• Kim Christiansen (9 News) is 59 years-old as of 2019 with a net worth of $800,000.
• She is Caucasian, has blue eyes and blonde hair, and is aging gracefully.
• She is married to Greg Feith and has a son named Tanner born in 200•
• She is a reporter and news anchor for 9News and is passionate about breast cancer advocacy.
• She is a graduate of the University of Colorado and was named Miss Colorado in 1980.


Kim Christiansen (9 News) Wiki Biography and Age

Kim Christiansen was born on 27 November 1960, so is 59 years-old as of 2019. Kim, whose nationality is American, is best known as a journalist and in that field she has worked on 9 News.

Net Worth


Ethnicity and Background

She is Caucasian and has blue eyes and blonde hair. Despite the fact that she’s entered the seventh decade of her life, the journalist looks radiant and is aging gracefully. As of Christiansen’s education, she was a student of the University of Colorado, where she earned her degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. Although born in Omaha, Christiansen spent her formative years in Arvada, as her family relocated there when she was still a baby. Speaking about her experience growing up there, she said that she couldn’t imagine a more idyllic environment to grow up in, adding “Arvada was very much a small town when I grew up there, and I still feel like it’s a small town in a lot of ways. You knew every single neighbor, and I still remember the neighbors I grew up with.” In 1980, the journalist was named Miss Colorado, which is yet another interesting fact about her.

Kim Christiansen

Social Media

Some of her latest posts on Twitter include a post in which she wrote “Colorado’s finest #springtime”, sharing a photo of a stunning Colorado sunset. Besides that, she retweeted with the caption reading “Stanley Politano was one of four people who died in Thursday’s I-70 crash and fire. His family shared this photo of him with his wife Cathi. Stan was a well known gaming and casino developer in Colorado. #9News”.


She has recently posted a photo of herself and her sister and added “Happy National Sibling day!”. Her fans seem to have loved the photo and went on to compliment her and tell her how much they look alike. Besides that, she shared an adorable throwback photo of her son, and said “Preschool days and now planning for graduation.”.

Husband and Family

Despite the fact that she remains secretive about some personal information, we know that Kim is married to Greg Feith. The couple has a son named Tanner born in 2001 and it seems as if they’re living a happy and prosperous life as a family, which is all that really matters.


Speaking about the professional aspect of her life, Kim is working as a reporter and news anchor for 9News. However, prior to rising to fame, she worked as a writer and general assignment reporter. As of 2017, following the departure of Adele Arakawa, Kim replaced her as a main anchor. This pretty much sums up Kim’s whole career, as she has only worked for 9News. Speaking about that, she said that she started it with the idea that she would be going to a small market, like most people. However, she has reportedly worked as an intern, but 9News is her only professional gig. Overall, being a hardworking woman has allowed Kim to grow professionally and gain more exposure in the media.

Breast Cancer Advocacy

In addition to being recognized for her extraordinary skills, Christiansen is also recognized for her breast cancer advocacy. She stated that one of the reasons why she’s passionate about that topic is because her mother had multiple scares that ultimately weren’t cancer diagnosis. “You’d talk to your family or your pastor. But nobody discussed that kind of thing outside of your home. You didn’t say, “Hey, have you done a breast self-exam today?”, Kim added.

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