Jon Ossoff has been dating Alisha Kramer for a long time; as he often mentions in his interviews and Instagram posts he’s lucky to have her on his side, since he’s a well-known young politician, and needs to feel constant support from his family to overcome the difficulties at work. Alisha is his longtime girlfriend, they’ve been dating since they both were 18, so she seems to know all the underwater rocks Jon had to face during his political career. Let’s find out more about Alisha, her early years, family, hobbies and relationship with one of the youngest politicians in the USA.

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Early life, family

Unfortunately, there’s not much proper information about Alisha’s family and early life. All is known about her childhood is that she was probably born in Atlanta, Georgia, just as Jon Ossoff. She is a bit younger than Jon is, so she might be around 30 years old as of 2019. Nothing is known about her parents; neither Alisha nor Jon ever mentioned any siblings of her.


Alisha matriculated from Paideia School, an independent pre K-12 school in Druid Hills, Georgia in 2008. She then attend a medical school, which prevented the couple from living inside Georgia’s 6th Congressional District when Jon started his political campaign for a House seat. The plan was to wait until Alisha finished her medical training, and then Jon could move back to Georgia to live where his voters live. In 2010, she attended the Danish Institute in a study abroad program, then continued in Georgetown University from which she graduated in 2012 with a BS in Biology, global health. Then she entered Emory University School of Medicine, studying Obstetrics and Gynecology, and graduating in 2018 with her Doctor of Medicine degree.

Alisha Kramer and Jon Ossoff


When Alisha studied in Georgetown University, she also worked in an immunology laboratory of the university as a research assistant. Being an honors student, she had an opportunity take part in advanced researches and to study Giardia lamblia infection and the host immune response to this parasite.

Alisha now works as a research assistant and a program co-ordinator for the CSIS Global Health Policy Center. Among her responsibilities there are such activities as working on global health issues which include tuberculosis, women’s health, HIV/AIDS. Alisha is very profound in her organizational activities, and has organized several research trips, to  Ethiopia, Switzerland and Botswana. She’s also participated in several Congressional staff delegations to Zambia and other countries of Southern Africa. She is the co-author to several CSIS publications on such themes as US PEPFAR programs and HIV/AIDS, also on women’s reproductive health and US engagement with multilateral institutions in the sphere of global health.\

Health campaigns, publications

In 2013 Impatient Optimists, which is Bill Gates’ and his wife Melinda’s foundation, searching for innovative solutions to global problems, published two essays which Alisha co-wrote in collaboration with her working partner, Janet Fleischman, who is also a senior associate with CSIS’ Global Health Policy Center. The first essay advocates for the US to enlarge the investment in the sphere of women’s global health. The second shares her opinion on family planning programs; she and her working partner claim that these programs are important for such developing countries as Ethiopia.

Alisha and her colleague Preetha Nandi testified before Georgia’s State Senate against the abortion ban, claiming thatwomen must be empowered to make their own healthcare decisions.

Hobbies and interests

As for hobbies, Alisha is well-known for her passion for ultimate frisbee. She participated in College Women’s Ultimate Resources Manual project contributing her article “Why Play Ultimate?” in which she shared her attitude to the sport and the community in general, saying it was joyful contentment, supported challenges, and embraced community. She also explained what benefits one can get playing active sports, and ultimate frisbee in particular. Alisha is also a former gymnast and a basketball player.

Personal life

The only thing that is known for sure is that Alisha is now married to Jon Ossoff – they became engaged on 5 May 201, having dated for more than 12 years No photos or news appeared in the media when they did it, so it’s hard to find the precise date when Alisha became Mrs Ossoff, but Jon posted a photo on his Instagram account on 21 March 2019 in which he called Alisha Kramer his wife.

Alisha started dating Jon Ossoff when they both were studying at Georgetown University and were around 18 years old. Jon always supported Alisha in her medical and social activities: ‘I’m a mile and a half down the street to support Alicia while she finishes medical school. In fact, I’m proud to be supporting her career’, Jon shared in one of his interviews with The Hill.

Who is Jon Ossoff?

Thomas Jonathan Ossoff was born on 16 February 1987 in Atlanta, Georgia USA, was raised at Northlake, and matriculated from  Paideia School, a private independent school in Atlanta. He got an internship with civil rights leader and Georgia congressman John Lewis while he was still attending his high school. Jon subsequently graduated from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service with a BSc, then with a Master of Economics from the London School of Economics in 2013.

When he was campaigning for the congressional post in 2017, Alisha followed him to every event Jon participated in or organized. Jon narrowly failed to win a seat, though he is still an active politician. He is also the CEO of Insight TWI, an investigative media production company, and a producer of several documentaries such as “Stacey Dooley: Face to face with ISIS“ (2018).

Social media presence

Alisha has an Instagram account which is closed to random readers and has only 267 approved subscribers. Jon Ossoff often mentioned her in his posts on his Instagram account, promoting her charity and political activity. She also has a Facebook page but it looks abandoned since she doesn’t add any new posts or photos there. Since Jon failed to get a House seat in 2017, one can notice that his Instagram account was only active when his political campaign took place. Nevertheless, he is very active in his Twitter account which has more than 112,000 readers.


Alisha has middle length dark brown hair and brown eyes. There’s no precise information about her height, weight or vital statistics, though one can see she’s not very tall and has a slim body. When she appears with Jon, they always hold hands, and she always smiles.

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Net worth

Both Alisha and Jon keep their net worth lowkey. They never reported any of their possessions or numbers regarding their incomes, Though according to authoritative sources, Alisha has over $100,000, as her career has only recently begun. It’s clear that Jon’s net worth has increased in the recent years, estimated at over $300,000 as of early 2019.

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