• Aleksandr Tchernev-Marchant was born in Vladivostok, Russia
• He studied graphic design in college before becoming a YouTuber
• Aleks is part of the YouTube team "CowChop" with partner UberHaxorNova
• Aleks is in a relationship with Saskia Loost, a former latin and ballroom dancer
• Aleks has an estimated net worth of $750,000


ImmortalHD is the YouTube personality who is known for being a part of the group of YouTubers called “The Creatures”. He has managed to keep his fame even after leaving the team, and has created his own entertaining project called “CowChop” which is very popular now on YouTube. Let’s find out more about ImmortalHD’s Russian background, age, girlfriend and net worth.


Early life, family

Aleksandr “ImmortalHD” Tchernev-Marchant was born on 1 September 1992 in Vladivostok, Russia. His biological father’s name is Vitaliy, but his mother’s name is unavailable. Being born in a city at the border of Russia and China, Aleksandr spent his early years witnessing the hard life of workers in Vladivostok, which is noted for its fishing business, but in the ‘90s the quality of life in the country was very low, poor. Children who had no parents (and lived in orphanages) or were taken away from families who couldn’t provide their children an acceptable level of up-bringing up, even food, were adopted by people from such countries as the US, Canada and some others. Aleks was eight years old when his mother decided to take him away from this area where people were killed right in the streets, and the life was really dangerous. Nothing is known about his father’s destiny, it’s only known that Aleks’ mother moved to America, married there and Aleks was adopted by his stepfather. Some years later his mother died (Aleks never disclosed the reasons of her death), and he stayed with his new stepfamily. He almost forgot the Russian language, and can only understand it briefly, and is hardly able to speak any. His new family lived in Templeton, Massachusetts, but later they all moved to Denver, Colorado.


Aleks attended a local high school in Templeton, and after matriculating entered college to study graphic design, very popular in the era of rising interest in computers and programming in general, Aleks was also inspired to work in this sphere. Though he tried to obtain a degree, he suddenly felt that he was losing his interest, and quit college, deciding to become a YouTuber.


YouTube career

Aleks created his YouTube channel on 10 December 2008, at first mostly uploading videos related to the game called “Minecraft”. When his channel became popular and achieved a million subscribers and almost 100 million view of his videos, his profile was hacked and all his videos were deleted from the channel. His friend Slyfoxhound, who a member of the YouTube group “the Creatures”, gave a helping hand to Aleks, asking his viewers to visit Aleks’ channel and subscribe to it once again since he was cyber attacked. The channel recovered the subscribers, and Aleks worked hard to get all the videos back to his profile, but recently he has stopped uploading new content, being focused on his another channel.

His new channel “CowChop” was created by Aleks along with his friend and another YouTuber, UberHaxorNova – real name James. In their team they also have an editor who helps them with special effects, Mr.JoeExtreme, whose real name is Joe. The channel was created on 26 February 2016, and the first video was uploaded a month afterwards. It now has almost a million followers, and over 1,200 videos were uploaded during these three years of the channel existing. Aleks and James work hard, uploading videos on daily basis. They have four sections on that channel which are in fact various series called “CCTV” (a series of podcasts), “Behind the Chop” (a series of bloopers and backstage moments), “Amazon Prime Time” (a series about various things one can buy on Amazon and their detailed overview) and “Wrong Side of YouTube” (a series of entertaining videos on various hot topics). Their most popular video called “Snug Love Tunnel” has attracted more than two million views.

Before creating his “CowChop” channel, Aleks became popular when he entered the group of YouTubers called “The Creatures” back in 2014. First it looked as a joke, but later the members of the group submitted his membership and took Aleks to the team. He was a member of “The Creatures” for around two years, and then left on 28 April 2016, explaining his leaving as his only way due to some creative differences between his point of view and other members of the team.


UberHaxorNova is the YouTube partner of Aleks, who works with him on their channel “CowChop”, and is a well-known YouTube personality. His real name is James Wilson, and he was also once a member of “The Creatures” at the same time as Aleks. He has his personal channel which has more than three million subscribers, created on 4 April 2008, and has uploaded more than 6,000 videos and accumulated almost two billion views. James’ general net worth as of April 2019 is estimated to be around $660,000 – he earns around $10,500 monthly only from his personal channel, while he has extra income from the channel “CowChop” which they divide in half between himself and Aleks.

Personal life, girlfriend Saskia Loost

Aleks is dating his girlfriend Saskia Loost, a former latin and ballroom dancer who challenged for junior dancing championships when she was around 10 years old, and lived in Tallinn, Estonia, dancing in a pair with her brother, Siim Loost. As for now, she has an Instagram account with more than 5,000 followers on which she mostly posts glamorous selfies with Instagram filters and masks. She almost never shares any photos with Aleks, though he posted their photo on St. Valentine’s day, letting his fans know he’s not single on this special day. Nothing is known about an engagement or wedding – it seems like they just date. It’s known for sure that they don’t have any kids.

Hobbies and interests

Aleks loves fishing, and can play the guitar, sharing that he really enjoys this process. He used to be a bass player in the band “Stuck in Your Radio” which was created with another YouTuber – Slyfoxhound, but some years ago the band broke-up. When he was younger, he liked playing baseball, but all in all, Aleks is not a fan of sports. He is a cat lover and a dog lover, and has a Keeshond called Mishka and a cat called Celia. Aleks likes drinking vodka, admitting that it is the only thing that helps him to feel his Russian roots.

Social media presence

Aleks has a personal YouTube channel which has more than 1.2 million subscribers, created on 10 December 2008, and on which Aleks has shared almost 400 videos. He also has a Twitter account which is read by more than 365,000 followers and on which he is very active, communicating with his fans and announcing his live stream on Twitch. As for Twitch, he has a channel there which is followed by more than 280,000 viewers, and when Aleks goes live he is usually watched by almost 3,000 at a time. He also has an Instagram account which is followed by more than 156,000 subscribers, and a profile on Facebook which is followed by around 50,000fans but on which he’s not very active.


Ales has naturally dark-brown hair which he dyes blonde, so his hair is yellow for the moment. Due to his haircut, he is often compared to Ellen DeGeneres, and he suffers a lot from that comparison since it became a meme about him. His eyes, are dark-brown.  In order to show some respect to his motherland, Aleks liked to wear red T-shirts with the symbol of the USSR – a hammer and a sickle, but has switched to simple casual clothes. He prefers to wear T-shirts so people can see his tattooed arms, all over his hands, arms and shoulders – he also has a big tattoo of an eagle on his chest. Aleks is 5ft 10ins (1.78m) tall and weighs around 154lbs (70kgs). His vital statistics are not available at the moment.

Net worth

According to authoritative sources, Aleks’ net worth is based on the income he gets from his YouTube channel “CowChop”, and he and James have around $750,000 of general net worth. Aleks used to get money from his personal channel “ImmortalHD”, but it was hacked and for the moment its general net worth is estimated to be only around $8,000 – Aleks doesn’t upload new videos on it anymore. Aleks also has another source of income which is sales of merchandise such as T-shirt and hats with the logotype of their channel “CowChop”. Aleks and James are consistent in their work on their YouTube channel so their net worth will very likely grow, assuming that their channel won’t be hacked again.

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