• Karla Maria Moreno is a professional model, YouTube content creator and Instagram sensation.
• She started her modeling career in beauty contests and was the fourth runner up in Miss USA Latina.
• She is the creative producer of the YouTube channel "Living With Latinos", which has over 130,000 subscribers.
• Karla has an Instagram profile with almost 1 million subscribers, and Facebook profile with over 2.5 million followers.
• Her current net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million.


Karla Maria Moreno is a professional model, a YouTube content creator and an Instagram sensation who enjoys her luxurious life in the limelight. From a young age she wanted to become a model but when she finally did, she couldn’t stop – she started exploring new talents and dreams, and continued working hard on her career. Let’s find out more about her current jobs, net worth, boyfriend, etc.

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Early life, family

Karla Marie Moreno was born on 16 January 1995 in Cananea, Sonora Mexico, so under the sign of Capricorn and of Mexican nationality. When Karla was only five years old, her mother left her father and took her daughter – an only child – to the USA, where they settled in Phoenix, Arizona and tried to forget the terrible times of living with Karla’s father. In one of her Instagram posts she shared that he was a cruel person, yelling at and even beating them. However, the nightmare was gone, and Karla started going to school in Phoenix.

When a young girl, she loved dancing, singing and performing in front of the mirror. She is in very good and close relationship with her mother, they often spend time together and even live together. One could see Karla’s mother in one of her videos on her YouTube channel, the video is entitled “A Day in the Life”, after doing her morning makeup routine and shooting some episodes for her YouTube show, Karla along with her mother started preparing for a sport event. Karla also mentioned her mother in one of her Instagram posts writing: ‘She’s my biggest role model. She raised me on her own, she’s strong and such a hard worker. I’m a very nervous person, but when I see my mom in the crowd it all just goes away. I just want to make her proud more than anything’. She has a best friend named Rylee Rumsey, who Karla considers her sister as they are very close.

Karla Marie


Karla started her educational path entering Abraham Lincoln Elementary School in Phoenix. Later she matriculated from a local high school, and continued her education in the Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona, graduating with a BA in Education in 2013. As a bilingual student, Karla benefited from studying the books and the information in both languages she speaks from her childhood – English and Spanish.


Modeling career

Karla started her modeling career participating in various beauty contests, thus in 2016 she won the title and the crown of Miss Arizona Latina. Karla confirmed it was a very important step for her career and thanked everybody who supported her, especially her mother who was there with her at the ceremony which took place in the Legends Event Center (Phoenix). Karla continued her participation in pageants, competing in the prestigious Miss USA Latina, in which she became the fourth runner up. After graduating, Karla worked at school for several years, sharing in one of her Instagram posts that she had very good relationships with her little students: ‘I think I can be persuaded into anything when it has to do with kids. They make my heart happy’.

In 2015, Karla decided to pursue her modelling career and started working as a ring girl at Fight Hard MMA. Then she was offered the same position at Tecate Ring Girls company, and has also worked for Natalia Acosta’s fashion line, and had contracts with Globexplore Drilling, Vizion Couture, Watercolors Boutique. She also has contracts with Bootay Bag and FLEXcity, appearing at promotional events as a sports model.

Being recognized as a successful model, Karla got her first offer to appear in a music video – one can see her in Daniela Calvario’s “La Pasaste Bien Anoche” video which has almost 400,000 view on YouTube. Karla also works as a hostess at the parties of DarOro Entertainment Group.

YouTube career

Along with her modelling career, Karla works hard as an actress and a content creator for two YouTube channels. Her personal video blog has attracted more than 16,000 subscribers, and has several videos on her diet, workout routine, and makeup tutorials, though Karla hasn’t posted anything new for more than eight months. Not that she disappointed in YouTube, but because she is way too busy with her second channel which is called “Living With Latinos”; created on 26 January 2018, it has already attracted around 130,000 subscribers. Karla is a creative producer of this channel, and writes plots for the series of comic sketches about the life of Latin-American couples and families.

She also appears as an actress in several episodes – the channel has more than 500 videos uploaded, and the creative team works hard to produce more fresh content. The most popular video on the channel is called “The Jealous Boyfriend | El Novio Celoso | Living With Latinos” and has over four million views. The video tells the story of a jealous boyfriend who doesn’t want his girlfriend to attend a party in an explicit dress, so his girlfriend (played by Karla) has to trick him by wearing a loose hoodie and sporty trousers but hiding her party dress underneath. When Karla’s character leaves the house, she takes off her sporty clothes, takes the high heels she’s hidden in the garden and goes to the party in the dress of her choice.

Instagram career

As many other models, Karla decided to promote her portfolio with the help of social nets, and chose Instagram as one of the most efficient tools to promote to do that. She started posting her photos in 2012, sharing her shoots in swimwear, explicit dresses and lingerie which emphasized her curves. Her profile has attracted almost a million subscribers during all these years of her activity. She posts her photos and videos daily, sharing also some recipes of her favorite dishes, desserts and cocktails.

Personal life, current boyfriend Devin Booker, the basketball star

Karla once mentioned in her Instagram posts that she dated Zachery “Chachi” Vega. He works as an investor, and is also the CEO of DarOro Entertainment Group, responsible for events coordination; he is also a booking agent and manager. The couple dated for two years and then broke up.

However, Karle was single for a very short period of time and found another partner in Devin Armani Booker, a professional US basketball player, who plays for the Phoenix Suns in the National Basketball Association (NBA), and was NBA Three-Point Contest champion of 2018. Devin is around Karla’s age, born on 30 October 1996. Devin is very popular on Instagram, his profile having over 2.4 million subscribers. Karla posted a video of their trip to Ensenada where they enjoyed visiting animal farms, and attended their friends’ wedding party. Devin and Karla spent their time at the beach, played with lion cubs and small goats at the farm, and did some shopping. Neither Karla nor Devin announced any news about their engagement, however, Karla showed up in several photos with a huge diamond ring, so her subscribers asked many questions about their engagement with Devin – both have kept silent!

Devin Booker

Hobbies and interesting facts

  • Karla is passionate about art, especially drawing and painting.
  • She loves wearing makeup and prefers NYX cosmetics.
  • Karla adores animals and has 17 dogs (nine dogs and eight puppies), and a cat named Coco.
  • Karla enjoys watching movies and TV series. Her favorite actor is Dwayne Johnson, and her favorite actress is Jennifer Lawrence.
  • She likes to travel, to Paris most of all destinations.
  • She also likes going to Mexico, as it’s her motherland.
  • Karla loves Italian food and often lets herself enjoys a pizza or some pasta; also Mexican food.

Social media presence

Karla is very popular and active on various social net platforms. She has an Instagram account which has almost a million subscribers. Her personal YouTube channel still gets fresh views and has over 16,000, though she hasn’t posted there for more than eight months. She also has a Twitter account which is read by less than a thousand people, as she is not very active on it. However, her most popular social net profile is located on Facebook – her page there is followed by more than 2.5 million users! She also has her personal website called “I Am Karla Marie” though it is still at the development stage and some pages remain blank.


Karla has very long naturally curly dark brown hair, which she likes to wear in a high ponytail or in a bun, but often wears it loose. Karla has grey eyes. She is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall and weighs around 152lbs (69kgs). She likes wearing dresses, jeans and shorts, preferring a casual or classy clothing style.

Net worth

According to authoritative sources, Karla’s current net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million, accumulated from working hard on several jobs. Her publications on her Instagram account help her to earn up to $4,900 per post, and her YouTube channel on which she works as a director, an actress and a content creator is estimated to bring over $4,300a monthly of $4,300. She also gets a lot of money from her commercial posts on Instagram, and her contracts with such brands as FLEXcity and many others.

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