreams of becoming the leader of his village.


YouTube Content

Swagkage’s name is inspired by the anime “Naruto”, as it is a combination of the word swag and kage which means shadow in Japanese. In “Naruto”, the word kage is often referenced to one of the five leaders of the ninja countries. His popularity increased significantly when he began posting detailed explanations of anime abilities, lore, and concepts from “Naruto”. During this time, he was still a high school student. He then started expanding to other anime shows as well, including “Dragonball Z”. He did videos about races, techniques, but the main reason for his popularity was his Naruto videos, producing them at a time when “Naruto” was at its peak.

He also had discussions for various anime, and rating videos, including top 10 lists. Eventually he focused more on his content for “Naruto”, and provided videos about the anime on a regular basis. He’s gained over 650,000 subscribers on his channel, and has recently covered the sequel “Boruto” as well, which now focuses on Naruto’s son. His most popular videos include ranking the villain group Akatsuki, explaining the eye abilities like Rinnegan, and ranking the previous hokage.

Going Full Time and Patreon

As his YouTube channel was gaining strong traction, after matriculating from high school Swagkage decided to fully pursue his YouTube career. However, he quickly discovered that it was getting increasingly difficult to gain earnings on YouTube due to the tighter restrictions on monetization, and how easy it is for a video to lose its earning potential. Like many other YouTube personalities, he decided to try his hand at creating a Patreon account – the website is a crowd funding platform that serves as a way for patrons to gain earnings from subscribers directly, while they provide exclusive content.

The platform is very popular for YouTubers, artists, writers, musicians and other content creators who often advertise their work online. Swagkage began with posting a Patreon which allowed users to subscribe to him for a minimum of $1, though he had not yet thought of any exclusive content to give them. Despite that, he gained some supporters which allowed him to earn a bit of money aside from his YouTube earnings. He aimed to have at least $500 per month on Patreon, before he started adding significant rewards to his account. However, the goal was not reached, and after a few months on the website, he decided to discontinue with Patreon.

Personal Life and Social Media

For his personal life, it is known that Swagkage is in a relationship with a woman using the online name konahriik_. Their relationship was confirmed through Twitter, as both of their profiles referenced each other as being in a relationship. They started their relationship some time in 2015, and have been together since, however, very little is known about her aside from the few pictures she showcases on her account.

Swagkage is very active on Twitter, and posts regularly on the website where he promotes his videos and also posts memes for his followers. Despite all of his fame, a lot about him remains a mystery. He has appeared in conventions and has also collaborated with other anime-based YouTubers but keeps his identity a mystery by always wearing a masked ninja outfit inspired by “Naruto”. Due to his fame online, he has often been referenced when it comes to anime-related discussions on “Naruto”, or even “Naruto”-based memes. With the anime community being a passionate one, he has been criticized for being biased when it comes to some of his videos and discussions, particularly those in which he pits two characters who haven’t fought in the anime against each other, with many noting that he always takes a biased standpoint based on the character he likes.

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