• Sixteen Jones is a model and the daughter of South African rapper Watkin Tudor Jones and singer Yolandi Visser.
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $100,000, and has benefited from her parents’ riches.
• Featured on the cover of “Rolling Stone” magazine and in music videos for her parents group Die Antwoord.
• Has tried her hand at singing and acting, appearing in two of her mother's films.
• Her parents are active on social media, promoting their unusual counter-culture style.


Who is Sixteen Jones?

Sixteen Jones was born on 15 January 2006, in South Africa, and is a model, but perhaps better known for being the daughter of South African rapper Watkin Tudor Jones and singer Yolandi Visser. She has mainly appeared as a part of the music videos of her parents’ group called Die Antwoord, but also in numerous publications over the course of her young life.

The Net Worth of the Daughter of Musicians

How rich is Sixteen Jones? As of early-2018, sources estimate a net worth that is over $100,000, earned through modest success in modelling and music. She’s also no doubt benefited from her parents’ riches, with her father’s net worth at $3 million while her mother’s net worth is over $3.5 million. As she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

The Life of Sixteen Jones

At an early age Sixteen was already involved in music, thanks to her famous parents. Her first appearance in the media was as a baby in an issue of “Obrigado Magazine”, in which she was posed with her parents. She would then be featured on the cover of “Rolling Stone” magazine, once again appearing with her parents. Soon she would also start appearing in the music videos of her parents group Die Antwoord, and her popularity started to skyrocket.

She continued participating in her parents projects, and even joined them at various events; she was seen attending the Alexander Wang’s Spring/Summer show during the 2017 New York Fashion Week. Her mother has been known for her unusual fashion choices while performing, and Sixteen has also been a part of several arty-type videos. While there are speculations on the direction of her life, she has stated that she wants to follow the footsteps of her parents in the music industry.

Who Are Sixteen Jones Parents? Watkin Tudor Jones and Yolandi Visser

Watkin Tudor Jones is a record producer and rapper, best known from performing under the stage name Ninja. He has been a part of numerous hip-hop groups throughout his life, with his latest being the rap-rave group called Die Antwoord. Her mother is Anri du Toit, and under her stage name Yolandi Visser is a singer and actress, best known for her work with Die Antwoord as well. She’s also participated in numerous film projects, such as “Chappie”.

Die Antwoord was formed in 2008 by her parents along with DJ Hi-Tek. They created a group image akin to the South African counter-culture music, and mixes Yolandi’s high pitched singing with Ninja’s rap. They received a lot of attention a year after they formed, when they released their debut album for free. Their music attracted international attention, and lead them to sign a contract with Interscope Records. They’ve since released several albums with their label.

Sixteen Jones on Social Media

Sixteen Jones hasn’t any accounts with the major social media websites Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram yet. She does have a section on Die Antwoord’s website which details some of the work she’s done with the group, mainly as a part of their music videos which are also seen online, and she’s tried her hand at singing as well with some videos showcasing her talents.

While she doesn’t have any social media accounts, there are a lot of pictures online of her as taken by various media outlets. Her parents are active on social media particularly on Twitter where they continue to promote their unusual counter-culture style. She has made very few appearances on her mother’s Instagram, as her mother mainly promotes their music and her unusual fashion sense. Her father also shares the similar counter-culture style, though he also showcases a few of their travels, photo shoots, and has posted memes on his personal Instagram page. Both of her parents are active on Twitter, on which they promote some of their latest music such as the single “Love Drug”.

A Music Career and Film Apperances

Many know that Jones is not a stranger to the spotlight, and is already intent on pursuing a career in music. She has been featured in her parents’ albums, singing her songs. She’s also been seen performing while her parents have been on tour. She’s sang original songs, her parents songs, and also covers of other popular songs.

On the other hand, Sixteen, like her mother, has tried her hand at acting work. She’s been a part of two of her mother’s films including “Die Antwoord: Ugly Boy” which was released in 2014. She was also the star of the short film “Tommy Can’t Sleep” which is directed by her mother and also stars Jack Black.

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