• Kristina Chai is a 25-year-old alternative model and influencer
• She has both Chinese and European roots and has been an ambitious person from an early age
• She has become one of the most sought-after models in the industry
• She has an approximate net worth of close to $1 million
• She is active on social media, with almost 300,000 followers on Instagram


Born on 3 January 1994, under the powerful sign of Capricorn, in Seattle, Washington State USA, Kristina Chai is a 25-year-old alternative model, influencer, tattoo enthusiast and social media personality. Ever since she started her career back in 2010, Kristina has stood out from most models due to her mixed heritage, uncanny fashion style and a captivating smile. With an incessant work ethic which she adopted at an early age, Kristina has managed to become one of the most sought-after models in the industry.

Early Life and Education: Growing Up in Seattle

No reputable sources can provide any reliable information on Kristina’s early life and childhood, as well as the identities of her parents. She has both Chinese and European roots, resulting in unique facial features. During multiple Q&A sessions on Instagram Live, Kristina avoided answering personal questions, a clear sign that she wants people to focus on her work, not her private life. What we do know, from the bio on her official website, is that she was always an ambitious person, with an insatiable urge to enjoy life and devote herself to something she truly loves. From an early age, Kristina loved the camera almost as much as the camera loved her. In high school, she also practiced ballet and karate, which ignited her love of fitness.

Career Beginnings: Aerial Arts, Tattoos and Modeling

While still a teenager, Kristina created an Instagram account, which would become the crux of her popularity later on. It was the year 2010, and online models certainly weren’t a thing then, so Kristina decided to devote more of her time to aerial arts. She began practicing hula hooping and aerial silks at this time, which improved her physique and gave her a greater purpose. Around the end of high school, she also got her first tattoo, which triggered a life-long affair with body art. Even though she worked hard to be seen by talent agencies and brands, her big break would only come a few years later.

Kristina Chai

Rising Up: A Move to Hawaii and Becoming an Instagram Star

In 2015, Kristina moved to Hawaii Island, Hawaii, for unspecified reasons, but a change of scenery was a welcome factor which benefited her career curve in more ways than one. The sunny days and picturesque scenery on the whole archipelago proved to be a much better location for photo shoots than the often-rainy city of Seattle. It was precisely at this time that Kristina started posting on Instagram more frequently, and with clever angles, she managed to utilize the wonderful nature of Kailua-Kona, while showcasing her beauty. In just a few months, Kristina amassed more than 50,000 followers, which foreshadowed things to come. People loved her fit body, as well as the inspirational quotes she still puts underneath each of her posts.

Continued Success: Alternative Modeling

After setting the foundation for her modeling career, Kristina began getting more tattoos in 2016. Coincidentally, the 2010s sparked a revolution in modeling, with fit women with an alternative style becoming the focus of the industry. Brands from all over the US and other countries began contacting her with offers and ideas for photo shoots, wanting to work with “the next best thing” in the industry. Kristina embraced all of this, and used her growing success to travel the world. She did shoots for brands Aloha Made Me Do It, a Hawaiian brand, and LA Pearl Swimwear, another popular American brand centered around stylish swimwear. Fans loved the fact that she collaborated with lesser-known brands, but using every opportunity to further her career.

Becoming a Star: Maxim, Supreme and More

2017 was even more successful for Kristina. She was voted by fans as a semi-finalist in Maxim’s Finest contest. Although she didn’t get the opportunity to be a Maxim Cover Girl, the publicity made her even more popular. In early 2018, she traveled to Seoul to do a photoshoot which combined Supreme, perhaps the most popular streetwear brand of all time, and Aloha Made Me Do It. Set in a subway and other parts of the capital of South Korea, the shoot garnered a lot of attention, and was a pleasant change from the natural setting in which Kristina was used to being photographed. At this time, she also began promoting Arm The Animals Clothing, a popular animal-friendly brand with an Instagram following of 300,000. With hoodies saying “Anti Animal Cruelty Club” (a homage to the popular streetwear brand Anti Social Social Club), she showcased her care for the environment. Pipe Dreams Surf Co. was another one of her endorsements which garnered a lot of attention. Clever business moves and the use of social media made Kristina a true star. In 2018, she moved back to the state of Washington for professional reasons.

Personal Life: Does Kristina Chai Have a Boyfriend?

Currently, there is no available information of Kristina’s relationship status. Even though she is very active on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, there is no conclusive evidence about a man (or woman) in her life. Most of her stories and posts are modeling-related, and those which aren’t feature her friends and her partying during the weekends. She is most likely single and completely devoted to her work-related obligations, which include a lot of traveling. Kristina is also a big car enthusiast, and regularly appears at car shows on Hawaii and on the mainland. Her next appearance is at the Tuned Originals event on 6 July, in which she is an official Tuned Originals model.

Net Worth: What is Kristina Chai’s Salary?

According to multiple reputable sources, Kristina Chai has an approximate net worth of close to $1 million, as of mid-2019. While her current income is variable, she continues to accumulate her wealth from product sponsorships, appearances in magazines, as well as selling her own merchandise. Given the fact that she is only 25-years-old, this amount will surely increase in the near future.

Body Measurements and Tattoos: How Tall is Kristina Chai? What Are Her Tattoos?

Kristina Chai is 5ft 3ins (1.62m) tall, and while her weight hasn’t been revealed, her vital statistics are 32-24-33. Her dress size is 3, while she wears size 5.5 (W) shoes. Although she is American, she has Chinese ancestry, with possible Hawaiian roots as well. Her hair is dark brown, with the eyes to match. Concerning her tattoos, they are mostly floral – she has a rose and lotus-themed half-sleeve on her right forearm, with a large rose with the writing “Thorn protects the rose” on her right thigh. There are also three smaller tattoos on her left forearm, as well as an unintelligible inscription underneath her left breast.

Social Media Presence

Kristina is very active on social media, just like most models and influencers. She realized the importance of using these platforms to extend her reach and interaction with fans. Her followers adore the fact that she is willing to respond to DMs and comments. Her Facebook page has attracted 85,000 fans who engage with her on a daily basis. She also has an Instagram account with almost 300,000 people liking and commenting on her content. For more private purposes, she has a Snapchat account (@itskristinachai), on which she posts stories from parties and other events from her everyday life. Kristina also has a personal website, which she regularly updates.

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