Cree Cicchino

The American actress Cree Cicchino was born on 9th May 2002 in Queens, New York City USA, of half-Italian, half-Ecuadorian ancestry. Cree, who has a twin sister, began dancing at just four years old; aged 11 or 12, her mother enrolled her in acting classes, slowly fostering her love for the creative art which would later turn into a lucrative career.

At just 13 years old, Cree landed a leading role as Babe in “Game Shakers”, a Nickelodeon comedy series that lasted three seasons. In 2015, she also hosted the network’s “Ultimate Halloween Costume Party” and played Fred in “Nickelodeon’s Ho Ho Holiday”.

While playing Babe, Cree did voicework in four episodes of the animated Disney series “Whisker Haven”. She was once again hired to host the 2016 Nickelodeon Halloween special, and a few months later competed in three episodes of game show program “Paradise Run”.

2018 onwards saw the actress pursue slightly more mature roles, starting off with a guest-starring appearance in the sitcom “Me, Myself & I”. In August of the same year, she was cast as Marisol Fuentes in the Netflix comedy “Mr. Iglesias”, which didn’t premiere until June 2019. It followed a good-natured teacher who helped troubled students unlock their full potential; Marisol, his favorite student, was eventually convinced to apply to Stanford University under Iglesias’s guidance. The series was cancelled after two seasons.

Cree wasn’t too bothered by the show’s cancellation, as she was cast in the Netflix action movie “The Sleepover” as Mim, the main character’s best friend. Joe Manganiello, Sadie Stanley and Ken Marino were just some of Cree’s co-stars in the star-studded streaming film, which received average reviews from critics and has a 67% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

In 2021, Cree also portrayed Luisa Torres in season one of the HBO Max series “And Just Like That…”, the controversial “Sex and the City” spin-off. Many viewers felt that the show lacked the original series’ cosmopolitan flair, and were turned off by what they deemed as unnecessary plot twists, such as Mr. Big’s death, and Miranda’s unlikely relationship with non-binary Che. Nevertheless, the streaming platform recently released season two, and a third season is looking likelier than ever.

Cree’s first drama movie, “Stay Awake”, marks Jamie Sisley’s directorial debut and premiered in February 2022 at the 72nd Berlin International Film Festival, where it won the German Art House Cinema award and received a Special Mention for Best Film. Seven months later, Jamie was nominated for the Deauville Grand Special Prize nominee at the 48th Deauville American Film Festival, where the film was also played.

“Stay Awake” follows two adolescent brothers – played by Wyatt Oleff and Fin Argus – as they struggle to navigate their mother’s crippling prescription drug addiction, and typical teenage problems. Cree’s role of Melanie was a minor one in the movie, but her performance was also praised by viewers.

After voicing various characters in episodes of “Robot Chicken” and playing Emily Arlen in season three of the crime thriller series “Big Sky”, Cree is currently waiting on the release of her latest movie, “Turtles All the Way Down”, based on the 2017 John Green novel of the same name.

The romcom stars Isabela Merced, who plays a 16-year-old with obsessive-compulsive disorder, who spends her days investigating the mysterious disappearance of a billionaire. Fox 2000 Pictures – the previous producers of the film adaptations of John’s novels “Paper Towns” and “The Fault in Our Stars” – announced the movie as far back as December 2017, although filming lasted just two months. Although we know that the movie will premiere on HBO Max, no official release date has yet been confirmed.

Personal Life

Many fans of Cree are interested in knowing how the dancer – described by Pop Culturalist publication as “one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actresses” – discovered her love for acting. According to a 2020 interview, it all started as a hobby, and although Cree soon found herself filming full-time in L.A, she didn’t find her passion for the art until 15, when her first job was over and she realized she wanted to continue.

“My early days at my first job on Nickelodeon have influenced my career a lot,” Cree confessed. “It was strange in retrospect… I’m grateful for all of it.”

With over two million Instagram followers, Cree has a sizeable platform which she uses to educate others on important issues. However, she shies away from the label of “activist”, and once said: “I simply try and amplify the teachings and resources that I’ve found in the generosity of people who know more than me.”

In July 2022, the “Game Shakers” star subtly denounced Idaho, Florida, and other states that criminalize gender-affirming healthcare for trans youth, a cause that she champions fervently via her social media platforms. In a poignant Instagram post, Cree included tips and pointers on how to best support trans people (including using the right pronouns and following trans creators).

January of the same year saw the Netflix alum speak with activist Monique Melton about Black liberation, anti-racism, and other pressing topics related to race – and in December 2021, she collaborated with non-profit organization Innocence Project to discuss how to prevent and reveal wrongful convictions in New York. Kevin Richardson of the Exonerated Five was part of the panel, as well as the charity’s Director of Policy, Rebecca Brown.

However, Cree’s social work doesn’t end there. The actress is also interested in ending child marriage, seeking justice for African-American police brutality victims, and a myriad of other causes which, although she’s stopped promoting so heavily on Instagram, she is still involved in behind the scenes.

Moving on to the actress’s dating history, Cree was reportedly dating actor Jace Norman in 2018. The rumors began circulating online when their on-screen characters went on a date in “Game Shakers”; however, the New Yorker later cleared the air, confirmed that they were just friends.

Valentine’s Day 2020 saw the actress go viral for her staged proposal pics in front of the castle at Disneyland. Actor Jaheem Tombs was photographed getting down on one knee and placing a ring on an ecstatic Cree: however, the engagement was set up by the friends for entertainment purposes. Since then, Cree has yet to mention any love interests or possible partners.

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