• Jacelyn Reeves is an ex-lover of Clint Eastwood and mother of his two children, Kathryn and Scott.
• She has a net worth of over $3 million.
• She was born into a family of mixed ancestry and worked as a flight attendant.
• She met Clint Eastwood at the Hog’s Breath Inn in the 80s.
• Her two children, Scott and Kathryn, are both successful actors and models.


Who is Clint Eastwood’s Ex-Lover, Jacelyn Reeves?

Jacelyn Reeves was born on 21 December 1951 – which means that her zodiac sign is Sagittarius and that she is 66 years old now – in Seattle, Washington State USA, and is best known as an ex-lover of Clint Eastwood, a renowned Hollywood actor, and who bore him two children, a daughter named Kathryn and a son named Scott. Speaking about her background, she was born into a family of mixed ancestry, having German, Irish, Welsh and Dutch blood running in her veins.

Net Worth

So just how rich is Jacelyn Reeves? According to authoritative sources, she has net worth of over $3 million, with her wealth being accumulated from her career as a flight attendant, and presumably from alimony from Eastwood. However, the information regarding her assets, such as cars and houses isn’t disclosed. Being a flight attendant, Reeves must have had a good salary, and she is definitely financially stable today, as both of her children are successful in their professions.

Early Life and Education, Parents and Body Measurements

We don’t have much information regarding Reeves’ early life, including about her parents, however, we know that she grew up in Seattle, where she went to high school. In addition to looking stunning at the age of 66, certainly a carryover from her young days as well, which was one of the reasons why she captured the attention of the famous actor. Speaking about Jacelyn’s body measurements, she is 5 ft 5 ins (164cms) tall, and her weight is around 135 lbs (65 kgs). She dyes her hair blonde, and is of Caucasian ethnicity.


Jacelyn used to work as a flight attendant, which can be both interesting but tiring too, and some of her responsibilities in that position included attending preflight briefings on details regarding the flight, assisting in preparing the cabin, communicating with the passengers and demonstrating the use of emergency and safety equipment provided in the airplane, as well as serving and selling meals, snacks and beverages. Besides that, the mentioned job requires ensuring that all of the passengers have their seatbelts fastened and reassuring them during the flight, when the possibility of turbulence occurs. To conclude, as a flight attendant, she played a significant role. Reportedly, besides working in the mentioned position, Jacelyn hasn’t had any other jobs.

Private Life

Reeves rose to fame when she began dating the worldwide acclaimed actor and filmmaker, Clint Eastwood, during the ‘80s. According to sources, the couple met at the Hog’s Breath Inn, during one of Clint’s “womanizing” periods, as sources close to him have stated. From that relationship, Reeves has a son named Scott Eastwood, born Scott Reeves in 1986, and a daughter named Kathryn Eastwood, also born under the last name Reeves, in 1988. Both of the children initially had birth certificates that said “father declined”. However, Eastwood’s relationship with Jacelyn wasn’t widely known until the article about Reeves was published in “Star” in 1990, and in which she said “Some family members tell me to file a paternity suit against Clint, but I don’t want to” and  the children that she bore him stayed unacknowledged for more than a decade after that occasion. Jacelyn still resides in Los Angeles.


Reeves’ children Kathryn and Scott were “declined” by their father, however, their mother did a good job raising them to become successful and financially stable. Scott, who is now 31, is a fairly well-known actor and a model, who has appeared in movies such as “Diablo” and “Snowden”, and gained recognition thanks to his talent, and not to his father’s support, whereas her daughter Kathryn is also active in the acting world, as she has appeared in projects such as “Thick Water”, “Jersey Boys” and “Virus of the Dead”. Jacelyn’s children are on good terms with their father as of today, and he has expressed his support and pride towards them several times, however, he didn’t help them rise to fame. Until a few years ago, Scott worked as a bartender based in San Diego, and only had dreams and aspirations to become an actor. His father didn’t intervene in his career, and Scott stated that it was “probably the best thing he could have done for him”, in one interview with “The Sunday People”. In addition to that, the young actor stated “He could have made it easy but I wouldn’t have learnt anything from that”.

Kathryn has been in the film industry only since 2014, but is apparently well-regarded by audiences and directors, and has appeared in notable films including ‘Jersey Boys’, ‘House Slave’, ‘Candles’, ‘Virus of the Dead’ and the soon to be released ‘Banned, Exploited & Blacklisted: The Underground Work of Controversial Filmmaker Shane Ryan’.

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