• Born in Boerne, Texas, USA and is a YouTube personality as well as a veterinarian
• Net worth of $1.8 million, earned through YouTube and his veterinary practice
• Attended Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences and graduated in 2012
• YouTube channel "DemolitionRanch" focuses on his gun hobby and has gained over seven million subscribers
• Also started the non-profit organization Vet Ranch, a YouTube channel “OffTheRanch” and Bunker Branding Co.


Who is Matt Carriker?

Matt Carriker was born on 21 October 1986, in Boerne, Texas, USA, and is a YouTube personality as well as a veterinarian. He’s well known through owning of several popular channels, including “DemolitionRanch”, “Vet Ranch”, and “OffTheRanch”. His most popular is his channel DemolitionRanch, which focuses on his gun hobby.

The Net Worth of Matt Carriker

How rich is Matt Carriker? As of early-2020, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $1.8 million, earned largely through a successful career on YouTube.

He’s also gained a significant amount of wealth from his veterinary practice, and as he continues his endeavors, his wealth should increase further.

Early Life and Education

Matt grew up with two brothers and a sister in Beorne. His father is a veterinarian, and his father’s work would become the inspiration for him to pursue a career in the same field. After matriculating from high school, he followed his dad’s footsteps, attending Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences to complete a veterinary degree.

The College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences is a college of Texas A&M University located in College Station, Texas. It was founded in 1916 and is one of only 31 colleges of veterinary medicine in both the US as well as Canada. It is consistently ranked as one of the top five vet schools in the country. Some of the programs they offer include undergraduate Biomedical Studies, and graduate studies in Epidemiology and Veterinary Medicine. They also offer a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine program.

Matt Carriker

Matt graduated in 2012, got his license shortly afterwards, and set up shop in his hometown.

YouTube Career

While a veterinary student, Carriker also pursued another of his interests – guns – and set up his own channel on YouTube to create videos about his hobby. YouTube is a video sharing website owned by Google, and has become one of the biggest sources of online video media including trailers, video blogs (vlogs), educational videos, movie trailers, live streams, and more.

Content creators can earn advertising revenue through the Google AdSense program, and the amount of traffic has attracted companies and corporations to invest in their own channels for exposure as well as advertising. Matt’s  first channel was entitled “DemolitionRanch” and it initially featured him along with friends using a GoPro to record themselves using guns. Since then, the channel has expanded to include penetration experiments, firearm reviews, and various ammunition types.

Secondary Channels and Veterinary Practice

Matt’s first channel proved successful, gaining over seven million subscribers and obviously a lot of popularity. His fame has led him to sponsorships from firearms as well as firearm accessory manufacturers. Three years after the launch of his initial channel, he created the non-profit organization called Vet Ranch, which includes one of his fellow Texas A&M graduates.

The organization aims to treat animals from off the street and from high-kill shelters.

He created a second channel to feature the organization’s work, with advertisements and donations through the channel being used for the medical expenses of the animals. The channel collaborates frequently with San Antonio Pets Alive, which is responsible for finding homes for the animals after treatment. He also created a third channel called OffTheRanch, which is a vlog channel catering to videos outside of firearms and the veterinary field, often featuring his family life.

He has over 2.9 million subscribers on his third channel.

He feels that YouTube has become troublesome for its sudden demonetization which happens without warning. However, he feels that the website is still his home, and does not plan on stopping content creation any time soon. He holds his practice at the Fair Oaks Ranch Veterinary Clinic, buying the clinic from his father who was also a Texas A&M graduate and is highly active with helping homeless animals. He also started Bunker Branding Co, which manufactures and sells merchandise for him and other YouTubers.

Personal Life and Social Media

For his personal life, it is known that Carriker married Meredith Atkinson in 2004, and they have three children together.

His passion for firearms extends to other aspects of military technology, as he gets the chance to try new accessories for newer guns while also getting the chance to drive military vehicles such as tanks.

Similar to numerous YouTube personalities, he is highly active online through accounts on social media. His Instagram account mainly showcases his life from behind the scenes. He often takes photos with guns, friends and family – he loves spending time with his family, and often goes outdoors during his free time. Another account he has is on Twitter, which he uses to post some of his day to day thoughts, plus content similar to that of his Instagram account.

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