Who is Kevin Creekman?

Kevin Creekman was born on the 17th July 1988, in Lucerne, Switzerland, and is currently most known for his large-scale tattoos and modeling, featured on his ‘creekink’ Instagram account. An established Instagram star, he is also recognized for his travelling and fitness-related content on ‘thecreekman’ account, which currently counts more than 500,000 followers. Other Instagram models also famous for their tattos and with whom Kevin Creekman is associated, are Stephen James Hendry, Paulina Sophie Rau, and Daniel Bamdad.

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Early Life

In an interview he gave to Metro UK and Independent Ireland, he went into detail about his weight loss. Most of his early years Creekman spent immersed in video games such as World of Warcraft, and had no real friends. His life revolved around computer games, and what weighed him down even more was that his mother was of mind that he would never reach a normal weight, and that was a mindset that he just took as his own.

In his personal blog, Creekman talks about how he had been overweight since his earliest childhood – he had stretch marks when he was just 10, however, he reached his turning point when he was 18 and weighed over 335lbs (150kg).  Most of the time he was also grossly bullied by his peers, and what he says he lacked the most during that harsh period of life was acceptance and love. Eventually, when he reached his teenage years, he found a friend who also wanted to lose weight. The two of them helped motivate each other, and kept pushing each other to reach their common goal.

Kevin Creekman

Body Transformation

He went through an amazing body transformation after he turned 18 years. Through cardio exercise and a low carb diet over a period of a year, Creekman lost 176lbs (80kg), which was essentially half his body weight. However, after finally reaching his goal weight, another problem arose. Because he lost so much of his body weight, he had to undergo a surgery to remove the excess skin he had, which then left him with scars across his abdomen.


Now having insecurities about his scars, and having already tattooed both his arms he opted for covering his whole body with custom tattoos which would cover his scars and make a statement at the same time; that is basically what made him fall in love with tattoos. Today his body is completely covered in tattoos, some of which are works he collected over the years from various artists, while some are simply there for decorative purposes. Each time he wants to get a new tattoo, he searches for another artist, and finds inspiration in their work. Then he works on the tattoo together with the artist he’s chosen, to create a piece which would complement the rest of his body art. Ultimately, it was the way he looks that helped him obtain a job as a model, and that made him famous on Instagram, and he was able to achieve all that while he worked 40 hours per week as social worker, while living in Cologne.


Even tough he was born in Switzerland, Creekman grew up around Cologne in Germany, before in December 2018 moving to Los Angeles, California USA, where he currently resides, and finished his university degree as a social worker. During early years he was a rock and metal music enthusiast, and that led him to play in an international acting band. In an effort to promote his band, he created his Instagram account “The Creekman” which eventually brought him the fame he has today. He is both a singer and a musician, and he played bass guitar alongside songwriter and singer Gilo Farim, and since when he has played with a variety of singers and bands.

As his Instagram account took off, his life took very different directions than he originally had in mind after graduating as a social worker, which helped him try his hand as an actor, personal trainer, musician, model, blogger, tattoo artist and social media influencer. Taking into consideration how Creekman looks today, and that one of his careers is that of a model, it may come as a surprise that he was overweight for most of his early life.

Age, Height and Weight

Kevin Creekman’s current age is 30 (as of 2019), while his height and current weight are still unknown.


Information about Kevin Creekman’s marital status is unknown and not available, as is  information about girlfriends – ex- or current.


Information about Kevin Creekman’s family is undisclosed too – there are no available details regarding his parents’ and any siblings, names or whereabouts.

Probably the most asked question in my life: What was my most painful tattoo? By far my skull tattoo. The full black…

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Net Worth

Over the course of 2018 and 2019 Kevin Creekman’s popularity has been growing, and with it his net worth increased as well. It is estimated by authoritative sources that Kevin counts his net worth at over $1 million which has been accumulated largely through his more than successful career in the entertainment industry, but another primary source of income is Instagram.

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