Who is Finn Cole?

Being connected to a famous person may be both an advantage and a curse, but Finn Cole appears to be among the fortunate ones. Not only did his brother’s reputation help him gain recognition, but his brother also aided in getting him his first significant part. Finn was cast as Michael Gray in “Peaky Blinders”, one of today’s most popular television shows.

This role led to Finn’s role as Joshua Cody in the series “Animal Kingdom”, one of his most notable roles to date. To movie lovers, he’s perhaps known best for his role as Eugene Evans in “Dreamland”.

To learn more about Finn Cole, his life, and his journey to success, stay with us.

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Early life, family, education

Born Finlay Lewis J. Cole under the zodiac sign of Scorpio on 9 November 1995, he’s aged 27 as of August 2023. A native of Kingston, London, England, he holds British nationality. He was raised by his parents alongside his four brothers – the eldest, Joe, is the one who helped him with his acting career.

Although as a boy Finn wanted to work with his father on boats, subsequently, he wanted to become an actor just like his big brother. Joe studied acting at the National Youth Theatre, and later his career blossomed. He is a British Independent Film-awarded actor, who also starred in “Peaky Blinders”. Joe guided Finn to follow in his footsteps and the two occasionally act together.

When it comes to Finn’s educational background, he attended a local high school where he played rugby, and upon matriculating in 2013, he didn’t go to college but pursued his acting career.

Acting career

Finn made his acting debut as Riot Boy in the 2012 action crime-drama “Offender”, starring his brother, Joe Cole. Two years later, Finn landed the role of Michael Gray in “Peaky Blinders”, starring Cillian Murphy, Sophie Rundle, and Paul Anderson. From 2014 through 2022, Finn made an appearance in 27 episodes of this crime drama which followed the story of the boss, Tommy Shelby, and his gangster family. The show had 53 award nominations and 22 wins, including the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Award for Best Drama Series. Finn’s brother, Joe, played John Shelby.

In one of his interviews, Finn said that one of the best things about shooting the series was working with great actors, such as Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy, his childhood idols.

Concurrently, Finn was cast to play Eric Birling in the 2015 TV movie “An Inspector Calls”, a crime drama that won the Broadcasting Press Guild Award for Best Single Drama. In the following year, Finn was cast to play Joshua ‘J’ Cody in the series “Animal Kingdom”, and through 2022, Finn was seen in 75 episodes of this crime drama, centered on a Southern California family known for its criminal activities and excessive lifestyle.

Finn played one of the main protagonists, a boy who grew up with his mother, Julia, who sadly died of a heroin overdose, and was he was then taken by his mother’s family. He finds himself suddenly surrounded by a bunch of men, his uncles Deran, Pope, Craig, and Baz who ends up being Joshua’s biological father – Joshua tries to fit in with his uncles’ crazy lifestyle.

Also starring Shawn Hatosy, Jake Weary and Ben Robson, the show  had four award nominations, including the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films/ Saturn Award for Best Action/Thriller Television Series.

Concurrently with his roles in “Peaky Blinders” and “Animal Kingdom”, Finn played Don Wallace in the 2018 horror “Slaughterhouse Rulez”, followed by his role as Eugene Evans in the 2019 western drama “Dreamland”, starring opposite Margot Robbie in this story about a teenage bounty hunter, whose life takes an unexpected twist.

In 2020, Finn was seen starring as Joseph Kearney in the drama “Here Are the Young Men”, which had four award nominations and one win. Finn followed with his role as Young Jacob in the 2021 action drama “F9: The Fast Saga”, starring Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez. This sequel about Dom and the crew had 12 award nominations and two wins, however, it was poorly rated by the audience (5.2/10).

This was Finn’s most recent movie role, but that’s not all – he’ll be seen starring in the announced movie entitled “Locked In”, which is currently in development. To give you a sneak peek, it’s a horror, and Finn’s co-stars are Anna Friel and Famke Janssen.

Love life and relationships

Since his name has made the headlines, Finn has been the subject of various speculations about his love life, and even his sexual orientation has been questioned. Finn is quite secretive when it comes to his personal life, and hasn’t commented on these rumors. One of them, saying that he’s in a secret relationship with the actress Margot Robbie, attracted the most attention.

However, neither Finn nor Margot commented about these assumptions, so it’s assumed that they had only an on-screen match-up. Finn’s Instagram account also doesn’t reveal much about his personal life, as he posts photos mostly related to his work.

As of August 2023, it seems that Finn is single; he hasn’t been married or engaged, and doesn’t have children.

How rich is Finn Cole?

Finn Cole is one of those celebrities who entered the world of show business almost accidentally and immediately caught the eye of the audience and critics. If given the chance and the role that will catapult his career to new heights, many well-known critics predicted that Finn would demonstrate his amazing skill, and rank among Hollywood’s finest actors. He already has an army of his followers online; his Instagram account has been followed by over one million people, while his Twitter has gained nearly 120,000 followers.

So far, thanks to his talent he’s gained fame, andso , Finn has earned a decent amount of money. According to sources, as of August 2023, his net worth has been estimated at over $2 million.

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