• Khia Lopez is a 14-year-old model, influencer, fashionista, and juvenile sensation from Palm Springs, California USA.
• She began her career at a young age with modeling classes, beauty pageants, and talent agencies.
• She has achieved a net worth of $600,000 through photoshoots, blogging, and paid promotions on Instagram.
• She has a large social media presence with over 1 million followers on TikTok, 290,000 people following her on Instagram, and 4,500 'likes' on her Facebook page.
• She is 5'3" (160 cm), weighs 108 lbs (49 kgs), and has vital statistics of 32-23-30.


Who is Khia Lopez?

Born on 29 August 2004 in Palm Springs, California USA, so under the sign of Virgo, Khia Lopez is a 14-year-old model, influencer, fashionista and juvenile sensation.  She became popular because of her uncanny physique and eye-catching facial features. Using popular social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, along with her mother’s guidance, Khia already has talent agencies fighting over her. According to industry experts, she just might be the next big thing in global fashion.

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Early Life and Education: A Loving Family and The Right Foundations

Khia was born into an American family in Palm Springs, where she is currently based, growing-up with two younger brothers named Jett and Kash, who are also her biggest supporters. Her father, James Lopez, also has Latin American roots, which is evident by young Khia’s physiognomy and surname. Currently, there is no reliable information on her dad’s profession, but we know that her mother, Tiffany Palladine, is a professional stylist and make-up artist – it is precisely her mother’s influence that helped her pick a calling at such a young age.

A Passion For Performance: Dancing and Modeling From an Early Age

Charismatic from the moment she was born, Khia always felt that she had a knack for impressing people, so making the stage her territory. With the encouragement her parents, she started attending modeling classes in early middle school. After several beauty pageant wins and offers from talent agencies, Khia finally realized what she was capable of, but instead of just focusing on looks, she wanted to achieve peak physical fitness. According to several reports, Khia almost became ’addicted’ to dance classes, which ultimately resulted in her taking eight separate classes. With such a formidable work ethic at the tender age of ten, Khia went about to conquering the fashion industry, one step at a time.

Khia Lopez

Career Beginnings: Making The Right Choices

With above-average physical fitness and looks rarely seen, Khia was already fielding offers from magazines, brands and talent agencies who all tried to woo her, but she ultimately chose two brands – The Weekend Wardrobe and Kidz Fashion, two giants in the modern fashion industry for children. However, Khia wasn’t done with setting the foundation for her future career – instead of just using looks to her advantage, she wanted to influence and be a respected figure in the industry. As a result, she accepted the position of blogger at We’re So Fancy, one of the most popular websites and fashion platforms for American pre-teens. Almost immediately afterwards, Khia appeared in a Claire’s Stores campaign, alongside fellow young stars Johnny Orlando and Hayden Summerall. This combination of modeling and blogging set her up for a bright future in fashion, as versatile influencers are more abundant than ever.

Expanding Her Skills: USA Spirit Cheer

Immediately upon starting her tenure at John Glenn Middle School, Khia became a member of the cheerleading team, due to her supreme fitness and expertise in dance; her performances were so outstanding that she earned the right to compete at the USA Spirit Cheer competition in 2015. There is no current available information about her placement in the competition, as well as the categories she competed in. After this experience, Khia was ready to expand her brand even further. She even had an invite to appear in “Jimmy Kimmel Live! in late 2015, making her one of the youngest guests ever to appear on the show.

A Rising Influencer: TikTok and Instagram

Instagram, the popular social media platform, is a tool that aided supermodels like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner reach out to their audiences, and Khia, a representative of the new age of models, followed their example. With a myriad of posts on a daily basis, she managed to significantly increase her following across all social media channels. Her mom Tiffany is her manager, so also providing help with running her social media. The mother-daughter duo cleverly saw the potential of the lip-syncing app TikTok, and utilized it in every way possible, and as a direct result, Khia received offers from The Sad Society, Windsor Store and Tamanna Roashan Dressyourface. All of this resulted in Fashion Nova inking a deal with the young lady, which makes sense considering Fashion Nova’s presence on Instagram, Khia’s ‘stronghold’.

Working with Post Malone and Dynamite Dylan

Perhaps the biggest achievement in Khia’s career to date is her appearance in the music video for the song “You” by Dynamite Dylan, featuring multi-platinum selling rapper Post Malone – you can see Khia appear at the 0:17 point and several times afterwards. As of May 2019, the song has attracted 42 million views.

Personal Life: Does Khia Lopez Have a Boyfriend?

Given the fact that Khia is barely 14-years-old, it’s highly unlikely that she’s entered the world of dating. There are no credible sources to confirm the existence of a potential significant other, as well as a lack of evidence on any of her social media profiles. With her still being in ninth grade and having a lot of photoshoots and business offers, the chances of her having a boyfriend are slim at best. Even if there was a boyfriend, her parents are doing an exceptional job of protecting her private life from the public eye.

Body Measurements: How Tall Is Khia Lopez?

Khia’s current height is 5’3’’ (160 cm), her weight 108 lbs (49 kgs), while her vital statistics are 32-23-30. As for shoe size, she wears a women’s US 5. Her complexion is bronze, highlighted by brownish blond hair and dark brown, almost black eyes.

What is Khia Lopez’s Net Worth?

According to several credible sources, Khia Lopez has a net worth of around $600,000, as of mid-2019, accumulated with the help of paid promotions on Instagram, contracts with talent agencies, photoshoots and blogging. Given the fact that she’s still only 14, Khia has a lot of time to turn this six-figure number into, perhaps, an eight-figure one.

Social Media Presence

Like almost every modern-day model and influencer, Khia understands the importance of social media for extending one’s reach and communicating with fans. She has perhaps the biggest following on the lip-syncing app TikTok, with a million people following her, totaling at a number of over 20 million likes. She has a seldom used, lesser-known YouTube channel with 92 subscribers, in addition to her main one which has 4,000 fans. On Instagram, 290,000 people have clicked the ‘Follow” button, and Khia’s Facebook page totals 4,500 ‘likes’.

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