• Josefine Forsberg is a fitness trainer and model from Sweden
• Her mother is named Catrin, and she has a younger brother named Anton
• She is in a long-term relationship with fitness male model Alexander Shirpey
• Hobbies include working out, yoga, meditation, and spending time in Bali and India
• Net worth estimated at $400,000

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DiedOctober 3, 2011, Chicago, Illinois, United States
SpouseRolf Forsberg

Josefine Forsberg is a fitness trainer and a fitness model from Sweden, who managed to obtain fame on Instagram, and used the platform as a good start of her modelling career. Now she has contracts with the best known and important model agencies in the world, from the USA to Spain. Let’s find out more details on her current boyfriend, age, height, net worth, etc.

Early life, family

Josefine Forsberg was born under the sign of Aquarius on 2 February 1994. in Sweden. Little is known about her family and childhood since Josefine prefers to keep her private life low-key; it is only known that her mother’s name is Catrin, and Josefine has a brother named Anton, who is several years younger than her. There is no information about her father – she hasn’t revealed his name, age or occupation. Josefine was interested in modelling from her childhood, though she didn’t really understand that she wanted to model. She mentioned she always loved to look at her own pictures, and taking photos of herself became her passion. That was the beginning of her long way to professional modelling.


Nothing is known about her education for the moment. Josefine most likely matriculated from her high school in 2012 and started thinking over her future career. There is no information about any higher education.


Josefine started to train and build the body of her dreams to start her modelling career, and have more chances to be noticed by major agencies. She also started posting her photos on her Instagram account and managed to attract an impressive amount of followers. Finally, she was noticed by model agencies and got her first offers from them. She signed her contract with Major Models, an agency based in Milan, Italy, but working around the world from North America to Europe. She also attracted the attention of such model agencies as Bar Refaeli, Gisele Fox and Marjan Jonkman, and signed contract after contract with more offers from model agencies.

Josefine began travelling, and felt a bit lonely without her family, but her work was everything she dreamt of, so she managed to deal with her feelings. She later signed even more contracts, with Body & Soul Model Agency (Germany), Stockholmsgruppen Models (Sweden) and Fleming Models (Spain). She was also noticed and invited by Base Model Agency (South Africa) as a unique pale-skinned model with bright blue eyes.

While attaining the body of her dreams, Josefine eventually became a personal trainer herself, taking special courses and obtaining the certificate of a professional personal trainer. Her popularity allowed her to travel around the globe to the destinations she had always wanted to visit: she worked in Paris, France, was invited to participate in a project in Los Angeles, USA, then more photo shoots in Atlanta and Chicago, and signed reached by Lounge Underwear, a popular US brand of underwear products and swimsuits, becoming the ambassador of the brand and promoting their apparel, swimsuits and lingerie.

Personal life, long-term boyfriend Alexander Shirpey

Josefine doesn’t hide her relationship from her audience. She has been dating her colleague, fitness male model Alexander Shirpey, for many years. They often post their mutual photos on their Instagram accounts, and their relationship doesn’t look like a fake or promotional action. They often work on similar projects, and represent the same model agencies.

Alexander Shirpey was also born in Sweden, on 5 March 1986. He has contracts with such agencies as Base Models (Cape Town) and Stockholmsgruppen (Sweden). He played hockey from his childhood, and his parents were pretty sure he was going to become a professional hockey player, but he injured his knee when he tore his cruciate ligament and had to forget about his hockey career. He also loved football, but all active kinds of sports were forbidden for him for several months, at least half a year after his surgery and about four more months of rehabilitation. Alexander is now the co-owner of the company called “Strong as Life”, a fitness social enterprise which is supposed to connect people around the world who care a lot about fitness. It is also worth saying that Alexander held the highest positions in Mister World 2010 getting to the Top20 finalists.

As for their relationship status, Josefine and Alexander are not married, and haven’t announced any news about their engagement. They don’t have any kids.

Hobbies and interesting facts

Josefine is one of those people who could turn their favorite hobby into their profession. She really enjoys her time in the gym, often sharing special sets of exercises which she prefers to do, and considers the most effective. Her favorite workout sets include lunges, planks, bodyweight squats and push-ups.

Josefine is also a dedicated yogi, having accomplished special Kundalini Yoga Teaching Training which lasted for 200 hours. She has been practicing yoga for over a decade and is a passionate learner and now also a trainer.

She loves spending her spare time in Bali, and in India where she has an opportunity to dive deeper into the process of meditation, and to restore her inner resource. As for her diet, she prefers raw fruit and vegetables, enjoys nuts and juices, an avoids fast food and fatty dishes which  she doesn’t like anyway. Josefine is a dog lover.

Josefine Forsberg

Social media presence

Josefine uses various social media platforms to promote herself as a model, and to publish her portfolio so more agencies and companies could get interested in cooperation with her. Thus, her Instagram account is her flawless portfolio which is followed by more than a million subscribers and has over 2,300 posts. Her Facebook profile is followed by almost 10,000 people. She has a YouTube profile but hasn’t posted any videos. She had a couple of Twitter accounts but stopped posting on them several years ago. Josefine’s boyfriend Alexander is also very popular on Instagram – his profile there is followed by almost 65,000 subscribers.


Josefine used to have very long naturally light-brown hair, but recently cut it short and dyed it chocolate brown. She has bright blue eyes with a thin dark-blue line around the pupils which make her eyes clear and unique. Josefine is 5ft 10ins (1.76m) tall and weighs around 134lbs (61kgs) – her vital statistics are not available at the moment. She doesn’t have any tattoos or piercings, though her boyfriend Alexander has several tattoos on his chest depicting a skull of a pirate with crossed sabres. As for her clothing style, she prefers classical fancy looks, and likes to wear white shirts, trousers, blouses, etc, but also adores dresses.

Net worth

As for 2019, authoritative sources estimate Josefine’s net worth to be around $400,000. She is a part of Puma Team and has many sponsored posts on her Instagram account which bring her extra income. She works as a model at several agencies at the same time, so it brings her stable income and enriches her portfolio which can make her future career even more successful. She is still working hard as a yoga trainer, so her net worth is only going to grow in future. Her boyfriend Alexander is also a very successful fitness model, who has his own project called “Shred and Shape”. He and Kevin Triguero, another co-owner of the company, offer diet plans and training coaching online.

General Info

DiedOctober 3, 2011, Chicago, Illinois, United States
ProfessionActor, Educator


SpouseRolf Forsberg
ChildrenEric Forsberg, Linnea Forsberg

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