• Lauren Pisciotta is an artist manager, fitness model and social media celebrity with a net worth of over $500,000.
• She rose to fame online as the manager of pop singer Niykee Heaton.
• She has done modelling work, sponsorships and contract work, and is active on social media.
• She works out her glutes and core multiple times a week and has done modelling work with VPX Sports.
• She has not revealed much about her personal life and has moved on from her association with Niykee Heaton.


Who is Lauren Pisciotta?

Lauren Pisciotta was born on 18 August 1988, in the United States of America. She is an artist manager, fitness model, and social media personality, best known for rising to fame online after she was discovered to be the manager of pop singer Niykee Heaton. Since then, she’s become a celebrity in her own right.

The Net Worth of Lauren Pisciotta

How rich is Lauren Pisciotta? As of mid-2019, sources estimate a net worth that is over $500,000, earned through a successful career online.

Her online fame has led her to numerous opportunities, including sponsorships, contract work, and more. As she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Very little is known about Lauren’s life before her rise to fame online, as she has not shared any information regarding her childhood, family, and education. It is not known if she desired a career in entertainment or modelling at a young age, and she first came into the spotlight when she was spotted alongside pop singer Niykee Heaton, who is also a songwriter and model who rose to fame through YouTube.

She uploaded videos of herself performing acoustic guitar covers of popular hits, including hip hop songs. Her videos became viral which led to the release of her extended play entitled “Bad Intentions” which was released in 2014. The following year, she went on her first headlining tour called “The Bedroom Tour” and followed it up with the mixtape entitled “The Bedroom Tour Playlist”. The mixtape included remastered material she shared online through streaming and through some of her live shows.

Lauren Pisciotta

Lauren was labelled as the manager of Niykee and this would attract a lot of attention towards her.

Fitness and Instagram

One of the reasons Lauren began attracting a lot of online attention was due to her attractive looks and her well-developed figure. She has consistently developed her body over the years, improving her figure, and making sure she looks good physically. This led her to start doing modelling work. She also consistently worked with Niykee, doing photo shoots around the world.

She puts in a lot of training on her glutes, working them out multiple times a week, while also developing her core.  She doesn’t really adhere to a strict diet, and only takes minimal supplements. One of the platforms that really elevated her status was on the website Instagram, a photo and video-sharing website owned by Facebook. It was launched in 2010 and allows users to upload content to the service. Content can easily be sorted or edited through the website’s numerous features such as tags, location information, and filters, and content can be shared publicly or through pre-approved followers.

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After its launch the website rapidly gained popularity, now over a billion registered users, with over 500 million active users daily, mainly accessing the stories feature.

Modelling Work and Recent Endeavors

Lauren started to do more fitness modelling endeavors as time progressed, and with Niykee not undertaking any new projects since 2016, she started focusing more on her own projects. Due to her online popularity, she’s been contacted by several companies to do modelling work, one of which is VPX Sports.

The company is owned by Vital Pharmaceuticals, based in Florida and founded in 1993, which manufactures and distributes sports supplements. They cater mainly to fitness enthusiasts, producing performance beverages and other products, some of the most popular of which include Bang energy drink, REDLINE Energy Drink, and Power Rush. Aside from her work with VPX, she has not been doing other projects recently. During the peak of Niykee’s career, the two were often travelling the world and doing modelling together.

She has also fielded a lot of criticism in recent months, with many alleging that she has had enhancements done on her body, a common criticism of many fitness enthusiasts, models, and social media personalities. She has mainly kept to herself when it comes to her other endeavors apart from modelling, so it’s not known if she is involved in other projects that may be occupying her time.

Personal Life and Social Media

For her personal life, not much is known in terms of any of Pisciotta’s romantic relationships.

She has not been open about this aspect of her life, though many sources believe that she is single due to the lack of any evidence to prove otherwise. She enjoys wearing swimwear and clothes that reveal the results of her training. She also spends a lot of time outdoors, and going to resorts. It seems that she’s moved on from her association with Niykee as the two no longer appear together. Similar to numerous fitness models, she is highly active online through social media.

She has an account on Instagram on which she has over 914,000 followers, using the site to post photos of her modelling, though few sponsored posts except for VPX. She mentions that she’s really enjoying her life right now, as she travels while continuing to develop her body. She also owns a pet dog, and posts a few photos, lus with friends who are also models. She also has an account on the website Snapchat, on which she posts similar content to that of her Instagram account.

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