• Elliot Harrison is an NFL analyst, born on July 16th 1980 in the US
• He fell in love with football as a kid and attended the University of North Texas
• He became an NFL commentator in 2008 and has worked on more than 1000 games
• He has an Instagram account with more than 10,000 followers and a Twitter profile with close to 250,000 followers
• He is estimated to be worth around $1 million and is unmarried


Who is Elliot Harrison?

Elliot Harrison is one of the most famous American National Football League (NFL) analysts; he doesn’t believe in no-win scenarios. He was born under the astrological sign of Cancer, on 16 July 1980, somewhere in the United States, so has American nationality, his ethnicity is white, and his religion is Christian. He is a big fan of the popular band “Guns’ n Roses”.

Early life and education

He fell in love with American football since he was a kid. His father was a coach for a local football team. As a kid he played football but he never tried to play as a professional. He has had a very pleasant and good childhood. The names of his mother and his father are unknown to the public. He finished both middle school and high school with good grades. His dream was to go to university with a strong football team. He went on to apply and got into the University of North Texas. He finished it in four years.

Professional career as an NFL commentator

Since he didn’t want to play football professionally and make it his primary means of income, he decided to try to become an NFL commentator. His first job was at the FOX Sports Channel, but he quit after a short period. He then applied for the job of a commentator on the famous National Football League, which is broadcast on many channels worldwide (Fox, NBC, BBC, and more). After they reviewed his application they decided to give him a chance, and he initially worked as an intern for a few months, after which he was accepted and started full-time work from 2008. He has since spent more than 10 seasons commentating on more than 1000 games.

Elliot Harrison

Besides commentating, he’s done an incredible amount of interviews of players and coaches who play in the NFL. The public can watch him do a commentary of a game every week, especially on Thursdays in a show called “NFL.com Live: Thursday Night Football”, and watch a lot of these commentaries on the YouTube channel of NFL.com. He has also done some video blogs with various analysts, and some podcasts.  He has also appeared on shows “NFL Network”, “NFL Total Access” and “NFL AM”, and he helps people with his advice on the Fantasy live website, where people pick their own teams and players and compete in leagues. Each week he does an NFL ranking of the teams from number 1 to number 32, called “NFL Power Ranking”; the list changes every week.

Social media

Elliot is a young and modern man so he’s on all the social media you can imagine. He has an Instagram account and a Twitter profile on which he posts a lot of items mostly related to NFL. His Instagram account has more than 10,000 followers and his Twitter profile has a lot more, close to 250,000. He also has a Facebook page called ‘Elliot Harris NFL’, which has around 5,000 likes. He also uses these sites to promote the products of NFL.

Private life

He is currently living in an apartment in the center of Los Angeles. He is a huge ‘Star Trek’ fan and has seen every franchise movie released, and also posts pictures about Star Trek on his social media accounts – his favorite character is Captain Kirk. Besides the “Star Trek” movie, he likes every kind of movie genre. He is also a big food fan, and his favorite is Mexican. His favorite player is Tom Brady, who plays the position of a quarterback in the team New England Patriots.

Net Worth

Authoritative sources estimate that Eliot’s net worth is close to $1 million as of mid-2019, accumulated largely through his work for the NFL. There is no information on his current salary, but he works for a really good company that pays well.

Love life

Elliot has had a pretty turbulent past with relationships. There were rumors that he was cheating on his girlfriend in 2015, but nobody confirmed those rumors. He tweeted in late 2012 that he is not married, but in 2013 in a tweet reply to singer Daniel Jeremiah he said: ‘No words. How am I just now finding out about your music video? Just showed my wife, outstanding performance!’ The assumption was that he married in early 2013, but there is no concrete evidence, and no sign of a lady on his arm.


He is reputedly one of the more handsome analysts in the industry. He is of average height that fits his body nicely, but there is no information on his weight. He has dark brown hair that goes well in contrast to his blue eyes. He apparently has beautiful white teeth.

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