• Ellana Bryan is a plus-size model from Cleveland, Ohio
• She moved to Los Angeles to pursue a modelling career, working on photoshoots, hair shows, fashion shows, commercials, and music videos
• Ellana is the founder of the Burger Babes moving restaurant
• She is very active on social media and has a net worth of over $100,000
• Ellana is rumored to be dating someone she met at a photoshoot but has not confirmed the rumors herself.


Ellana Bryan Wiki Biography

Ellana Bryan was born in Cleveland, Ohio USA, on 22 November 1989, so under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and holding American nationality – she is popular for being a plus-size model who has inspired many women to accept their bodies as they are.

Early life and education

Ellana hasn’t shared much about her early life and teenage years with the public, as she prefers to keep these matters to herself. However, she stated that the early years of her life were her hardest, as she was often bullied by other girls because of her size, and had felt so small emotionally and had very little self-esteem.

Ellana avoids talking about her parents, as she is apparently very respectful of their privacy, and is said to be an only child but only because she hasn’t so far mentioned having any siblings.

After she matriculated from high school, Ellana did not enroll at college but rather decided to do odd jobs to be able to support herself – this is before she became a model and began making enough money to not have to work jobs she was not happy with.

Career of a model

When she was ready to pursue her modelling career, Ellana moved to Los Angeles, California from Cleveland where she spent her entire childhood. She decided to become a model out of nowhere, and did it with the goal of encouraging all other plus size women who were not happy with their bodies – it took Ellana a while to get noticed, and to make a name for herself in the industry but she was eventually able to make it.

Ellana Bryan

After her first photoshoots went well, she did shoots for hair shows, fashion shows, and commercials while she was also being featured in several music videos. She did swimsuit photoshoots too – the most popular brand she has posed for is All Haul – the video of her photoshoot can be found on the YouTube channel entitled “AllGoodThingsNetwork”.

Ellana also launched her own online shop entitled “Royalties Art” but it was closed as the business was not going that well.

Burger Babes

Ellana has stated that she is the founder of the Burger Babes moving restaurant – the idea is not originally hers, as it was launched before by Erica Cohen and Lori Barbera, who are both passionate about food and are forever in search of the ‘perfect, quintessential cheeseburger’. The two decided to make their own burgers and drive around the country selling them.

Ellana took the idea from them with small adjustments to fit her and her co-founders’ plus size image. The Ellana’s Burger Babes are currently driving through Los Angeles, selling their delicious burgers, as their customers have stated.

Personal life and relationships

Ellana is a very secretive person as she hasn’t shared any details of her past and present affairs with the public. She appears to be able to talk about any topic, but becomes silent when asked about men.

Ellana is rumored to be dating a man whom she met during one of her photoshoots, as he had the courage to approach her during the shooting, and asked her for a date. The two have reportedly been seen several times walking together in the streets, and although many of Ellana’s fans have stated to have seen them together while holding hands, she is still kind of secretive about it and hasn’t addressed the rumors – some people believe that this is because she is afraid that the relationship might suffer problems if they go public.

As she hasn’t confirmed the rumors herself, Ella is currently single, she hasn’t married, and doesn’t have any kids.

Likes and other interests

Ellana is a huge fan of the outdoors, and doesn’t enjoy spending time indoors at all. She seems to be a big fan of wine, which can be seen in the background of many photos she has uploaded onto her Instagram account. She also seems to love going to parties as she also often uploads pictures from clubs. Even though she is a model, she doesn’t seem to be interested in exercising, but would rather take pictures of herself while eating a cheeseburger. Ellana is not much of an animal person, and is allegedly scared of both dogs and cats.

Ellana’s boobs – real or fake?

Ellana has big breasts which have been the topic of several debates on the internet. One part of her fans think that her breasts are completely natural, while others claim that in order to have the round shape of boobs as Ellana has, you would have to undergo plastic surgery. Ellana seems to enjoy having people debate her breasts, as it is known that she is completely aware of people’s curiosity, but hasn’t commented on the topic; it seems that she has left people to think whatever they want to think.

Appearance and net worth

Ellana is currently 29 years old. She has long brown hair which she dyes blonde, and blue eyes, but her height and weight are unknown.

According to authoritative sources, her current net worth is estimated to be more than $100,000, and is steadily rising thanks to her modelling career.

Social media presence

Ella is very active on several popular social media platforms as this is very important for her modelling career, and for her goal of inspiring plus-size women, and making them value themselves and their bodies more. She launched her Twitter account in July 2015, and has so far gathered nearly 13,000 followers and tweeted over 220 times. Her Instagram account is followed by more than 500,000 people while she has uploaded over 270 pictures onto it – part of her description reads ‘Live fully and love yourself first’. She is also running a Facebook page which is currently followed by more than 120,000 people.

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