• Fatmir Myla Sinanaj is an American model, singer and adult movie actress, born on 1 January 1987.
• She attended Ellenville High School and worked at the exclusive Gansevoort Hotel Park in New York.
• She gained attention for her brief relationship with Kris Humphries and released a song, "I Am No Angel" in 2013.
• She has an Instagram with almost 2000 followers and a private Twitter with 12,000 followers.
• Her estimated net worth is $650,000 and she owns MSSwimwear, a clothing brand she launched for swimsuits.


Who is Myla Sinanaj?

Fatmir Myla Sinanaj is an American model, singer and adult movie actress, born on 1 January 1987, in Ellenville, New York City, of half American and half Albanian ancestry, so her zodiac sign is Capricorn, her ethnicity is Middle Eastern, and her nationality American.

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Education and childhood

Myla has spent her whole life in Ellenville and New York. Since she was really young she’s enjoyed being photographed, and that is when her love for modeling started. Her mother and her father were supportive of her decision to try and become a model, so after attending Ellenville High School for four years, she didn’t want to apply for any college, as she was keen on trying to develop her modeling career. The first years after her high school were rough, she changed jobs multiple times in a year, finally settling at the exclusive Gansevoort Hotel Park in New York. At the time this job was her main income.

Career and beginnings

After working at the Gansevoort Hotel Park for more than half a year, she met Kris Humphries,  National Basketball Association player who was staying at the hotel for a few nights because of his game. He is Kim Kardashians ex-boyfriend, and that is the main reason why Myla wanted to be with him, saying that she looks just like Kim and that Kris should date her. The two dated for a few months in 2012, attracting enormous attention which was what she had hoped for, so then decided to end the relationship because it was “unhealthy” as she said. However, her attempts at becoming a model and a singer were unsuccessful, so she decided to release a sex tape in 2013; this is her most famous moment. She later quit her job at the hotel and decided to make a song, released in 2013 on iTunes and called “I Am No Angel”.

Myla Sinanaj

Personal Life and drama

Myla has devoted her life to her career, trying variety of jobs, but modeling seems to be the best income for her. She is trying to finance herself and it is going well for her so far. She lives alone in an apartment in New York, and goes out almost every night to the local clubs.  She likes to eat and watch movies of any kind. After ending her relationship with Kris she didn’t get as much attention, so she announced that she was pregnant and that the father is Kris. This was a big shock for the Humphries family and Kris himself. It was a really rough time for him and he was evading the public until everything was resolved. After a while Myla decided to tell the truth, that she wasn’t actually pregnant and that she lied about that. She got a lot of new fans and she got what she wanted again – attention. Kris was not happy about this and he even went as far to sue her but that didn’t happen.

Social media

Myla has both a Twitter and an Instagram account. Her Instagram account has nearly 2000 followers but she hasn’t been active lately. On the other hand her Twitter is booming with about 12,000 followers, but her Twitter profile is private. She posts a variety of things on social media but those are mainly pictures of her. Some people even say that she has mental issues because she only desires more and more attention.

Net Worth

As she has done a lot of modeling in the past years, she has earned a lot of money. Sources estimate that her net worth is close to $650,000, including from her music single, and more recently as the owner of MSSwimwear, which is a clothing brand she launched for swimsuits.


Myla is 5ft 7ins (170cm) tall and weighs about 167lbs (75kg). Her hair color is black and her eyes are dark brown. She likes to dress fashionably and her favorite brand is Prada. She wears high heels almost everywhere she goes.

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