• Jessica Wilde is a Canadian tattoo artist, model, and writer.
• She became a sought-after model after attending only a couple of photoshoots.
• She has an Instagram account with nearly 900,000 followers.
• She launched her own tattoo studio called “Inked Cosmetics” in 2017.
• She has an estimated net worth of $300,000.


Jessica Wilde Wiki Bio

Jessica was born in Canada on 2 September 1988, so under the zodiac sign of Virgo and holding Canadian nationality – she is popular for her career of a tattoo artist, while she is also a model, and a writer who works for “Inked Magazine”.

Early life and education

Jessica is very secretive when it comes to her early life as she prefers to keep her personal matters to herself but has on one occasion shared her story with the public. Although she doesn’t say a lot about her parents, her fans have stated that they have not been in good relations ever since she became pregnant.

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As she doesn’t talk about having any siblings, she is rumored to be an only child. She noticed that she was gaining weight while attending eighth grade of elementary school, and her peers were bullying her because of that. Her daily intake of sugar was very high, and she knew she needed to make some changes. She was around 13 when she had the first tattoo inked on her body, that of a little butterfly. She kept gaining weight as the years went by, and the bullying continued during her high school years. She wasn’t getting along with anyone, and Jessica found comfort in drinks and food.

Her grades were not very satisfying either, and after she matriculated from high school, she didn’t enroll at college but rather married and became a mom.

Career of a model and a tattoo artist

Jessica began working on herself after she divorced her husband at the age of 21, when she was 180lbs (81kgs) which is a lot for her height of 5ft 4ins (1.62m). She had an eating disorder and unhealthy habits, and she then decided to turn her life around, and started going to the gym. She started exercising at a local gym but it was not enough as she still wasn’t mentally ready to change, and was still not eating healthily – she decided to get a personal trainer, and to dedicate all her free time to change her life for the better.

She exercised every day, started lifting weights and gaining muscle, began to eat healthily, and soon began to see improvements which motivated her to try even harder. Today, she goes to the gym 6/7 days per week and lifts weights two to three of those days, while doing cardio almost every day – she has managed to lose close to 60lbs, over 25kgs in two years.

Thanks to her Instagram account, in 2015 she was invited for her first photoshoot by a modelling scout. She became a sought-after model after attending only a couple of these shoots, and has since travelled to the UK and the US to attend shoots, and numerous tattoo conventions.

She has been featured on several cover pages of popular tattoo magazines including “Tattoo Energy”, “Tattoo Life”, “Tattoo Society”, and “Inked Magazine”. Today, she is one of the most popular tattoo models in both the US and Canada.

Jessica is a writer as well, and is contributing to “Inked Magazine” – her column is entitled “Wilde About Sex” in which she advises women about what to do and not do during sex. She has also hosted the Xbiz Award Show, which is organized every year in Miami, and she’s also working on her YouTube channel – she launched it in August 2014 and there are currently nearly 65,000 people subscribed to it, while it also counts nearly three million views of all her videos combined.

Jessica Wilde

On the channel, she mostly uploads vlogging videos with her humorous comments, while she also gives advice on fitness and nutrition. Being in love with tattoos and having many of them inked onto her body, Jessica opened her own tattoo studio called “Inked Cosmetics” at the beginning of 2017, and she currently serves as the face and host of the “Cover Girl Competition”, organized by the “Inked Magazine”.

Love life and relationships

Jessica’s love life is not a great and wonderful story. She married when she was 19 and gave birth to their baby before she turned 20 – they divorced after she turned 21.

Not a lot is known about her love life after her divorce, as she prefers not to share her personal matters with the public. She was allegedly dating a mysterious man who helped her fight through that hardest period of her life, and who encouraged her to continue exercising, while also helping her with her baby – they are rumored to have split in 2017 although remaining on good terms, but none of this has been confirmed by Jessica.

Rumor has it that Jessica is currently dating a man who goes to the same gym as her, and that they first met in July 2018 – they went on their first date in September, and have been together ever since – again, none of this has been confirmed by the popular model and tattoo artist.

Judging by her social media accounts and her own statements, Jessica is currently single, she has married and divorced once, and has a son who is now ten years old.

Hobbies and other interests

Jessica loves to travel which is one of the reasons why she enjoys her modelling career, as it allows her to travel to numerous destinations without having to pay for it because she’s working at the same time. She likes being in nature – forests, climbing mountains, and anything which seems to represent a challenge for her. She loves posing for the camera, and it’s not only work for her but is also her passion.

She loved going to parties when she was younger, but now doesn’t enjoy it as much– however, when she decides to go partying, she always has a great time. She is not a stranger to alcohol, as she can apparently drink a lot of it without even getting tipsy. Jessica is also a lover of animals, and has a pet dog whose name is not known.

Appearance and net worth

Jessica is currently 30 years old.

She has long brown hair and blue eyes, is 5ft 4in (1.62m) tall, and weighs around 120lbs (54kgs) while her vital statistics are not known. According to authoritative sources, as of early 2020 her net worth is estimated to be more than $300,000, and is steadily rising thanks to the numerous things she is currently working on.

Social media presence

Jessica is very active on several popular social media platforms, as this is very important for her image and her modelling career.

She launched her Twitter account in May 2010 with a short caption reading ‘Model, Host, Writer, Awkward’ – she is currently followed by nearly 75,000 people, while she’s tweeted more than 4,100 times. Her Instagram account is followed by nearly 900,000 people, and she’s uploaded more than 460 pictures onto it – she is also running a Facebook page which currently has over 80,000 fans.

She has her own website as well, on which you can read a bit about her, check the gallery for her pictures, find links to her social media accounts, and contact her in case you have any questions or suggestions.

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