• Jason Gastrow aka Dunkey is a 28 year-old gamer, commentator, comedian and online celebrity
• Gained fame on YouTube for gaming videos, especially related to "League of Legends"
• Moved often as a child, which helped him develop his unique style of humor
• Created YouTube channel in 2010, expanded thematic range of videos
• Currently has 5.4 million subscribers and a net worth of close to $2 million


Who is Jason Gastrow aka Dunkey?

Jason Gastrow, better known as his online alias videogamedunkey or just Dunkey, was born on the 30th January 1991, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA. He is a 28 year-old gamer, commentator, comedian and online celebrity, who became famous on YouTube for his gaming videos and other content, especially that related to the video game “League of Legends”. His career has been active since 2010.

Jason Gastrow Bio: Early Life

Speaking about his childhood, Jason displayed a very particular sense of humor from a young age, often described to be partly sarcastic, partly crude and partly surreal. As it turns out, his unique style of humor really helped him growing up; his family moved often, forcing Jason to frequently change schools, and it was his humor that enabled him to make friends everywhere he would go.

At the age of 12, he started making flash animations via website “Newgrounds”; he has always had a love for gaming and comedy, and it was through online games that he met his future friend and collaborator Dion Andersen, known in the gaming community as PaperBatVG or PBat. It was Dion who convinced Jason to post some of his original content on YouTube, so he launched his first YouTube channel when he was 15. He would go on to post a number of comedic shorts, often featuring existing footage from various television shows and movies. In 2008, while still in high school, he created his second channel called “Meatwadsprite”; the videos on his new channel were similar in content to his previous ones, except for featuring Jason himself and his friends more prominently.

Jason Gastrow


Having matriculated from high school, Jason enrolled at Marquette University in his hometown of Milwaukee, studying business economics and administration. It was at the University that Jason met his current girlfriend Leah Bee, who was studying to become a doctor. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding whether Jason got his degree or dropped out to concentrate on his blossoming YouTube career.


Despite having original and funny content, neither of Jason’s first two channels became popular on YouTube. However, in 2010 he decided to start another one, this time focusing on combining his two passions – comedy and video games. He named this channel “videogamedunkey”, the last part of which would become his famous online alias. The first video Jason aka Dunkey posted on his new channel featured various, usually older video games and his commentary of his strategy. It was his witty, sarcastic, often crude but always funny commentary that brought him his first glimpse of fame. He would go on to play an impressive number of different games, before deciding to film himself playing the hugely popular online game “League of Legends”. After that, he went on to steadily post “League of Legends”-related content, which significantly increased his online fame and his number of followers.

Rise to Fame

As his fame grew, so did the amount of work needed to regularly upload his videos. However, all the hard work paid off eventually, as Dunkey became one of the most popular “League of Legends” streamers. In June 2014, he reached an impressive number of a million subscribers, but unfortunately that same year “Riot Games”, the creators of “League of Legends”, banned Dunkey from the game permanently, after he verbally abused another player in one of the games. After that, Dunkey asked “Riot” to lift his ban on account of all the free promotion of the game that he did throughout his numerous videos, but the game company refused and it marked the end of his “League of Legends” videos.

However, this turned out to be good for Jason in the long run. Even though “League of Legends” was the reason he gained popularity in the first place, with it gone he was able to focus more on his other interests. He expanded the thematic range of his videos, and was thus able to attract a wider range of audience, further increasing his online following. As of recently, Dunkey’s channel includes reviews of movies and video games beside his standard comedic video game commentary, and his net worth is still rising.

Personal Life

Speaking about Jason’s personal life, he started dating his fiancé Leah Bee while they were both students at Marquette University. When they realized they shared a passion for videogames, Leah started helping Jason with his YouTube videos, especially with the editing part. At one point she created her own channel entitled “xLeahbee” which features vlogs, challenge videos, various food related content etc. The couple got engaged in October 2017, and moved in together shortly after. They currently reside in Milwaukee.

Net Worth

Thanks to his unique style of humor, Jason became one of the most popular gaming YouTube stars and transformed his passion for gaming into a fruitful career. He has been uploading videos for more than a decade now, which has enabled him to acquire a net worth of close to $2 million. Taking into account how well his channel is currently doing, his overall wealth should be in a steady upward movement.

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Social Media

Jason’s main channel “videogamedunkey” currently has more than 5.4 million subscribers, and his videos have been viewed more than two billion times over the last nine years. His fiancé’s channel “xLeahbee” has more than 230,000 subscribers. Besides this, Jason also owns a Twitter account which has garnered more than 750,000 followers over the years, and which he uses to promote his content, and share his views on upcoming games and movies.

Appearance and Physical Characteristics

When it comes to his physical characteristics, the YouTube star is 5ft 10ins (1.77m) tall. Regarding his weight, Jason has undergone several body transformations, at one point weighing around 220lbs (100kgs). However, he has since lost weight and now weighs around 187lbs (85kgs). He has curly, medium-length brown hair and brown eyes and wears glasses.

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