• Katherine Frates Bedford born February 20, 1992 in the US
• Graduated from Hillsdale College in 2014 with a degree in Finance and a minor in Economics
• Was Associate Editor at Daily Caller from 2014-2017, then promoted to Editor-in-Chief
• Host of Major League Gaming (MLG) Championships and Events
• Net worth estimated at over $700,000


Katie Frates would probably be a common editor-in-chief, unless she attracted massive attention to her person after posting some messages on her Twitter account about her thoughts on running with a car vehicle over the protesters who surrounded the White House in March 2017. The scandal touched not only Katie herself, but also the Daily Caller, America’s largest news publication. A flurry of calls fell on the Daily Caller, people claiming they should fire Katie for such hateful tweets, but the Daily Caller never commented on the situation. Let’s find out what happened to Katie after that scandal, what she is doing now, who her husband I, and recall other details about her early life, family, surname change and salary.

Early life, family, education

Katherine Frates Bedford was born on 20 February 1992; there’s no precise information about the city she was born in, though she lives in Washington DC, USA. Katie never shared any details about her parents, siblings or other relatives, keeping her family life low-key. Katie matriculated from high school in 2010, and then attended Hillsdale College, which was originally established in Spring Arbor, Michigan as Michigan Central College in 1844, graduating with a degree in Finance with a minor in Economics. While studying in college, Katie joined the “Kappa Kappa Gamma PanHellenic” sorority, and when she was a second-year-student became the sorority social chairman. Katie was a member of the college cheerleading club. She graduated from the college in 2014, though she still participated actively in the social life of the college, helping with campus fundraisers such as the annual “Relay for Life” and “Reading is Fundamental”.

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Katie was never afraid to work, as she understood that she could only make her life change if she worked as hard as she could. While she was studying in college, Katie worked as a sales associate at Macy’s, one of the world’s largest retailers, in Redmond, Washington. She spent her summers at that work from 2012.

Right after her graduating Katie was accepted to the Daily Caller as an intern for a four-months period in the summer of 2014, and after her successful internship, was employed full-time in the position of an associate editor in August 2014. Katie held that position for almost three years until March 2017, and was then promoted to the position of editor-in-chief, and she still holds this position. The same month Katie was invited to become the managing editor of Olympic Media, a company that works in the field of  consulting, marketing and technology, based in Washington, D.C. During her career she has often been invited to such channels as One America News Network and FOX News, where she was asked to comment on various political events and situations. Her articles were featured in The Washington Post, the New York Times, and National Review.

As for now, Katie works at Major League Gaming (MLG), which is an Activision Blizzard division, and was invited to be the host at eSports championships and events. So Katie mostly hosts the Overwatch League championships, and Call of Duty World League championships, and, as a true geek, she really enjoys her current position. She has hosted such events as “CWL Las Vegas Open 2019”, “CWL Pro League 2019 Qualifier” and “CWL Pro League 2019”, “CWL Fort Worth 2019’.

TV appearances

Katie has made many appearances on TV in various political discussions, and has also been invited to participate in multiple political talk-shows such as “Cavuto: Coast to Coast”, “The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton”, “Fox and Friends”, “Lou Dobbs Tonight”, etc. Katie is eager to accept such invitations, since it’s always a good opportunity for her to attract some attention to the topics she’s focused on in her articles, mostly feminism, the problem of sexism, etc.

Personal life, married, husband Christian Bedford

Katie dated Christian Bedford for several years; they met at Daily Caller where Christian serves as an editor-in-chief. They spent the holidays together, Christian then introduced Katie to his family, and finally proposed to her on 2 January 2018 with a golden ring with a square ruby framed by two smaller square diamonds. Katie displayed the ring on her Instagram account, capturing the photo with her grandmother’s quote: ‘I chased him, until he caught me’. The couple thoroughly prepared for the wedding, Katie sharing every step with the audience, showing her dress choice, her shoes, etc. Christian and Katie married in the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle in Washington DC. Nick Woodall, their friend and a photographer from Maryland, was invited to capture the ceremony, and the couple’s walk around the Great Marsh Estate.

Katie and Christian share their interest for video games. They also have family sessions of “Dungeon and Dragons”. As for now, Katie doesn’t have any kids.

Katie Frates, Chris Bedford, The Whiskey Ball Inauguration Party, at MXDC, January 20, 2017. Photo by Ben Droz.

Social media activity

Though Katie caused a huge scandal with her tweets, she never gave up sharing new posts on Instagram and Twitter. As she married Chris, she took his surname and changed her logins and nicknames in social media. Her Twitter used to be TheWorldsFrates, and now it’s WorldsBenford; same for her Instagram account – one can find Katie’s page searching for the same nickname. As for her Twitter, she has almost 13,500 readers, and her Instagram account has almost 2000 followers. She often posts photos from her Call of Duty World League championship where she acts as a host. She wasn’t very active on her Facebook page, but since she got engaged, has filled her newsfeed on Facebook with some photos and posts, and the page has more than 1000 subscribers.


The name of Katie Frates – she adopted the name before she married Christian Bedford – got a lot of attention on Twitter, after her post about the protesters who gathered around the White House in March 2017. In her tweet, which was deleted after a short period of time, Katie wondered how many of those protesters she could run over in her car before she would be arrested. The tweet didn’t get any likes, however, the screenshots of the tweet went viral and got a pretty aggressive feedback not only from the Twitter community, but from Facebook and other social media platforms too. People were raging, trying to call to the Daily Caller and demanding that Katie be fired from her position. The Daily Caller left the situation without comment, and Katie posted an article three days after her tweet, calling the tweet itself ‘imprudent” but not apologizing for it. In the article she shared her opinion on the way  things go when someone says something ‘violent’ on Twitter. Just four days before she tweeted about the protesters, she wrote: ‘Free speech is being attacked since words are apparently the same thing as assault … In 2017, words are considered violence’. She could hardly guess that her own words would refer to herself in just half a week. The scandal calmed down in a couples of days, though there were a lot of people who took Katie’s side both in her opinion about the protesters and about the fact that a tweet was not a terrorist act itself, and she probably didn’t mean that she wanted to actually run over people with her car.


Katie has middle-length naturally red hair, which she likes to wear in loose curls, or straight; she has pale skin and green eyes that stand out at her slim face. Katie is 5ft 4ins (1.63m) tall and weighs around 121lbs (55kgs). Katie likes eating out and doesn’t deny herself desserts, however, she keeps fit and has a very slim body, though her vital statistics are unavailable. She is sometimes called ‘a younger version of Julianne Moore’ since a lot of people think they look alike.

Net worth

Katie’s net worth is estimated by sources at over $700,000, however she has three jobs for the moment (managing editor of Olympic Media, the editor-in-chief at the Daily Caller, the host at Major League Gaming) and certainly makes a good amount of money from this successful set of positions. As for her husband, Christian Bedford, he is an editor-in-chief and an author – his book “The Art of the Donald: Lessons from America’s Philosopher-in-Chief” was published on 10 October 2017, so he benefits from the sales.

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia

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