• Mia Sand is an Instagram sensation who embraced her curvy figure and gained success.
• She hails from Copenhagen, Denmark and is of mixed German, Danish and Faroese descent.
• She is a sponsored athlete for several fitness gear and clothing companies and is an ambassador for the clothing brand FashionNovaCurve.
• She is married to Rune Jakobsen, a Danish fitness trainer and bodybuilder.
• Her net worth is approximately $1.5 million.


Mia Sand is known as Miss Mia Fit, and is an Instagram sensation who once decided to embrace her curvy body and to make the best from what she had from nature, and lift it to the next level. In no time Mia became a fitness personality for her unique figure and her self-confidence in what should be called ‘beautiful’. Let’s find out more about her way to success, learn new details about her family life, husband, sons and net worth.

Early life and family

Mia Sand was born on 11 October 1987, in Copenhagen Denmark, so under the sign of Libra and holding Danish nationality, but of mixed German Danish and Faroese descent. Nothing is known about Mia’s family; she never mentioned anything about her parents or siblings; she never posted a photo of her family on her Instagram account.

She only mentioned she spent her childhood mostly playing with boys and doing ‘boys’ things’, such as climbing the trees and doing sprints. She also always competed with the boys, but never won.

Mia has spent all her life living in Denmark – she loves her hometown, and enjoys being a tourist in her own city. She considers Copenhagen to be a perfect place with wonderful atmosphere, beautiful architecture and amazing shopping possibilities. She also likes it because the streets there are always clean, and the city has many well-maintained gardens, a lot of museums with classic and modern art, Haute couture designer clothes and simple fashion stores. Mia also enjoys various restaurants there, which provide all kinds of cuisines.

Educational background

Mia matriculated from a local high school in Copenhagen in 2014, however, there is no information about her further education as she’s never mentioned any college or university she attended.


First steps in fitness industry

Mia often shares the details of her way, as she likes to remind her followers that everything is possible if you believe in yourself. Mia started her consistent workouts when she understood she was not happy with her own body, which got much bigger after her first pregnancy. Even when a teenager, Mia couldn’t accept her body, and thought it was too fat and too curvy, as all her friends were much smaller than her.

Mia Sand

However, she was lucky to meet a good trainer who could explain and teach her what to do to get the best out of her body, keeping it curvy and muscular at the same time. Mia started both physical and psychological workouts. She tried to convince herself she was beautiful and had the right to look different from all other fitness models the social media largely promoted. As she started to work out almost on a daily basis, and changed her diet, she reached her first goals and decided to share her path with the world. She created her Instagram account in 2015, and began posting her photos and videos to track her progress.

Worldwide success

Mia managed to become a sponsored athlete for several fitness gear and clothes companies. She is also an ambassador for the clothing brand FashionNovaCurve; the main brand FashionNova is focused on the regular clothes sizes, while FashionNovaCurves is created for Plus-Size figures, and signs contracts with Plus-Size models, such as Mia. She also signed a contract with the TwistShakeBaby company, and often posts commercial publications on her Instagram account, sharing promo codes for discounts in this shop for parents and babies. Such posts give her an opportunity to earn an impressive amount of money, as her Instagram account has amassed over 1.1 million subscribers.

Mia even shared once that she can’t even read all the direct messages her followers send her, as they come all the time; they mainly contain words of appreciation, love and gratefulness for everything Mia does to help women with curvy bodies feel confident and beautiful, and accept their natural look.

Mia’s workout philosophy

Mia admits her success is not only about workouts, but about the mental twists she underwent recently. Her consistent work in the gym went side by side with the work in her head, and she is still working on some moments she doesn’t feel comfortable about herself. However, her workout schedule is pretty tight; she combines bodybuilding and powerlifting to achieve the goals she sets herself with the help of her trainer.

For a week she does many compound exercises with high weights and low reps, then the alternate week she does more of cardio. As she doesn’t do cardio exercises every day, she prefers to shorten up the pauses between reps to keep her pulse at a rate. According to Mia, her favorite exercises are dips, bench press and squats, giving much of attention to the last one, as her buttocks are Mia’s favorite part to train.

Personal life, husband Rune Jakobsen

Mia met her husband Rune Jakobsen on a local Danish dating site. They had their first (blind) date when Mia was only 18 years old, and liked each other at once. Soon Mia became pregnant, at 19, and gave birth to their first son in 2008 they named Sean, and as of 2019.

Their second son, Norr, was born on 20 July 2018. Mia shared that she enjoys her maternity though it is very hard sometimes; she admitted she missed her calm bathroom trips, and such luxuries of a solo life as silence and sleep; and even though her kids make a mess of everything and don’t eat all the food she makes for them, she still feels grateful to have them, and considers being a mother the best job of all times.

Who is Mia’s husband Rune Jakobsen?

Rune Jacobsen is a Danish fitness trainer and bodybuilder; as of 2019, he is 42 years old. He’s been into sports for a very long time – when he met Mia he was a professional bodybuilder. In 2006 he won the Nationals and Scandinavian bodybuilding championships.

However, later he understood this gave him nothing in return: every day he spent two hours on cardio, and hour and a half for lifting heavy, ate “boring” food and had no social life for more than four months in a row. Standing on the stage, he felt it just wasn’t worth it, and gave up professional bodybuilding. He was also disappointed with the people who surrounded him in the sport, as to his mind almost all of them were selfish and fake. In 12 years he managed to change his approach to workouts and decided to stop growing his muscles with any particular reason, keeping his trainings intense but not exhausting.

Mia Sand and Rune Jakobsen

It is also worth saying that in the early 2000’s he had an accident at work which left him with three slipped discs in his back, and none of the three operations he underwent in 2016 were successful; his left calf muscle is numb due to the failure of those surgeries. Doctors told him he would never be able to lift heavy again, but Rune didn’t listen to them and continued his training. At the moment he does a lot of exercises to straighten his back, and never gives up. As for now, Rune doesn’t coach or train anymore, though he used to.

Mia Sand with her family

Hobbies and interesting facts

  • Mia was a boy scout for many years and enjoyed it; if she was born a boy, her parents would have named her Christian.
  • She had a biopsy of her pancreas when she was 14.
  • Before becoming a personal trainer, she worked as a personal carer.
  • After her first pregnancy she gained 50 kgs, and lost them in two years and a half.
  • Her favorite color is blue and her lucky number is seven.
  • She likes reading popular science, and calls herself a “science nerd”.
  • Her favorite dish is pork roast (Flæskesteg in Danish).
  • Mia considers herself to be very clumsy – she’s broken a couple of fingers, toes and her foot; she also fractured her ribs, knees, ankles and shoulders multiple times, and also had a hernia surgery.
  • She has several scars from accidents, and after her tendon cut.

Social media presence

Mia is very active on various social media platforms: her Instagram account has over 1.1 million subscribers, her Twitter is read by over 11,000 users, and her Facebook page is ‘liked’ and followed by almost 80,000 people. She also created her YouTube account back in 2011, but uploaded only one video entitled “Day in the life of me”.

Appearance, clothing style

Mia’s hair is naturally light brown though she likes to bleach it platinum blonde; she has green eyes. Mia is 5ft 7ins (1.71m) tall, weighs around 175lbs (78kgs), and her vital statistics are 36-24-38. She has two tattoos: one of her zodiac sign and one of her older son’s name.

Mia is still not always happy with her appearance, and is often critical about her body, for example, she doesn’t like her love handles. As for her clothing style, she likes a casual yet smart look which emphasize her curves; she often wears tiny shorts, short skirts, T-shirts and tight jeans.

Net worth and salary

According to authoritative sources, Mia’s net worth is close to $1,5 million. She benefits from her personal trainer career, her website which sells workout and nutrition plans, and her Instagram account, which has a lot of commercial posts – Mia earns up to $4,000 per post there. In future her net worth is expected to only grow, as she keeps on posting new photos and videos on her Instagram account, and pursues her coaching career.

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